Thursday 04.24.14

3 rounds for time of:
100 meter sprint
15 handstand push-ups (scale as needed)
50 double-unders (or 200 single jump ropes)

Post time to comments.

no caffeine 
no soda


  1. Yuk, yuk, yuk! I was just checking what the WOD was, and I already know this is going to take forever. Now that I can get a double under I must do them all! Good luck everyone!

  2. 11:02
    Last 50 meters ran with a. 3-year-old on my back.
    Feet on windowsill for push-ups
    Single jump rope

  3. 9:42. Rowed instead of running. Feet up on ab machine, single jump rope. Then ab routine then body pump.

  4. 11:29
    Feet on 17" box for HSPU
    200 single JR for each round
    5k hike

  5. 11:23
    Feet on wall
    1 round of sjr and the other 2 rounds double-unders. Starting to get the hang of double-unders.

  6. 12:30
    burpees instead of running

    I just went paleo a week ago and it's really true that abs are made in the kitchen! I was already eating clean, but I'm really noticing a big difference already in how I feel and look. Don't throw away all your hard work on junk food ladies! 🙂

  7. 9:35
    First 10 of each round push ups w/ feet on treadmill about 10 inches last 5 gpu

  8. I usually love being sore from these workouts but my pecs and lats are bad sore from the WODs this week so I subbed 25 BFSU for the 15 HSPU each round.

    9:20. treadmill, sjr

  9. 15:07 Would have gone a few more rounds but am running a mud run on Saturday and figured 3 was enough.

  10. Was seriously short on time today.


    HSPU with feet in pike off treadmill handlebar. (too sore to try the real deal.)

    Ran 1 mile & another 100 meters to make 1.25.

  11. 12:42

    HSPU were feet on a box. I didn't think about the hand rests on my treadmill. Although my arms are so sore these just about killed me.

    Single jump rope. I might have gotten one double in there.

    20 minute Tabata workout after and I'll get my run in after I get my girls in bed (hopefully)

  12. 19:00
    singles, knees on couch
    believe it or not my jumpropes are getting faster

  13. 13:27
    Jump rope got all tangled 🙁
    Also, can't do more than 15 jr at a time before feeling like I'm going to pee :(. crazy things babies do to your body! Hope to be past this soon!

  14. Finally did this workout.
    All double unders, stringing 6 together often now. Knees on 20" box.

  15. 14:40

    hspu pike on short ladder,milk crate , and floor

    200 jump ropes ea rd, for the life of me can't figure out how to do the double unders!

  16. 11:23
    Knee push ups
    1 singles
    2 mixture of double-unders every 5th jump or so
    3 faux jump rope

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