Tuesday 04.22.14

10 rounds of:
1 minute of running
Rest 15 seconds
30 seconds of push-ups
Rest 15 seconds

Post total distance ran and push-up reps completed to comments.

no caffeine 
no soda


  1. I don't have a treadmill or a watch that does intervals, so I did single jump rope.

    1,381 SJR
    113 Pushups

  2. 1.1 miles on treadmill
    140 push-ups (girly but hands in)

  3. I didn't have a way to measure distance, but I think it was about 100 meters each round (to gate and back from driveway). 17 push ups per round for a total of 170. (Gpu)

    1. Just kidding. I measured the distance with Endomondo and it was 177 meters per round or roughly 1.1 miles total.

  4. 100 girl push ups, 45 real ones
    Not sure on the distance guessing about 1.2??

  5. I rowed instead of running since it is more challenging for me.

    2530 meters (1,58 miles)
    153 boy push ups

    I didn't take the full 15 seconds rest in between. I went straight from rower to floor.

    Great work out.

  6. 2 mile run

    Only had time for 7 rounds.
    Ran .87, just under a mile.
    118 push-ups(mostly boy)
    Rough morning, woke up late and not feeling all that great.

  7. 1.33 miles…treadmill
    78 pull ups on machine…because I miss read the wod! Then body pump.

  8. 2.5km
    149 pu

    Then continued for 5 more rounds but subbed BFSU.
    1.25 km
    58 bfsu

  9. 1.547 mi
    14 bpu 96 gpu, 'kissed' the ground each time

    Arms were tired from yesterday. Push ups were not impressive. 🙁 Also – a tricky one to do with a treadmill. Lost some time turning back on/speeding it up.

  10. 1.51 mi
    155 push ups
    I worked on making sure I had good form and went lower on push ups.

  11. Am I the only one who noticed that this meme has a grammatical error?

  12. 118 BPU and 1.3 miles
    Workout was done on treadmill. Slowed this run down. I had to use second rest time to build up speed.

    Also did 5 min warm up on treadmill and 60 BSU w/ .5 mile run.

  13. 1.085 on treadmill got frustrated on the time it took to get the treadmill up to speed but darn tootin proud that I am able to get up to the speed I was at!

    Averaged 20 gnu per round. Those I'm not so proud of…

  14. I noticed! It's one of my pet peeves..:)

    SO, lots happening in the Winston household. We had a major party on the weekend for all of my family. (My husband and me and my two kids are all born in April.) Parents visiting, parents getting the flu, all kinds of fun, so I was really excited to get back to working out.

    Ran .25 mile to warm up.

    Total Miles 1.49
    Total Push Ups (all boy) – 154

    Then I ran 1.40 miles (outside) and then my baby woke up.

    I have been really bummed out at how much slower I am outside then I am on the TM. In the past when I transitioned it hasn't been such a gap. Anyone else have this issue? I am hoping it's because my iron is low and when I get my supplements, it will magically fix it. 🙂

  15. 1.30 miles
    158 mixed push ups

    Did show muscle up drills prior to this workout. I'm spent!

  16. 1800 meters
    79 pushups (mix of attempted boy, gpu, and table pushups based on where I was on the track)

  17. JJ instead of running
    64 JJ
    11 BPU
    65 JJ
    12 BPU
    65 JJ
    12 BPU
    66 JJ
    11 BPU
    67 JJ
    11 BPU
    68 JJ
    11 BPU
    66 JJ
    10 BPU
    64 JJ
    09 BPU
    65 JJ
    09 BPU
    64 JJ
    10 BPU

  18. I did jump ropes instead of running. Had a timer issue first round & had bathroom break but otherwise all went well lol.
    966 single jump ropes
    259 boy pushups

  19. 1.28miles on treadmill (average 8.1speed)

    165 push-ups

    That was a good WOD! sweating like crazy 🙂

  20. Woke up Tuesday with a horrific migraine so no workout. Woke up today to 3 in of snow! So did jump rope instead of run.
    1410 sjr
    200 bpu!!

  21. 1.15 miles on treadmill
    Alternated 5 rounds gpu and 5 rounds plank
    Total 104 push-ups

  22. Did after 4/23 WOD, only had time for 8 rounds. 0.86 miles (1% incline on treadmill) and 126 GPU.

  23. Not sure on distance…not feeling great so move pretty slow. Had the whole fam with me so pushed the double stroller.
    195 GPU

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