Monday 04.14.14

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Knees-to-elbows
20 One-legged squats, alternating
30 Body surfers (supermans with curled legs)

Post rounds completed to comments.

Welcome to the Hiit Mamas
 90 Day Challenge!!
Here we go Challenge Mamas… 
For the next 90 days we will be 
pushing ourselves harder, 
eating healthier,
 getting tighter and harder,
 and getting bikini ready for this summer so we can be 
stronger and HOT!
This is how we will do it:
1. We will do the WOD Monday through Friday and push hard to go faster and do more. We will not cut corners. We will not quit. We will not substitute (unless absolutely necessary).
We will kill it and we will progress our bodies to the ultimate goal.
If you are trying to lose more than 10 lbs, you will add a run (or some
other sort of cardio) after any WOD not involving a run.
2. We will drink the Vi-shakes
everyday. If you are trying to lose more than 20 lbs, you should
replace 2 meals a day with a Vi-shake and have a balanced 3rd meal. If
you are trying to lose less than 20 lbs or want to get rid of that last
layer of pudge, you should replace 1 meal a day (I do lunch) with a
Vi-shake with an optional 2nd shake post-workout for optimum muscle
growth and health. If you are underweight and are trying to only build
muscle or if you are nursing and should not cut calories, you will add a
Vi-shake to your post-workout routine or add 2 Vi-shakes, 1 before the
WOD and 1 after for maximum results.
3. Now for the added challenge:
each week I will challenge you to add or remove one thing from your
diet or lifestyle that is not benefiting your health or progression.
Once the week is over, you will continue with that challenge for the
duration of the 90 days, adding something new each week. I will announce
every Friday what the next weeks added challenge will be.
4. Track your progress and results.
Today ONLY I want you to weigh yourself, take your before picture in a
sports bra and shorts or bikini (front, back and side), and measure your
chest, waist, hips, biceps, and thighs. This information is for you
only. Keep it safe somewhere. Post your times on
hiitmamas.com after every WOD as well as how you are feeling, changes
you are noticing, etc. Don’t weigh yourself again until the 90 days is
over, taking into account that muscle is heavier than fat. Our
measurements and how our after pictures look will be the biggest

no caffeine


  1. Three rounds in about ten minutes then baby woke up. As rx'd

  2. 8 rounds. KTE on floor. Regular supermans. I've been sporadic for several weeks- feels good to be back!

  3. 5 rounds but no superman on last round.
    Plank 1 min 15 sec
    Ran 2.8 mi

  4. 5 rounds plus knees to elbows and squats on 6th
    Knees to elbows were not bad but pretty sloppy squats.

  5. Ran 4.5 miles

    7 rounds + KTE

    KTE on bar
    Really worked on depth of squats

  6. 8 rds, plus kte and squats
    Regular squats & kte on floor
    Getting back into it- feeling good!!

  7. 8 RDs + KTE on bar & squats

    Day 1…kicked my butt, hope I can make this a routine

  8. 8 RDs + KTE on bar & squats

    Day 1…kicked my butt, hope I can make this a routine

    1. Not hope……I WILL make this a routine. No excuses, no wavering. 😉

  9. 8 RDs + KTE on bar & squats

    Day 1…kicked my butt, hope I can make this a routine

  10. 8 RDs + KTE on bar & squats

    Day 1…kicked my butt, hope I can make this a routine

  11. 8 RDs + KTE on bar & squats

    Day 1…kicked my butt, hope I can make this a routine

  12. 7 rounds
    Kte on floor
    Butt to floor squats.
    My 14 yr old niece did the workout with me 🙂

  13. 24 bodysurfers short of 8 rounds

    floor toes to bar (can't swing on power tower)
    wanted to do butt to floor on OLS so put back foot toes on bench behind me

    Burn, butt, burn!

  14. 11 rounds plus 5 KTE as rx'd

    Then I did interval training for 15 minutes to bring workout to 35 mins.
    1 km
    3 x 500m

  15. 5 rounds plus knees to elbows and 15 squats
    Band assist on squats
    Ran 1.2 walked 1
    36 burpees

  16. 4 rounds
    Kte on bar, had to do one at the time, knees to chest really,
    Did 20 air squats then tried my best on the one legged ones.

    Walked 5 miles

  17. A few body surfers short of a full 8, finished the round anyway.

  18. 7 rounds plus 10KTE

    Some KTE were KTW. Half way through switched to deep squats for better form.

    5 min warm up on bike. 10 min on bike afterwards.

  19. 7 rounds. KTE on floor and then ran 5K. First day no soda and watched my sugar. I'm a wee bit cranky…

  20. 5 Rounds + 10 KTE
    Did regular supermans and KTE's on the floor.

  21. 5 rounds plus up to 15 squats (single leg squat to sit on chair, kte on floor)

  22. Ran two easy miles on the TM to warm up.

    7 Rounds + KTE + 11 Squats

    Ran 1 mile outside. (it's finally starting to be spring!)

  23. 7 rounds plus 4 k2e. That was not a whole-hearted Monday workout. Long weekend eating way too much restaurant food.

    Also completed a workout off Carrots 'n' cake:

    Triple play
    AMPRAP 3:

    5 Thrusters, 50#
    10 KB swings 25#
    2 minute rest

    AMRAP 3:

    7 Thrusters, 40#
    10 KB swings, 25#
    2 minute rest

    AMRAP 3:

    9 Thrusters, 30#
    10 KB swings, 25#

  24. New to Hiit Mamas… looking forward to change!
    4 rounds & 15 squats

  25. 4 Rounds

    Knee ups on bar

    Held onto something while doing single leg squats for support

    Did bodysurfers with hands down for support

  26. 9 rounds
    KTE on floor
    Chair for balance on squats really struggle with getting deep squats…

  27. 20 body surfers shy of 11 complete rounds…completed last 20 body surfers after timer.

  28. I will have to do these workouts Tue-Sat (Sun & Mon are my "weekend").

    8 Rounds
    KTE on bar (waist high)
    Squats, with chair for balance
    1 & 8 body surfers, rest bird dogs

    Ran 2k afterwards. I am in it to win it! I can't wait to see my body change!

  29. 9 rounds – 10 shy of the full sets so finished the supermans in a few more seconds. Did KTE on floor and put toes on the frame of couch to get supah low with the squats.

  30. Hi I'm new to this group! I love these workouts a lot! But I need help figuring out what is a bodysurfer. If someone would please explain it to me I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

    1. Welcome! I'm sorry. I havev't been able to find a decent video of body surfers. I might have to make my own. Lay on your stomach like superman, then raise your arms and legs off the ground like Supermans but curl your feet back towards your butt and squeeze! Hold for a second and then lower down. That is 1 rep.

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