Tuesday 04.08.14

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Push press, 20-30 lbs
10 Kettlebell swing, 20 lbs
10 Box jump, 18 inch box

 Post rounds completed to comments.

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
no preservatives
eliminate wheat
finish strong!

Congratulations Hiit Mamas!
You have completed your 90 Day Challenge! 
you will give your self a pat on the back, heck, give yourself a big
slap on the booty, you’ve eared it! Today you will also weigh yourself
(hopefully for the first time in 90 Days!), take the same measurements
you did on Day 1, and take your after pictures
I am so proud of all of you and what you have accomplished in the last 90 Days and I can’t wait to hear and see your results. 
The final challenge
that I will give you is to share your accomplishment. If you are proud,
post your results and before and after photos on our Facebook page and
your Facebook page. If you are a little more shy, send me your results
and photos (hiitmamas@gmail.com) and I will chop off your head and
post them anonymously on our upcoming 90 Day Challenge WODs. You will also get a WOD named after you for sharing. It will be
such a motivation and inspiration to all of our new 90 Day Challenge
Mamas to see what you have been able to accomplish during your 90 Day Challenge.

Then get ready for your next 90 Day Challenge coming up on Monday. The additional challenges
will all be the same for you, so just keep up the good work and look for
more ways to improve your diet and lifestyle along the way.

join the challenge
be bikini ready this summer!


  1. Did yesterday's workout if 3 800s then this one so I shortened it to a 10 min amrap. 7 rounds
    30 lb pp
    25 KB swing
    Step ups and downs on 18" box

    (9 weeks preg)

  2. 14 Rounds
    30# pp
    25# KB swing

    Completed my first box jump disaster fall! Thankfully I should only walk away with a couple bruises. Whew! Gotta get back on the horse.

  3. 15 rds
    20lb push press
    15lb KB swings
    Subbed hip raises for box jumps….toe still sore so can't jump.

  4. 14 rounds – was dragging first half…20 lb pp, 20 lb KB…

  5. Went in reverse order
    10 rds + box jumps
    Finished rd 11 @ 20:56
    15" box
    25# kb
    35# pp
    Sluggish today but great wod!

  6. 10 rounds, first time able to jump the two stairs without holding onto the railings

  7. Ran 4 miles then

    17 rounds + PP & KB

    35 lbs for PP and KB
    20" box jump

    Finished with 100 BF sit ups

  8. 8 rounds 10 min
    Subbed box jump for hanging knee to elbow.
    45sec plank.
    Walked 1 mi.

  9. 14 rounds + PP and KB
    40# push press, 20# kb swing

    That was a good one!

  10. Hiit mamas northglenn 22"box 25lbs pp
    Shawntae 11 20#kb
    Sharadee 11 30#kb
    Karissa 10 1/2 30#kb
    Melissa 8 22# kb
    Courtney 3 1/3rounds in 8 min (baby feed call)

  11. I lost count, but I think I was right around 12 or 13 rounds.
    40# push press
    20# kb

    3 mile run

  12. 17 rounds

    20# PP
    15# KB (only one I have)
    14 in box (only one I have)

    SOOOO happy with my 90 day results!!! Thanks for these awesome workouts, Jenni!!!

  13. 14 rounds. Timer went off 2 box jumps in, finished last 8. Need to move up on PP weight. 30# PP, 20# KB

  14. 40# pp
    Step ups w/knee lift b/c need to stay low impact as possible due to injury from 15 mile training
    Rest as rx'd

    16 rounds

  15. 18 Rounds plus 10PP

    Used 24# pp and 20# KB

    3 min warm up and 5 min bike afterwards.

  16. Squeezed in 9 rounds in 14 minutes then 3 1/2 mile run while waiting for my girls gymnastics class.

  17. 17 Rounds + Push press

    20 – 30 # PP (mixed it up every other round
    25# Kettle bell
    18" box

    Ran 400 m repeats for 3.5 miles. (3 miles in 22:12)

  18. 15 rounds whew!
    30# PP for 10 rounds, 20# for 5
    20# KBS
    13" box

    found my rhythm for box jumps again. I was having a hard go of it for a while. Glad to have it back!

    EVERYONE here is AMAZING love you all.

  19. 11 rounds with 1:45 left. Getting back into it after taking some time off 🙂

  20. Only had 15 min. 11 rounds plus all pp and 8kbs of the next round.

  21. 17 complete rounds plus push presses and swings of 18th round

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