Friday 04.04.14

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
60 Jump ropes
50 Knees-to-bar
30 Cleans, 20 lb.
20 Pull-ups


no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
no preservatives
eliminate wheat
finish strong!

(can there really only be 4 more days left in our 90 Day Challenge?!??!)

I want to officially announce that our next 90 Day Challenge will begin on
April 14th
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  1. 2 Rounds & 50 JR

    Did KTB on floor
    Full squat cleans, 20#
    Jumping Pull Ups


  2. 2 rounds plus 25 K2E (on ground)
    9, 7 unassisted pull ups then chair assisted
    K2E on ground

  3. 1 rd and all the way to 10 pull-ups on 2nd. finished rest of pullups after timer. subbed hip raises for jump rope…toe still to healed from breaking it.
    Also subbed squats for cleans. Knees to elbows on bar and band assisted pull-ups.
    Whew…..great wo!

  4. 2 rounds exactly! Last pull up with 1 second left!
    KTE on Floor
    Pull ups with kitchen table.

  5. 1 full round plus jr, ktb, and 5 cleans of second round. Ktb were more like kte and ktw. Pull ups were jumping up to bar.

  6. 14 minutes
    60 jump rope
    50 mountain climber planks
    30 cleans
    20 push-ups

    I did 3 full rounds plus jump rope and mountain climber on 4th round

  7. 3 pull-ups short of 2 rounds – 45# cleans, K2B on floor for 1 round, band assisted pull-ups

  8. 1 3/4. Tons of mods. 10 k2e then rest on floor. Jump iOS on pull ups.

  9. Completed through 26 cleans of round 2 when timer went off. Went ahead and did the last 4 after timer

  10. Subbed 18# KB swings for cleans, and did jumping pullups.

    Finished 1 full round and up to 35 knee ups for 2nd round.

  11. Finished 1 full round and on #28 of clean when timer went off on round 2. Finished 2nd round. Subbed KTE on floor and push ups for pull ups

  12. 1 round plus jump rope and 28 knees.
    25# bar
    All on the bar
    30 burpees
    Rowed 4 miles

  13. I had to modify this because I did Wednesday's workout yesterday.
    Modified as follows:
    60 Jump Rope
    50 K2E on floor
    30 Deadlifts 65#
    20 Push-ups
    Completed 2 full rounds plus round 3 through 15 DL.
    out for a 3+ mile run after.

  14. 1 full round + JR and K2E from second round
    K2E on bar (attempted)
    Jump PUs (very sissy)
    all else as rxd

    Happy Friday, mamas!

  15. Through 23 cleans on second round. Finished 2nd round after the timer.
    1st round knees to elbows on bar, 2nd round on floor.
    Jumping pull ups

  16. Right after 4/2 WOD
    1/2 kte & 1/2 ktw each round
    28# hang cleans
    Push up for pull up

    2 rounds plus jump rope

  17. 2 rounds + 60 JR + 7 K2E

    K2E on floor (can't swing on power tower!)
    chair asst pull ups

  18. 2Rounds

    1st round
    50- BPU and 30-KTWaist pull up bar
    2nd round ?
    50-GPU and 30-KTWAIST pull up bar

    Rest of workout as rxs

  19. 1 round + all the way to 15 pullups. 45# bar for cleans.

  20. Completed after 4/16 wod. 2 rounds 45# cleans machine assisted dips. Knees to elbow on bar and machine. Then RPM.

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