Wednesday 04.02.14


For time:
50 Pull-ups (assist as needed)
400 meter run
21 Thruster, 20 lbs
800 meter run
21 Thruster, 21 reps
400 meter run
50 Pull-ups (assist as needed)

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
no preservatives
eliminate wheat
finish strong!


  1. Whew! My upper back will be toast tomorrow. So thankful to be able to run outside!

    19:59 ; jumping pullups

  2. Did push-ups for 1st set of pull-ups: 30bpu, 20 gpu
    Rest as rx'd with 35# thrusters
    Band/chair assist pull-ups
    My arms and shoulders are toast!

  3. 19:52 through second 400 m run then a pause for kids
    25:40 total time

  4. 13:10
    Push-ups for pull-ups
    Subbed 200 jumps on the trampoline for the 800 meter run to occupy kids.

  5. 20:50
    Subbed running. Did JR instead
    50 jump pull-ups (very sissy)
    200 JR singles
    21 thrusters 20#
    400 JR singles
    21 thrusters
    200 JR
    50 sissy jump pull-ups

  6. 17:08

    I finally got a pull up bar. Wow I stink! Goal for six months is to able to do an unassisted pull up!

    50- knee ups on bar
    .3 mile run
    21-Thrusters 24#
    .5 mile run
    Rest as above.

    Added bike a a few push ups at end.

  7. 16:50

    Single jump rope as sub for running. 200 for 400m, 400 for 800m.
    Purple band assist pull-ups. Those last 50 were rough!

  8. First time on here! So happy to have found this blog!!!

    Just attempting and completing this workout was a huge accomplishment for me. I did 300m and 600m "jog" instead of 400m and 800m. Also did jumping pullups and 18# for the thrusters.


  9. 17:33

    chair asst pull ups
    runs on treadmill
    rest as rx'd

    Wow. Not my idea of fun. 🙂

  10. 19:05 chair assisted pullups, paused timer to dress son and get him stroller

  11. 16:25 did 2 extra sets of plank rows with 10# instead of pull ups.

  12. 20:57 I was going to skip today because I just got home from vacation but when the name said Danielle I had to. Ran outside in the cold and wind.

  13. Did an Pilates ab workout & ran 2.72 miles in 29:39!

  14. Couple regular & majority assist pull-up
    28# thruster

  15. Pat 24:40
    Maria 27:50, did 4 unassisted pull ups each round, then at the end of the 2nd 50 Pat spotted me

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