Tuesday 04.01.14

Rest Day


Hero WOD

For time:
50 Walking lunge steps
25 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
50 Box jumps, 18 inch box
25 Double-unders (100 jump rope)
50 Body surfers (Supermans with curled legs)
25 Bench dips
50 Knees to elbows
25 Wall Balls, 10 pound ball
50 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 04.01.13

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
no preservatives
eliminate wheat
finish strong!


  1. 17:54… Subbed push-ups for pull-ups
    Lower back is too sore for supermans
    K2E on the floor

  2. 21:05
    15 lb ball for wallball but on shorter ceiling
    Modified body surfers because of pregnancy
    1/2 step ups on box jumps, 1/2 box jumps
    Used black band for half of pull-ups and purple band for remaining pull-ups
    Single jr
    KTE on bar

    1. Congrats Denise! How far along are you? How did you modify bodysurfers?

    2. Thank you!! 8 weeks.
      Modification is hard to explain because not sure what they are called but I was on all 4's with right leg extended and left arm extended. I did 15 reps on each side then switched.

      Thanks again! It was quite a surprise for us.

  3. Found yesterday afternoon I have a tear in my disc in my lower back. Needless to say, I'm out if commission for awhile 🙁
    I'll be with you all in spirit! Keep rocking it Mamas!!

    1. Darn. I feel your pain. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  4. 18:57
    Lots of assist on the pull ups
    20" box jumps
    Kennedy to elbows I did 20 pike ups, 20 floor knee to elbow, and 10 bench knee to elbow
    Wall ball I did 15 lbs squat with small toss of weight over head
    This was a good one.

  5. 17:11
    regular jump rope
    K2E on ground
    9 real pull ups, then chair assisted

    I'm still here, even though I haven't been posting, I am doing and recording the daily exercises …I am having technology issues and I don't always get on my computer to post!

  6. 25:23
    Chair assisted pu
    14 in. box
    mofified body surfers
    Floor kte

    My celebration for the day is I did the 25 double unders!

  7. 18:39 (didn't even finish last year)
    Band-assist pull ups
    15" box
    100 jump rope
    KTE on floor
    10# ball

  8. 15:54

    Assist pull-ups
    KTE on floor
    everything else as Rx'd

    Almost there! Finish strong ladies 🙂

  9. 19:06 vs. 19:21 last year
    Pull ups better
    Box jumps instead of step up/down
    Kte were very close to elbows and chest

  10. 14:26
    BUT subbed stomach vacuum and pulses for k2e and sit ups (have diastisis recti and can't do crunches of any kind)
    Jumping pull-ups
    Pretend jump rope
    So my time isn't as good as it looks…

  11. 16:32 (compared to 18:48 last year!)
    54# assist PU
    100 jump rope
    18# assist dips
    12# ball
    Low box
    K2e on floor

  12. 15:27

    Unassisted kipping pull ups
    KTE on bar
    Double understand
    14 lb WB

  13. 17:25
    Assisted p/u
    30 jumps, 20 stepups
    Single jump rope (100)
    K2e on floor
    Thrusters for wall ball (don't have a ball)
    Sit ups were really slow!

  14. Congrats to Denise!

    Julie – I am sorry to hear about your back! You have been an inspiration to me. Rest and heal well!

    22:15; got interrupted by children twice.
    Real pull ups with assist band
    Single JR
    KTE on bar

    1. Thanks Stephanie! That made my day! I do plan to make sure I rest fully so I don't risk further injury.

  15. I had the stomach flu for two days and I was still checking in on you guys! I was jealous even curled in fetal position on my bed for 36 hours. Well I'm back to standing and doing my usual work around the home, taking care of the kids falling to this bug, #3 home today. I went ahead with today's workout and it was rough as I'm still feeling the after effects of this illness.

    17:34 with one modification, did 40 of the k2e's on the floor. However, this time was still a minute faster than last year, but if I was fully healthy I think I could have kicked it's butt.

    P.S. Julie that stinks! I love checking your time when I'm done! Get better so you can get back to it!

    1. Thanks Kari! It's killing me not to workout- but resting will be key to getting back at it!

  16. 19:10

    Push ups instead up pull ups
    Step up on stair instead box jumps
    Leg lifts & crunches instead of sit ups

  17. 3 mile interval run

    Jumping pull-ups
    Double unders
    Kte on bar
    25# wall ball

  18. 16:11

    chair asst pull ups
    14 inch box
    K2E on floor
    20# thrusters for WB
    rest as rx'd

    Man! My legs were tired from yesterday's WOD. And I felt like a slug on the sit ups. That was a good one!

  19. 15:07

    50 Walking lunge steps w/16#
    30 plank Pull-ups in treadmill
    50 Box jumps, 2nd step
    100 jump rope
    50 Body surfers
    25 bench dips
    75 plank knees to elbows
    25 wall balls12#
    50 BSU

    15 min inline walk

  20. 4 mile run then

    14:08. Did extra jump ropes in place of box jumps. I'm having some bad pain in the back of my knee. Trying to push thru runs and workouts with it but was afraid to do the box jumps. K2e on floor

  21. 16:09 with some modification but even still I'm thinking I must have missed a step. Push ups for pull ups. Step ups but on 18 inch box. KTE on floor. Thrusters instead of wall ball (I hate that thing – leftover fear from childhood).

  22. 15:22 lots of adaptations
    Jumping pull ups
    Reg jump rope
    Thrusters for wall balls
    Didn't get to sit ups with my kids. Glad to have gotten to do something.

  23. 20:14
    Modified as follows:
    25 jumping pull-up
    21" Box Jumps
    100 Jump Rope
    25 Body Surfers
    25 Supermans
    25 Push-ups arms close together!!
    25 K2E on the bar
    25 K2E on ground

    800 Meter Swim.

  24. 20:26
    Beginner pulls ups, low bar
    Stepped up and down on box 18"
    Singles jump rope
    Kte floor
    Thrusters for wall ball

  25. 16:37 vs 17:45. Got 1min+faster! Band asstd pullups, single jump ropes, 18" box jumps.

  26. So angry. Someone set the timer to stop at
    5:10 so I only have my music time to go by.

    I think it was around 19 Minutes, give or take a minute or two… I know. STUPID!

    Mods were:
    Pull ups assisted with thin green band & blue band. (I have a green band that is BIG but a different band the green is smaller… go figure.)
    100 SJR
    Bench dips strait legs
    wall ball with 15 lb ball
    Half KTE on bar Half on the floor

  27. 21:13
    jump pullups
    17" box
    100 JR singles
    tried my best on KTES

    great workout!!

  28. 17:49 did 50 pull ups on Gravitron set at 120#, 25 box jumps, 1/2kKTE on roman chair. Other half on floor. Peed a little doing jump rope (5 kids), so crunches, no bfsu. O.o.

  29. 15:50
    jumping pull ups
    I was doing this in my apartment, so I did more jump ropes instead of the box jumps, and I threw the wall ball about 8 ft and caught it since I didn't have a wall.

  30. Pull-ups: some with orange band, some jumping, some chair assist
    100 single j.rope with attempts at d.u. (Totally think this changes with the jump rope I use…so easy to do du with some ropes & not so easy with others)
    Kte & some ktboobs
    20# sq thrusters for wb

    15:15 compared to 19:00!

  31. 15:01 no pull-ups (shoulder injury), single unders

  32. 15:30 had to stop the clock to deal with kids. Yoga afterwards.

  33. 21:14-woohoo I finished with the following modifications
    push-ups for pull-ups
    air jumps for box
    K2e on ground

  34. Pat 15:45 reg jump rope #12 wb

    Maria 16:19 did a few unassisted pull ups, then jumping and band assisted. reg jump rope, #10 wb

    need heavier balls!

  35. Completed on4/11 18:50. 50 pull ups with black band. 20 in box jumps. 14# wall ball. Then RPM.

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