Tuesday 03.18.14


21-15-9 reps of:
Bench dips
Butterfly sit-ups

Happy Birthday to my good friend
 and Hiit Mama Aubrey!!
no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
no preservatives
eliminate wheat


  1. 7:36
    Combo of boy and girl push-ups (on toes for the down position but push-up from knees). Why are push-ups so hard for me? My goal was to get better at pull-ups and hspu but I better just stick to improving good ol push-ups 😉

    1. Push ups are really hard for me. I've been doing HIIT mamas for well over a year and I can barely squeeze out 10 and that's not lowering all the way down. I totally understand!!

  2. 5:06
    All bpu
    Denise, just keep practicing. You'll get there 🙂

    1. Thank you got the encouragement. I feel like I have gotten weaker in my upper body rather than stronger, which makes no sense since I've been at this since nov 2012. Maybe it's because I have improved my form- I don't know.

  3. 5:40
    10 bpu on first round, 5 on last two rounds. Rest mpu.

  4. 4:14
    Boy push-ups
    Thankful for a short one today as I only had a few minutes!!!

  5. 5:35
    Knees bent on bench dips
    Arms crossed on bsu

    I am not good at push ups either. My gpu are not great and and my boy ones are just bad. And I asked my husband how to get better he said time and do extra bench press, to get use to the weight! So I worked on it yesterday. So I was sore for today. I still ain't any better yet, but maybe someday. So maybe after time we will all get better!

  6. Ran 5 miles then


    all boy push ups

    I had limited time this morning so it was great to get a short workout in.

  7. 5:49
    Back after 2 weeks of vacationing and moving… Ugh!!!!

  8. 3:38 My arms nearly gave out on those last 9 push-ups. Ran/ walked 4 miles earlier in the morning to start my last year being in my 20s to a great start. Thanks for the birthday shoutout Jenni!

  9. 7:29 all BPU's, crossed arms on BFSU's
    those dips were killer
    happy tuesday, mamas!!

  10. 5:56
    Full round bpu and extended leg tri dips

    Added 1/2 mile run and 2nd round for time of 19:30.


  11. 5:59
    Boy pu- arms in but had several breaks
    Arms crossed
    Legs straight on dips

    I think it's the form- at one time I felt like I could crank them out- but since I have started bringing my arms in and going all the way down they are harder & I take more breaks.

  12. 5:14. Love the short ones!

    Hope your surgery went well Jenni!

  13. 6:39, GPU and bent knee dips. Sore from yesterday! I just discovered how lame-o my triceps are.

  14. Started to work out yesterday before work and before the hubby and kiddos woke up BUT….my 3-year-old woke up crying so no workout for this momma {family first!}

    SO…did this today.

    Push press
    5-5 {55 lbs}
    3-3-3 {65 lbs}
    1-1-1-1-1 {75 lbs}

    Modified 14.2 and did…
    2 Rounds
    10 overhead squats {65 lbs}
    10 pull-ups {banded}

    2 Rounds
    12 overhead squats {65 lbs}
    12 pull-ups {banded}

    14 overhead squats {65 lbs}

    Then a cash-out of…
    50 deadlifts {75 lbs}
    100 butterfly sit-ups

    WHEW!!! This probably sounds like overkill but I needed this so badly. I was moping around all afternoon because I've got a scratchy throat, cough, AND cramps. Blegh. I feel a million percent better!


  15. Not sure why my comments didn't save…

    Completed this yesterday (3-18):


    -mostly boy PU with a few girl PU
    -modified BFSU (meaning I had absolutely NO core power to bring myself all the way up)

    Any tips on BFSU??

  16. 7:11
    All bpu
    Why were the dips so hard with this workout??

  17. Completed on 3/19. Did the wrong wod yesterday! 4:33. Then 3/19 wod and then RPM.

  18. 5:00 even
    After all those pushups yesterday I burned really fast.

  19. 5:32
    Boy push-ups on first round
    Boy/girl on last 2 rounds

  20. 4:58. Pushed for under 5 and I just barely made it! I'm still doing gpus cause if I did boys I would go down halfway instead of chest to the floor….one day

  21. Pat – 6:19
    Maria – 6:48 all boy, various hand positions
    This hurt after all the push ups yesterday

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