Thursday 03.06.14


21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift, 60 lbs
Handstand push-ups (scale as needed)

Compare to 07.12.13
Check out 04.11.13  for a hanstand push-up scaling demo.

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep


  1. 5:50

    75# DL; For each set of HSPU I did 5 against the wall with my mat rolled up under my head (shortens the distance down), then the rest with my feet up in my pull up assist band

  2. 2:54
    40 lb dead lift
    Push ups with feet on 18" box

  3. 4:28, 65#, feet on wall for 21, 8, 5 (did bpu to finish 15,9)
    Last time 6:08, 65#, feet on 30" box
    Last April (2 weeks into Hiit Mamas) was 4:23, 50#, gpu
    Oh how far we've come!

  4. Doubled up on DL since only using #30
    HSPU on bookshelf…now at top shelf…ouch!

  5. 5:43
    35# DL- doubled up for every round
    Feet on bar stool which is a lot higher than my 18in box. Head/ body perpendicular to ground.

  6. 5:30
    Knees on chair for handstand push-ups.
    Did squats instead of dl….hurt my back last week so it is still sore.

  7. 3:42
    70 lb dead lifts
    Knees/shins on weight bench
    Vs. 4:37 same weight

  8. 6:32
    Deadlifts 50lbs bar
    Knees on 18in chair-I tried
    I did 21-15-9 push press 30lbs bar for a time of 2:52-I just felt that my handstand push ups weren't that good.
    Total time 9:24

  9. 4:26

    60lb deadlifts
    regular push-ups, still to shaky to try handstand. One Day, thats my goal 🙂

  10. Ran 3 mile tempo run


    75lb DL
    HSPU against wall with an abmat under my head.

    Focused on form and tight core.

  11. 5:21
    Pushups: half with feet on fireplace hearth (12 inches up) and half sissy.

    +30 minutes of Pocket Yoga 🙂

  12. 10:26

    75# Squats
    Handstands holding for 3 seconds
    followed by regular push-ups

    Ran 800m to warm up
    Ran 2x500m to finish with 1 minute rest btw

  13. 20:15 took FOREVER!!! Drenched in sweat!!
    30# DL- didn't have equipment called for.
    HSPU with feet on 17" box!
    Tried my best!
    Happy Thursday, all!!! 🙂

  14. 5:00
    60# deadlift
    first two sets did 7 push ups on a 7 inch side then regular push ups then last set did all 9 on incline!

  15. 5:22

    60# deadlift
    rd 1= 8 PU with toes on box, 13 knees on box
    rd2= 5 pu with toes, 10 with knees
    rd3= all with knees on box

  16. 3:54

    For HSPU I had my knees 2 ft high box. I thought I was getting better at push ups till I started doing these. One day I'll get there!!

  17. 7:45 – but I'm happy because I did five HSPU fully inverted against the wall for the first two sets then only managed 1 the last set. BUT I did do some!
    (Five inch box under my head)
    Then finished off the HSPU in pike and finally on knees when my wrists gave out.

    75lb DL

    Ran 4 miles in 30:10 (Had to get off a couple times to help my son pee….:)

  18. 5:34
    70 lb Deadlifts
    Used a pillow under head for handstand pushups.

  19. 4:02
    30# dead lifts
    21-15 push-ups on 2nd step

    Followed up with some sit-up, back extensions, side bends and tricep rows.

    Day 4 done. Thanks!

  20. 5:10. Used 60 pounds and knees on the second and third stair for HSPU's.

  21. 4:15
    65# dl
    Handstand push ups on a box
    15 pullups with band assist
    Ran 2
    Rowed 3
    27 burpees

  22. 4:24 slower than last time BUT 60lb bar and did handstand push ups. The best I've done yet!

  23. Ran my first under 10 min mile! I hate running & im so slow so im practicing trying to get faster.

    Then did wod:3:29. 65#dl. Leaning aginst door for handstand pushups.

  24. 3:17
    30# deadlift
    first two rounds reg bpu
    3rd round feet on chair.

  25. 4:15
    Pike position, forehead touch ground on push up.

  26. 3:30 (1:30) faster, plus 50# DL, (10 more) and harder push ups. Cant get very low on scaled handstand ones, so worked on full length ones.

  27. 5:36
    95# deadlift. Heaviest I've done.
    knees on box for hspu.

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