Thursday 02.27.14

50 push-ups in one set
Run 5K

Post times for push-ups and time for 5K separately.

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food


  1. 50 push-ups on toes and belly and chest to floor on each rep.
    3:21 with my God-given Amazon-woman arms-gotta love it!
    I will get back to you on the 5K when it's not below zero

    I completed a handstand hold, hollow rocks, superman, and sit-ups workout from O'Fallon CF

    1. 25:32 for 5k. Hilly course. Used muegge and Hackmann roads.

  2. I was anticipating a 5K coming up this week…so I took advantage of the warm weather this past Saturday and ran it. (Glad because it's below zero)

    31:45- slower than my last 2 times…but I ran a very hilly course on a windy day. When I ran it in the summer it was 38 minutes. So I'm excited with the improvement!

    Did 50 pushups today. 1:40.
    Completed 12 minutes of ab work, and a round of tabatas.

  3. Too cold to run
    Did tabata from 1-9-13 superman, push-ups, bfsu, squats

  4. 1:53 for push-ups. 34 Bpu and 16 gpu.
    No time for 5k this morning but did a yoga workout to stretch everything out!

  5. 1:53 for push-ups. 34 Bpu and 16 gpu.
    No time for 5k this morning but did a yoga workout to stretch everything out!

  6. 1:30 push ups

    did a 3k run in 17:30, will do the rest tonight after all my appts

  7. 50 sissy pushups in 1:58
    5K interval on treadmill in 28:18
    This was only my 2nd hiit mamas workout but I loved it!

  8. 25 BPU
    25 GPU
    For 3:14 min.
    250 JR
    For 2:15
    Still can't run due to knee recovery

  9. 2:54 on push-ups
    Preceeded by a 30-20-10 for time of:

    Double unders
    20# overhead walking lunges
    air squats


    My grip is fried after yesterday's pull-ups. My callouses are throbbing!

  10. Wow! Anyone else ridiculously sore from yesterday's WOD? Had a hard time today!!

    Also, I accidentally pulled the emergency tag off the treadmill so I am not exactly sure how far I went. 🙁

    2:27 GPU
    ran for around 29 mins, probably pretty close to a 5K

  11. Ran 32 minutes with the students in gym class. Not sure the distance.

    50 push ups 1:22

  12. 3:50 for 50 boy push-ups in a row!! Ouch!
    23:47 for 5K

  13. Not so sure I should post this time, but…41.15 for the 5k. First one post-baby (who is now 4+ months old, I'm a slacker!)

  14. 1:23 25 boy/25 girl
    Didn't get to run, will hopefully run tomorrow and Saturday.

  15. 20 bpu 30 gpu 1:38
    26:50 for 5k..then ran to 4mi, personal record! Plus 1mi warmup/cooldown

  16. 23:51 for 5k, shocked personal best. No pu, bicep tendinitis

  17. Push ups: 2:13
    I only had time for 2 miles, but I really pushed myself to quicken my time, and I bettered my mile average pace by 24 sec

  18. 58 sec boy pushups.
    Felt good, last 2 times i ran 5k i ended up walking part because i got a stitch in my side. This time all went well &i didn't stop!

  19. 2:14 mix of incline/decline pushups
    5.25 miles in 22:21 on spin bike
    25 butterfly sit ups

  20. 2:30 for Push ups – all boy and incline on a chair.
    (I read that doing girl push ups doesn't make you stronger for boy push ups and it's better to do incline gradually decreasing until your in the plank position.)

    21:21 5K – That's a PR! 🙂 Yea for me!

  21. Of course you should post your time Jamie! If just to have a record so you can really track your progress. I love looking back now to when I started to run after my baby (she's 10 months old now.) and I am so much faster now. And to encourage you more, doing these work outs has made me a much faster runner….

  22. 1:47 Boy Push ups. Last 15 could only get half way down.
    28:30 fpr 5k
    Roads are getting clear and weather bareable! I am ready to get back in shape!

  23. Pat – 1:50 push ups-

    Maria – 2:22 – push ups (boy and switched between wide, narrow, and diamond)

    Pat & Maria 5k – 29:45

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