Monday 02.24.14

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
5 double-unders (try them even if you can’t, otherwise 20 jump rope)
13 thrusters, 20-30 lbs

Post rounds completed to comments.

 Hiit Mama Amber
no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food


  1. 6 full rounds.
    40 lbs and did double unders (1 at a time- because I am practicing)
    It's one those lung burners ladies.

  2. 7 rds in 6:55, singles, 35#
    Practiced doubles for 10 min after

  3. 9 rounds
    "pretend" singles-(light burned out in garage)
    Went ahead and did a 10th round.


  4. 6 plus jump rope of round 7
    I am really bad at reg jump rope, let alone double unders….of all the times I tried, I got 3 complete one. I'll keep practicing.
    #30 thrusters

  5. 6 rds plus dbl unders for 7th.
    Tried dbl unders. Couldn't get the rope under a second time but almost. I think I did a complete on once 🙂 . Hope I can get better at those.
    Legs tired.

  6. 6 plus jump rope
    First 2 rounds tried double unders. I only landed 2 or 3 and kept whipping my back so switched to singles.

    1. Just counted my blocks again as I was putting then away. Might have been 7 plus jump rope.

  7. 6 rounds plus jump rope on 7th round.
    30 lb thrusters
    Attempted double unders on first two rounds, then switched to singles.

  8. Four rounds, 30 lbs at first but dropped to 15

    Don't really get double unders: I've watched the video but I don't get what makes them better than singles (I feel it in my arms more, is that it?) nor have I figured out how to actually get the rope under my feet twice in one jump without getting tangled in it 😛

    Any suggestions? Pleasy?

  9. 7 rounds
    No jump rope so 50 jumping jacks each round
    Ran 4 miles

  10. 7 full rounds, did 20 singles. Kept whipping myself on du's 🙁
    25# 2 rounds then to 16# for last 5. Form was getting sloppy w/25#-couldn't keep elbows up.

    Did 500 more single jump ropes and tried throwing in some du's…will get them one day!

  11. 8 rounds, sjr & 20#
    Need more practice on those du!!

  12. 6 rounds plus DU and 4 thrusters, 30# thrusters.
    During my 2nd round finally got DU!! One at a time but I finally did them!

  13. 6 rounds
    30# thrusters
    I can do double-unders one at a time, now just need to work on doing them in a roll.

    Then did different variations of burpees
    10 lunge jump burpees
    10 step-up burpees
    10 twister burpess
    10 pull through burpees

  14. Ran 4 miles

    8 rounds
    Double unders (I can actually string 5 in a row)

  15. 7 rounds with 6 second remaining!
    I did double unders, but only did one with a single jump in between, but did them for all the rounds. Super excited about that progress. And yes Denise, lung burner for sure! Wow!

  16. Ran 500m 2:26

    6 Rounds WOD
    -My DU aren't consecutive yet. I do one regular jump between but that's a huge improvement.

    Ran 800 4:16

    Total workout 15:42

    Been sick for 3 weeks now. Cold after cold after cold. Not sure if it's my allergies now but determined to get my workout momentum back.

  17. 7 rounds 30#
    Wishing I had my put my hair up or in a braid like I had in the picture, too hot! Dripping!

    1. I didn't even realize that was a hiit mama picture! Very cool!!

  18. 7 rounds + 20 singles

    I went as far as I could with 20 lb thrusters then switched to 16 lb for each round. I'm getting there!

    Going to spin for 30 min.

  19. Ran 2.1. Walked .4

    5 rounds plus du's on round 6
    All double unders

    24 burpees

  20. Walked/ jogged 2 miles -27 minutes

    For the WOD:
    7 rounds + 20 jump rope
    5 attempted double unders on first round, 20 reg. Forrest of the rounds
    20# for thrusters

  21. Well, after throwing up on Friday night, (there was a reason I was cranky) and feeling lousy all weekend, I got back into it.

    7 Rounds SJR & 7 Thrusters

    Ran 3 miles in 22:40 and then half mile to cool down.

  22. 4 rounds plus 3 du, 26# thrusters. Really worked on the double unders. I did my first double under ever after realizing my rope has been too long all this time!

  23. 5 rounds+ jump ropes. First 2 rounds tried for double unders. Kind of got carried away with trying to get those & lost track of many i was doing so just moved on. Last rounds i just did singles so i actually counted those.
    30# thrusters.

  24. Tried to get double unders after i finished & I'm able to them only one @a time, can't string it along yet though. I think being under a timer stressed me out because as soon as i finished & posted, i instantly did them!

  25. Forgot to say 30 lb bar for thrusters,
    And took about 5 minutes before trying double unders. Ya, not happening. 🙁

  26. 7 rounds, plus jumprope and 5 thrusters. 20 lb. thrusters and regular jump rope. Practiced double unders though…

  27. 5 rounds with 30#. Tried du, but get one and then trip. Pretty good for not working out in the past two weeks!

  28. Onto 5 rounds
    Failed miserably through double unders!
    30 lb for thruster! I'd better get moving!

  29. Added 2 stairs to each round. Did 5 rounds. A little over 7 minutes

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