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Monday 02.10.14

3 rounds for time of:
21 Power snatch, 20-30 lbs
27 Pull-ups (assist as needed)
27 Butterfly sit-ups

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake


  1. 21:37
    20# power snatch
    Pull ups with assist band set pretty low

    I definitely need some training on my power snatch. Takes me a lot of reps to make it feel right.

  2. 13:45
    25# on first round- then dropped to 20#
    Jumping pull ups- first 6 on my own!
    Arms crossed on bsu

  3. 12:41
    25lbs power snatch
    Jump assisted pull-ups

  4. 20 lb snatches. (I did single arm because I think I know how to do them)
    Jumping pull-ups then used purple band for remaining 2 rounds.

    1. 13:45
      Forgot to post time. My baby is sick and the two of us were up all night.

  5. Did one round in 4:57 then helped my kids do it (so fun to see them imitate me!)
    Got a pull up bar and a kettle bell for my birthday so got to do actual pull ups today! Lots of jumping and sore from trying it out on Saturday

  6. 20# snatch
    Pull downs for pull-ups (prob 10 or 20 pounds)
    Time: 10:12

  7. 14:31
    30# snatch, first round band assisted, last two chair assisted

  8. 15:39

    Band assist

    Then did last Friday's WOD. Posted times on that day.

  9. 15:02

    – 16-20 lb snatches. I think my form is wrong and need more practice.
    – Bench assist w/ pull up's
    – sit ups as RX'd

    I feel like a total weakling today but I got through it. That's all that matters.

  10. 9:24
    20# power snatches
    20# pull downs instead of pull ups

  11. 14:58
    25# bar
    Part of pullups were kipping with band assist. The others were jumping
    Ran 1.8 walked .3
    20 burpees

  12. 14:30
    30# snatch
    green band assisted pull-ups. My forearms are fried along with my grip. It's a miracle I can type my time!

  13. 16:50
    Chair pull ups
    20lb snatch
    Arms crossed for first round sit ups

  14. I did a 10K at race pace yesterday so I just kept it simple today.


    25 lb bar for snatch.
    Chair assisted pull ups – I talked to a crossfit coach and he told me that it's better to do it assisted then jumping because jumping in mainly cardio and your legs and it doesn't build strength for pull ups… So I did it and WOW, definitely harder.

  15. 10:51
    First time doing power snatches.
    Did Jumping Pullups

  16. 11:30
    20 lb. power snatch
    Used a step stool for my sorry attempt at pull-ups
    Sick with a cold
    5 weeks post partum

  17. 14:26
    At the gym and had to sub one set of pull ups for lat pull downs

  18. 21:25. 45# bar for power snatch. Band asstd pullups. 1st rou,d situps had bar across toes, other rounds no bar to make harder

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