Thursday 02.06.14

For time:
50 Bench dips
50 Squat cleans, 20-40 lbs
50 Bench dips

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


  1. 8:25
    Used 40 lb for ST but that lasted until 11th rep. I switched to 30 lbs after that.

  2. 7:30
    20# Squat Cleans
    My triceps are the weakest muscle on my body!

  3. 8:17 20#SC

    Decided to run half a mile before and after the workout just to get that little extra burn. Total workout time ended at 18:23.

  4. 6:46
    100 squat cleans total

    Since I was doing a lighter weight than usual, I did an extra 50 squat cleans at the end (on the timer).

  5. 9:38
    Feet on floor for dips
    20 lb squat cleans.

    I had some confusion on the SC. Had to break to watch the video twice. still not sure if I'm doing them correctly.

  6. 7:35
    But hurt knee on 10, went to 14, too painful. Squatted to 40 and then did last 10 squat cleans. All to below parallel. Think I needed to warm up. My rt knee has been cranky lately.
    Ran 1.7. Walked .3
    20 burpees
    6 pullups with band assist

  7. 9:04 45# bar. Worked on squat cleans form, butt to floor. Hubs videotaped me so i can see my errors & worked on correcting it.

  8. Medina sisters and Alexis
    only 1 set of 20lb weights so had to wait to share between 3 girls!

  9. 7ish – forgot to post again, so time is another estimate. Used 20# bar. All muscles are aching this week from head to toe!

    Curious what tomorrow will bring!

  10. 4:51 – think my cleans may have been wrong when comparing my time to others

  11. 7:22
    40# squat cleans

    That was the longest round of squat cleans EVER! I was shocked at how heavy the 40# got.

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