Monday 01.27.14


Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
11 Push-ups
12 Deadlifts, 60-80 lbs
13 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 07.07.13

Happy Birthday Erika!
(missed it on the 22nd :/)
  Erika is a 90 Day Challenge finisher from our 2nd Challenge and a friend of mine. She had great results, even lost enough inches in her waist to fit into a skirt that she loved and had never been able to wear!
no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks
  no food after 8:00pm


  1. 15 rds plus bpu, 65# dl, 5 bfsu…finished rd 16 @ 25:19
    Last time 13 rds, 35#

  2. 12 rounds plus pu and 3 DL of round 13
    24 DL with #30 each round

  3. 13 rounds plus 11x pu (completed set)
    Only 20 min
    Preggo subs:
    11x gpu
    12x squats
    13x pelvic tilts

  4. 5 rounds plus 6th of push ups
    40 lb dead lifts (what I have)

    First workout back after a year off- I had a baby via c-section and man those sit ups are hard. I had to hook my feet under the couch because otherwise I was literally stuck with my feet pulling up off the ground, like a little pill bug on it's back. any tips for sit ups?

    1. Way to go Sarah, that is awesome you endured the whole 25 min when the sit ups were so hard!
      You can look up a demo for cross fit sit ups (that's what the butterfly sit ups are). I find they give me more stability, but the same amount of work involved.

    2. When I 1st started, I would put 10# weight on my feet while doing bfsu. Eventually decreased to 5#, then none. It took months to get to no weight, but keep it up and you'll get there. Welcome back!

    1. Also first time back after having a sick with flu family for 10 days

  5. Timer went off on second BFSU of 17th round, finished the round.
    Compared to 15 plus PU last time, same weight.

  6. 13 rounds plus 6 push-ups
    All bpu
    65# dl
    Arms crossed on bsu

    4.2 mile run
    30 burpees

  7. 17 full rounds plus push ups and 3 dead lifts of 18th round. Finished up 18th round after timer.
    40 lb deadlifts. Would have been a lot slower with an extra 20 lbs!

  8. 16 rounds 60# deadlifts
    working on handstand pu, so did 6 instead of regular every other round.

  9. 17 rounds plus 11 pushups
    60# deadlifts

    That was awful! Oh and I had 16 rounds in July with LESS weight! Woohoo!

  10. 13 Rounds + PU & DL of 14th round.
    GPU, 60# DL and crossed arms on BFSU!

  11. 10 rounds in 19:18. Got interrupted twice.
    5 bpu each round
    75lb deadlifts
    (vs. 10 rounds in 15 min last year all mpu and only 40lb deadlifts. Awesome progress!!)

  12. 12 rounds plus 9 PU
    knee push ups
    60# dead lift

    Sarah – I just had a baby 4 1/2 months ago, although no c-section. I started with butterfly crunches. Then I would do sit ups as long as I could and then finish with crunches so I could keep going. I can now do all sit ups! Good luck to you!

  13. 16 minutes
    10 rounds
    2 rounds of boy push ups then girl push ups for the rest
    20# dead lifts for 4 rounds 10# for the rest

  14. Jen Roe you are a beast!! I mean that in the best way possible so please don't take offense to it!

    *11 rounds w/ 22 seconds to spare, which I spent laying on the ground exhausted!!

    -Decline pushups
    -60 lb DL's

  15. 9 rounds
    First 2 rounds 80lb
    60lb on last 7 rounds
    Mixed in bpu and gpu
    Arms crossed for sit ups

  16. 18 rounds

    GPU and 55lb DL

    Had to take a week off due to the flu! Boooo. Hopefully I can make up some days on the weekends.

  17. 15 rds. Mixed bpu/gpu of variety. Did first 10 rds w/ 20 dl w 20# single legged, last 5 rds 20 dl w 30#.

  18. Katie- 15 rounds 40# deadlifts
    Lori- 12 40#
    Both ended after deadlifts, but we finished the bfsu!

  19. 12 rounds
    80 lb deadlifts
    Nursing a headache above my right eyebrow that was exaser bated every time my head moved up and down for deadlifts and sit-ups. Really not fun.

  20. Did a different WOD reLly trying to focus on upper body and endurance

    15 min run
    Then 1 minute of each for three rounds:
    Push ups
    Jump rope (fast)
    Mountain climbers
    Arm curls
    Pull ups

    After 3rd round run 15 minutes

  21. 12 rounds combo bpu, gpu, then 20# ball chest press, 60# deadlifts

  22. Ran a mile warm up

    17 rounds plus 6 Push ups.

    Half & half GPU/BPU until the 12th round the rest all GPU.

    70 Lb DL

    I was going to run more after then finished and decided another day.. 🙂

  23. 11 Rounds, plus one round without deadlifts.

    Boy PU
    80# deadlift

    I'm going to feel this one tomorrow!

  24. 13 rounds + push ups and a few bfsu, so I finished the 14th round

    Last time, I finished the 14th round a few seconds after the timer went off, and did it with 60lbs, so I did basically the same number of rounds this time with 30lbs more! 🙂

  25. Only did 7 rounds, but I'm happy I tried after being sick for almost 2 weeks! 50# deadlifts

  26. Pat 13 full rds thru 7 dl's of the 14th #115

    Maria 13 full rds thru 7 dl's of the 14th #70

    our rounds were 1 1/2 less but we both increased our weight by a bunch!

  27. 6 rounds in 15 mins.
    last round 33 sit ups.

    Subbed and did:
    pull ups
    sit ups

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