Thursday 01.23.14

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
21 Bench press, 20-30 lbs
21 Knees to elbows

Post rounds completed to comments.


no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 15 rounds and 20 bench press on 16th round
    15#med ball for bench press
    kte on ground (no pull up bar)

  2. 10 Rounds and 21 bench press

    30# bench press
    Did 5 KTE off bar, the rest on ground for each round

  3. Boo- woke up late. Will have to complete this weekend.
    I did 12-16-13 WOD 7 push-ups, 21 thrusters but did 40 lb thrusters for 5:00

  4. 8rounds + 2 press on 9th round- went ahead and finished round after timer
    KTE on bar

  5. 8-1/2 rounds. Finished rd 9 at 21:05
    Kte 1/2 on bar, 1/2 on floor

  6. 8 rds plus all bench press and 13 k2e on 9th rd.
    20lb bench press….arms are shaking!

  7. 7 rounds
    30lbs bench press
    K2E mostly on bar with a few on ground

  8. 10 rounds exactly
    20# for benchpress
    (4 rounds kte on bar; 4 rounds on bench; 2 rounds on vertical knee raise chair thing)

  9. 9 rounds plus all bench and 5 k2e.
    25# bench
    Sharing my bar with a friend, so most k2e on bar and a few rounds on floor.

    30 burpees

  10. 6 rounds
    1&2 kte on bar took 12min just for those 2 rounds, just got a bar
    4-6 kte on floor
    30# bar for all rounds

  11. Ran 4 mile tempo run

    Subbed regular push ups
    KTE on bar

    7 rounds + push ups and 5kte

  12. 7 rounds plus 10 BP 30#
    I did a "warm-up" of descending squats/ascending push-ups that fried my chest and shoulders (this is my excuse). The bench press though all unbroken were so tough at 30#? The k2e on bar for all but two of my rounds.

  13. 8 rounds + 16 bp
    30lbs for 4 rounds (and the 16)
    20lbs for 4 rounds

    Bench press is definitely my weakness! My forearms and grip were struggling!

  14. 13 rounds
    Round one was with 30# all other rounds was with 20#
    K2e on floor

  15. Ran a mile warm up

    8 rounds complete plus all bench & 3 KTE

    first 5 rounds were 30 lb bench the rest 20 lbs

    KTE on bar with hanging straps


  16. 7 rounds plus the bench press and 1knee to elbow of round 8
    25# bar
    Today I worked on the right form on knees. Normally I just hang on the bar and bring my knees up as far as I can. Today I tried to pull up with my arms and get my knees to elbows. Only got to around my triceps but boy that felt so much different than how I have been doing it. And as a reward for trying harder, I have seven blisters on my hands ?.
    Ran 1 mile and walked .5.
    Then 20 burpees

  17. 8 + 1 round bench press, 1/2 30# 1/2 20#, 1/2 kte on floor 1/2 on bar

  18. 7 full rounds + another set of bench press and 14 knees to elbows.
    Cycled for 20 mins for xtra cardio

  19. 8 rounds+ all the through to 7 kte.
    75# bench press, kte more like knees to chest.

  20. Exactly 8 rounds. Alternated between bar and floor on kte. 25lb presses.

  21. 11 rounds
    1st round hang k2waist & 30#
    The rest k2e on floor & 20#

  22. 9 rounds in 20:15
    First 3 k2e on bar. My forearms couldn't take it after that. Rest on the ground but I felt it much more in my core on the ground as opposed to on the bar.
    20 lb bench press

  23. 6 Rounds
    + 21 BP's

    first 15 KTE's on Pull Up Bar; remaining on incline bench.

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