Wednesday 01.22.14

For time:
30 Pull-ups
21 Weighted squats, 40-80lbs
Run 2K

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 17:49. Can't run very fast on the snow-covered roads. It's a balmy 3 degrees outside! I can't wait for spring.

    Band assisted pullups
    50# squats

  2. 15:00
    Used band and jumping pullups, 60 lbs and treadmill and did 1.2 miles because it's 6 degrees here
    good job Stephanie!!

  3. 15:17
    Jump up and band assisted pull-ups
    20lbs for weighted squats
    2k on treadmill.

  4. 17:39
    Beginner pull ups on a lower bar, I don't know how to describe it really, I was on an angle with my feet on floor.
    30# bar squats

  5. 16:30
    Jump assisted pull-ups
    40 lb squats
    My face is burning from the cold!!

  6. 12:57

    assisted pullups
    40 lb squats
    ran on treadmill

  7. 7:53
    Station bike 1.25 mi
    35# pull downs
    45# squats

  8. Taught body pump. 12:56. 15 pull ups with green band 15 with black 65# squats. Then RPM

  9. 16:18
    Machine assisted pull-ups and 60# squats. 1.3 miles on treadmill!
    Happy hump day, mamas!!!

  10. 16:22
    Had to take a break after 1 mike but I did those last 400 m

  11. 13:28
    Assisted pull-ups
    50lb squats
    Run on treadmill but kept going after the 2K for a total of 4 miles.

  12. 6:45 overall
    -30 military style flutter kicks instead of pull ups.
    -50lb resistance band squats
    -4:45 for 1.25 miles on my spin bike! A personal best I think.

    (I don't have an overhead bar handy and was wondering how others do their pull ups.)

  13. Ran 4 miles then


    Unassisted pull ups
    45lbs squats
    2k run outside

  14. 14:27
    no pull-ups, I hurt my shoulder
    38.6# squats

  15. 16:10
    My husband helped me on my form with kipping pull ups. I used bands, but did all of them kipping.
    45 lb squats
    Then after walked .5 miles and then did 20 burpees.

  16. 12:20
    Jumping PU
    60lb butt to floor squats
    (3:30 for SU/squat 8:50 run)

  17. 12:56, not sure if my running distance was accurate. 40 lbs on the squats, assisted with legs on a stool for pull ups.

  18. Totally jacked up my knee somehow – it is stiff and swollen. Since I am hobbling up/down stairs I figured I shouldn't run. Would love to do this soon.

    Did 11/5/13 workout instead.

  19. Ran a mile warm up.

    13:10 but I got carried away with the running and lost track so I really did 2.10 K.
    Jumping Pull ups
    65 lb squat all deep past 90

    Then ran another 1.25 miles to total 3.5

  20. 12:31
    Did 42 squats with #30
    FREEZING run!!!! I think it is -5° here this am
    Not sure I ran far enough based on my time or else I was just running so fast to keep myself warm 😉

  21. 15:46
    Jump up pull-ups
    45lb squat
    Average mile under 10 min! Yay!

  22. 9:23
    Jump up pull-ups
    30# squats
    1000 jump rope for run. Sub-zero temps kept me from running and going out to the garage for a different ice cold set of weights!

  23. Thought it would be a "great idea" to come back and do this one as a 2nd WOD of the day. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Did 2/11 WOD first then:

    jumping pull ups
    60# squats

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