Tuesday 01.21.14

7 rounds for time of:
15 Butterfly sit-ups
15 Back extensions (supermans….with a curled leg if you want to work the booty)
10 Thrusters, 20-30 lbs
10 Cleans, 20-30 lbs

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda  
only fruit or veggie snacks


  1. Feeling mentally burdened and slumped, so I took forever: 23:58

    30# thrusters and clean

  2. 30 lb cleans and thrusters
    Hair tie broke during workout, stopped timer and then accidentally reset timer. I think it was at 4:59 when stopped. Fumbled around a lot today-agh!!

  3. 13:43
    #20 thrusters and cleans (did #30 cleans yesterday and was feel it this morning)

  4. 16:44
    20# thrusters and cleans
    most sit ups on bosu ball to save tailbone

  5. 19:30 thought I'd quit after 5 but I made it through all 7!!

    16# thrusters and cleans.
    Last two rounds did front squats for cleans. I think I am doing them wrong b/c my back started to hurt.

  6. 17:15
    20# (20# is too light for me but staying lighter til my lower back feels better)
    arms crossed
    I accidentally did 15 thrusters & cleans per round…not a bad thing though!

  7. One mile run
    20# thruster
    10# sumo squat (I felt like i was going to hurt my back with the cleans?)

  8. 22:53 felt really slow today.
    25lb thrusters and cleans

  9. 12:03
    No rest or pauses
    20# for it all
    Curled my legs on the first 4 rounds

  10. 15:45
    40lb for 4 rounds
    50lb for 3 rounds

    This was my first time doing 50lbs on a wod and wow that was tough!

  11. 16:14 7 rounds with 16 lbs thrusters and 20 lb cleans. I did 2 rounds of cleans with 16 lbs.

    I shoveled another 4 inches of snow beforehand and my back and shoulders are a bit sore. Note to self shovel afterwards? Lol

  12. 17:54
    crossed arms,
    28.6# for 4 rounds then 20#

  13. 16:54 20lb (took it slower cuz of knee from last week…felt good)
    3 mile pre core

  14. 14:18
    Pelvic tilts for bsu
    Hands and knees for supermans (16 ea set)
    20# thrusters
    20# weighted squat

    45 min hike carrying toddler on back.

  15. 12:51. Having a snowstorm here so couldn't get to the gym. Did this workout from home. I don't have a bar so I subbed 20lb Kettlebell swings and sumo deadlift high pulls for the thrusters and cleans.
    Also practiced handstand push-ups. My hubby was impressed when I did 2!

  16. 19:49
    toddler crawling all over me for bsu's and back extensions! good times!

  17. Medina sisters:
    We thought we wouldn't make it, but we pulled through!
    20lb for thrusters and clean

  18. 18:22 20#kb. Subbed one armed high pulls for cleans. Only have kbs

  19. 18:26
    20 lbs all (hubby using big weights)

    Chris: 17:00
    60 lbs all
    Deadlifts for cleans

  20. 17:53 14# thrusters and 15# tricep lift?
    still don't understand cleans, and only have dumbbells

  21. 24:56 (I think) as rx'd 24lb cleans.

    Really slow but I feel if I go faster I will sacrifice good form and re injure my back- No a risk I can take!

    20-30 min run

  22. 14:38
    30# thrusters and cleans. Did on 1/24 due to being sick on day of workout

  23. Ran a mile


    30 lb thrusters & cleans

    Sprinted another mile finished in 7:22

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