Monday 01.20.14


Run 10K

Compare to 01.21.13

Happy Birthday Cesca!

Happy 40th to my friend of over 15 years. She is fierce and rock solid. She is self-confident and strong. She is determined and a brick house. I hope your 40’s are even better to you than your 30’s! Happy Birthday.
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  1. Accidentally overslept this morning, so I didn't have time for a 10K. I repeated 12.24.13's workout and shaved almost two minutes off my time. Props to the 10K runners this morning!

  2. Let me join the company of "no time for 10K group." Sick 3 year old. I did WOD from local CF box at home.
    6 hspu (hands on floor and liked as much as possible)
    12 burpees
    18 push-ups
    24 lunges (30 KB)
    30 squats (30 KB)
    36 KB swings (30 lbs)
    42 weighted sit-ups (30 lbs)

  3. 49:17 compared to 54:20 last year.
    Not a pr, but very happy with my time.

    30 candlestick burpees

  4. I'm going to join the "no time for that" group. Did 11/27/13 wod that I missed on Thanksgiving break.

  5. It is a beautiful day in Florida!! I knew a 10K would take me over an hour and with four small children at home that just wasn't going to happen today. Instead, I decided to run two miles as much as I could. It's no secret I'm not a runner and last year I didn't even attempt this wod. So, I'm happy to say I ran the first mile in 10:04 which is a PR! My fastest to date was 10:30. My second mile clocked in at 10:57. Though it's no where near a 10K, I am happy with the progress I'm making! January 3rd was one year of HIIT Mamas and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in! Thank you Jenni and all the mamas that keep me going each day!

  6. 56:58
    On elliptical that tracks miles.
    I started following this time last year and remember laughing when I saw this wod posted. Amazing that a year later I did it and never thought about quitting. This was the furthest I've ever gone 🙂
    Thankful that I had the day off to get this wod in!

  7. Thankful to have the day off which gave me the time to do this WOD. Haven't done 10k since my triathlon last July! 70:47. That's doing run/walk and is actually really good for me!

  8. I was concerned about my knee since I had some problems with it not too long ago and I've never run that far before, so I did a 5k instead. It was a beautiful morning here in Austin for a run (it's getting up to 80 today!) but these hills are killing me! They added about a minute/mile to my time.

    27:13 for 5k

  9. My son is taking a nap (thank you!) and I'm making a grocery list while spinning.

    6.24 miles in 26.2 minutes.

    And I'll hoop dance for awhile afterwards.

  10. 40:47

    I enjoy a good run. Took my husband with me for the 10k. It was a hilly one and it is always great to have someone to talk to.

  11. 82:45

    Never have I done anything past a 5K. This was quite the mental struggle. I did walk, jog and sprint but I did it even though i wanted to quit every 2 minutes for the last half. After about 4 miles my butt felt very heavy!!

  12. I opted out of the 10K. Kids all home, visit from sisters and their kids.
    I used a wod from peanutbutterrunner
    For time:
    300 jumprope
    5 handstand pushups
    10 deadlifts 95#
    15 box jumps
    50 situps
    25 wall balls
    30 kettlebell swings 25#
    25 wall balls (which I forgot!)
    50 situps
    15 box jumps
    10 deadlifts 95#
    5 handstand pushups
    300 jumprope
    16:07 good one!

  13. Got 3.2 miles in at around 34 minutes before I had to get home so hubby could go to work.

  14. 5K in 30:58 on treadmill with 1.0 incline (treadmill is stuck)

    I am (and always have been) a terrible runner, but this is not bad for only 3 months of WODs since baby in Sept. I'm not even sure I could do a 10K even if I had time. :/ Maybe someday!

  15. My time isn't pretty …. 62:54, but I DID IT!!!!!!! AND RAN EVERY DARN MINUTE OF IT!!
    That was the farthest I have ever run. I didn't even really have a mental fight today as I was determined to get this done. Thanks to these workouts I'm willing and able to push myself farther than I EVER have before!

  16. Sooo… I just saw on this blog that 5K = 3.1 miles. I always thought it was 3.2 miles. Not a huge difference but wonder where I got that from?

  17. Wasn't going to do this because I ran Sat & Sunday and then I told myself to suck it up and get it done.

    First mile was 8 min mile. Then I realized I should be going much faster.
    Finished in 45:37. 🙂 Not my PR, but not too far off either.
    PR is 44:24

  18. Medina sisters:
    It wasn't pretty but we finished! And we are incredibly proud of ourselves!

  19. Rode 4.50 miles on stationary bike, then did an arm workout for 7 minutes using 15# 10# & 5#dumbbells

  20. 54:59 on gravel/boardwalk trail. Definitely not a PR, but the run felt amazing not pushing myself too hard.

    Thankful for a warm day in Alabama, now time to embrace the cold again!

  21. 11/7: 3.2 miles 24:26 min
    11/11: 1.6 miles 12:57 min
    11/13: 1.6 miles 12:57 min
    Total time: 37:13

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