Monday 01.13.14

Sin City

Complete as much as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Pull-ups (assist as needed)
20 Push-ups
30 Squats
15 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
45 Squats
20 Pull-ups
40 Push-ups
60 Squats
25 Pull-ups
50 Push-ups
75 Squats
30 Pull-ups
60 Push-ups
90 Squats

Post reps completed to comments.

no caffeine
no soda


  1. I got through the 25 pull up set, plus an extra 20 pushups.

    Strict Pull ups with my assist band
    Real Pushups

    30 Burpees
    1 Mile Run


  2. Started with skinny black band for pull-ups then switched to all jumping pull-ups after first 10. Full squats ( biut to floor) push-ups were more like hand release push-ups on knees.
    Finished the round with 75 squats in 21 minutes
    I was not motivated this morning- started slowly (walked upstairs to get additional hair tie).

  3. Completed round through 75 squats (timer went off at 55- so I finished til 75)
    Jumping pull ups
    Push ups with arms in
    Deep slow squats

    If I wasn't short on time I would finish the last set!

  4. Did 50 squats of 4th rd.
    bpu for first 2 rds and half of 3rd. Then gpu.
    Squats were almos butt to floor.
    Jumping pull-ups for first 2rds. Then band assisted.
    I am shaking all over! Great wo!!

  5. Through 30 push ups of last set.
    (Assist pull up, about 2/3 gpu)

  6. Made it through the 30 pull ups round and 16 push ups…whew!!!!
    Did 10,10,6,5 unassisted pull ups each round rest chair assisted
    Actually had to break down and do some knee push ups during the round with 50 push ups 🙁

  7. Through 15 pull-ups on the 4th set. Jump assisted pull ups. Pull ups kill me!!

  8. Up to:
    25 pull-ups
    50 push-ups (knees)
    28 squats (didn't finish before time ran out)

  9. 6 push ups into the last round. All GPU except the first 2 sets…..holy arms!
    Ran 1/2 mile after

  10. Made it to 30 pulls-up 🙂

    Assit pull-ups and knees on the ground for push-ups.
    Also did a 10min mile run before WOD.

  11. Did half of the fourth round. Gpu's, reverse pull-ups. Arms are very weak….

  12. Completed through the 60 squats,
    Tricep dips, GPU, squats past parallel, all the way down! That is a first for me to go past parallel. Slowly improving!

  13. Finished through 50 push-ups
    Reverse pull-ups
    All gpu
    Walking lunges instead of squats after first round

  14. Got through till the last squats made it to 88..
    vertical pull ups on truck – used a band to assist on almost all sets, last set went to horizontal using boat,

  15. Completed up to 37 push ups of the last set.
    Jumping pull-ups
    Mostly gpu

    4 mile run
    30 candlestick burpees

  16. Completed through 30 of the last 60 push ups.
    Band assisted pull ups through 20, chair assist after that. All gpu, felt very slow today.

    1. I was extremely happy to not have any DL today. I'm still feeling Fridays workout in my hamstrings!!

  17. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae 1st 2 rounds tricep pushups made thru round of 75 squats
    Lauren thru 60 squats
    Sharadee thru 65 squats of 75set

  18. Finished all sets with 3 seconds to spare.

    Chair assisted pull-ups and GPU.

    Took last week off as I dropped a wood clamp on my foot building my headboard and thought I may have broken it. Turns out it was just a deep bruise so I'm back!

  19. Made it through 75 squats+30gpu. Did bpu through 40, gpu the rest. Band for pull ups

    My husband did this with me too:)

  20. Finished 75 squats
    Assist pull ups, 1/2 gpu, full squats

  21. Finished 4 rounds plus 24 of the 30 pull ups.
    Kitchen table for pull ups
    Boy push ups til 40 then gpu
    Butt to floor squats.

  22. Made it through 60 push ups
    lat pull downs for pull-ups

  23. Made my down the list and finished the 25 pull ups (assisted by my trusty chair) just as the timer went off.

    Those 40 push ups about killed me!! Lol push ups and pull ups are my biggest weaknesses. But I'll get there one day.

  24. Ran 2 miles

    finished through 75 squats – chair assisted pull ups…GPU…not feeling very strong right now…but that is what happens when you take two weeks off:(

  25. Made it through 75 squats & into 5 pullups of last round. Band asstd w/some jumping to asst. Most of the time i was just stuck looking up @the bar as my muscles just couldn't do more so i did one pullup at a time to make it through the rounds.

  26. Made it through the 75 squats plus 15 more pull ups. Jumping pull ups. Push ups on knees.

    Really tried to focus on my muscles during squats. I felt like it worked them better! Push ups were really weak, though.

  27. Only did 11:53
    35# Pull downs instead of pull-ups
    Girl push-ups
    3 rounds of pull downs, push-ups and squats

  28. My arms were struggling!

    I made it through 3 rounds and had 1 min left, do I did a plank.

    Assisted pull-ups and gpu.

  29. Got all the way through 75 squats(just barely).
    push ups on knees, hands in
    jump up pull ups

  30. Completed the 60 squats
    Pull-ups with band assist
    Incline push-ups. Chest all the way down. Really struggled to stay straight and keep good form
    Squats to below parallel.

  31. 11 pull ups into the last round… jump pull up and gpu

  32. Made it through the 25-50-75 round plus the next 30 pull-ups and 23 push-ups.
    All pull-ups were assisted. Each round of push-ups were 20bpu and the rest gpu

    Ran 2miles after

  33. Finished 60 squats it was chaotic with two potty training boys so Lori and I did the best we could. Lol no clue when timer went off

  34. Wow. I saw this workout and immediately wanted to die. 🙂
    So no run today because I wasn't feeling that hateful to myself.

    Finished to 45 pushups on the last round.
    Most push ups were on the knees after 2.5 rounds and pull ups were jumping and then after the first two rounds added a 4 inch step from which to jump.
    Blah, Pull ups and push ups always make me feel so out of shape.

  35. Made it thru 15 of the last 60 push ups.

    1st 3 pull up rounds-jumping, last 2 were chair assisted.

    All gpu.

  36. Made it through 75 squats….barely.
    Jumping pull-ups.
    Butt to floor squats.

  37. made it through the 25, 50, 75 round (on the dot!)
    – subbed bench dips for pull ups (21 wk preg)

  38. did up to 30 of the 75 squats round

    BPU for first round – the GPU
    two rounds of jump pull ups – then chair assisted

    arms not working well – guess I didn't really need to wash my hair today 😉

  39. almost 4 rounds, was able to complete 40 squats out of the 75 squats b4 buzzer. This one was tough!

    some jumping some band assisted pullups

    girl push ups

    butt to floor on squats

  40. No pull-ups-no bar. Made it all the way to the last round 25 in and couldn't keep going, but I tried!

  41. Chair assisted pullups
    Girl push ups
    Squats as rx'd
    Completed through the 3rd set.

  42. Thru 75 squats + 15 pull-ups of last round
    75# assist pull-ups (go with less assistance next time!)
    First two sets all boy push ups, ret of sets half boy half girl
    Squats to horizontal or lower

  43. Made it through 50 push ups. Did chair lifts, push ups with knees in floor

  44. Thru 30 squats on the 5th round
    Sub lat pull for pull ups
    First 20 of each set of push ups bpu then switched to gpu

  45. Completed on 9/15 after 9/15 wod. 4 full round and 15 pull ups. Pull ups on machine. Push ups on toes. Then RPM. Teaching body step tonight.

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