Thursday 01.09.14

5 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
10 Burpee box jumps, 18″ box
10 Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 20-30 lbs
10 Thrusters, 20-30 lbs
Rest 1 minute

 Compare to 01.03.13


no caffeine


  1. 14:29. 20-30 sec rest btwn rds
    No runs…short on time.
    Shorter box jump
    20lb for high pulls and thrusters.

  2. Typo – 27:10 ๐Ÿ™‚
    12in box
    20lb on thrusters and dead lifts

  3. 28:05 as RX'd
    Treadmill (a foot of snow and cold temps and 4th snow day this week!!)
    30 lb thrusters and SDHP
    Thank you for the rest and these tough workouts!

  4. 34:40
    Jumped 18" but not onto a box
    25lbs for sumo and thrusters

  5. 28:32 as rx'd
    25# sumo
    30# thrusters
    Great workout. Didn't want to get out of bed and do this one, but glad I did.

  6. 39:20
    Burpees-1&2 I stepped up onto chair and 3,4&5 just did burpees. I am so slow at burpees.
    30# bar for the rest

  7. 25:51 Out of Breath! Felt so slow on the burpees!!
    30# sumo & thrusters

  8. 29:57
    Used a tall bucket and stepped up and down between burpees.
    20lb sumo dl hp
    20lb thrusters

  9. UUGH! Missed the high pull part. Closest ever to puking, so maybe that would have put me over the edge ๐Ÿ™‚

    took out the box after 1st round of burpees-need to work on my form.
    30# sumo DL
    25# thruster

  10. 28:31
    200 jump rope (cold & raining)
    12" box
    Holy Moly!

  11. 19:14
    20# thrusters
    0.24+miles on station bike each round
    Girl pushups on burpees & a 14 in. box

  12. 25:43
    Sub 2 min jump rope for run
    20# for sumo and thrusters
    Anything with burpees and jump box are always going to be a killer. Grateful firc1 min rest!

  13. 18:25
    3 rounds high jump after burpees, 2 rounds step and down chair
    20# for both thrusters and Sumo high lifts.

  14. 16:33

    Ran on treadmill
    18" box jump on burpees
    35lbs on SDHP and thrusters

    No rest between rounds.

  15. 26:47
    wanted to die (and vomit) after 4 rounds, but took a breather and committed! And now I'm dead for the rest of the day!

  16. 3 rounds 20:23
    Only ran 2 of the rounds
    22.6 lbs on the bar, which is not heavy enough for SDHP
    broke my chair on burpees so I did high knee jumps

  17. 25:18
    Reg burpees half way through
    15 lb sumo
    20 lb thrusters.

  18. I apparently didn't start the timer, but sub'd stairs & jumping jacks for running (it's icy out again!) I did the rest as rx'd- hubby built me a box yesterday!!!

  19. 27:26
    Subbed 2 min. jump rope/ 200 jumping jacks for run (alternated between rounds)
    25# SDLHP & Thrusters

    Wow!Thankful for the minute break.
    Jen Roe…impressive! You ROCK!

  20. 28:25
    bbj on bench
    30lb sdhp
    40lb thrusters
    I did this after yesterday's WOD and those rests felt amazing!

  21. 28:16

    run on treadmill
    14" box for burpees
    20# for sdhp & thrusters

    Coughing and hacking this whole workout. Can't WAIT till this cold goes away!

  22. 15:05

    – Regular burpees
    – And I don't have a treadmill and I won't take my baby outside in this freezing cold weather so I hauled butt on my spin bike. I even have a leg cramp to prove it. Lol

  23. 32:32
    Burpees to the floor
    25# bar
    Thrusters to below parallel

  24. 23:06 25 lb kb for sumo deadlift, 20 lbs for thrustersโ€ฆ hard but felt great!

  25. 28:21
    Regular burpees
    30# DL
    20# thrusters

  26. 31:03 Man, that was hard after yesterday's workout. For a nonrunner that was tough.

  27. 27:28

    Only 1st round w/ box jumps, 2-5 regular burpees
    20# SDHP's and thrusters

  28. 20:14
    200 JR in place of run
    20 lb bar
    Did 18in box jumps first time since match 1 2013 when I blew my knee out! Yay!!!!

  29. 31:29 20# db thrusters 20#kettle sumo dl. 18" burpee box jumps. I'm really paranoid w/ my box since ive fallen off 3-4 times in the past year, enough that ive chickened out & moved to the 10" some wods, but since i saw it was only 10 each round i convinced myself i could doit & now im glad!

  30. Short on time
    Sub 2 minute cardio blast for run (tons of snow and ice outside!!) jacks, rope, hi knees, etc
    Burpees (chest to floor) with tuck jump (no box)
    15:30 for four rounds

    1. Repeated at gym
      Treadmill for .25 on runs
      Burpee tuck jumps (first five with boy PU on each round)
      Did not count rest on last round
      26:08 for five rounds

  31. 28:00 (including last rest)
    T-mill, 40# sdlhp & thrusters, rest as rx'd

  32. 27:50 (excludes rests)
    burpee w 12" jump
    sumo 30#
    thruster 1st 3 rnds 30# last 20#

    I really enjoyed burpee box jumps!

  33. 26:38 so glad the burpees were in sets of ten and not more! As rx'd
    Love the wods that leave me with sweat drippingd own my face

  34. Around 25 min, my watch stopped. 30#, treadmill

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