Wednesday 01.08.14

“Hard Candy”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
10 Push-ups with feet on 18″ box
15 Squats holding a 45 lb weight

Post rounds completed to comments.

no caffeine


  1. 9 Rounds & 1 Round through pushups
    Finished 10th round after timer

    As RX'ed. Used pull up assist on all rounds.

    BURN it, Mamas!!

  2. 16:30 for 8 rds…last weeks work schedule hit me like a ton of bricks today.
    Band assist, rest as rx'd

  3. 7 rounds & 1 round through push-ups.

    I finished the 8th round after the timer.

  4. 11 rds plus pull-ups and push-ups for 12th rd.
    Only 20lb for squats.
    Rest as Rx'd.

  5. 14rounds
    First 2 with reg push ups – the rest on a box

  6. 10 rounds as Rxd
    I'm done!
    Had the help of my 3-year old this morning.

  7. I put my Fit Four "gloves" on after 2 rounds this morning and they helped my hands out.

  8. Band instead of pull ups, 20#, pus on chair
    Finished 14 rounds with 52 sec left.

  9. 11 rounds plus squats.
    40# squats
    Did this wod in reverse order because I was sharing my pull-up bar with a friend.

    3 mile run
    30 burpees- my arms feel like jello.

  10. 15 rounds plus pull-ups and push-ups on 16th round. Assisted pull-ups, deadlifts with 40# instead of squats.

  11. 9 rds plus PU & squats
    30# squats, 12" PU

  12. 10 rounds plus 4 pull ups
    As rx'd

    After yesterday & today- arms are toast!

  13. Ran 4 miles

    12 rounds

    Unassisted pull ups
    Push ups with toes on 18" box
    35lb squats

  14. Hiit mamas northglenn:
    Shawntae: 10 RDS 22lb deep squats
    Sharadee: 6 3/4
    Lauren: ~7 RDS 30lb squats

  15. Jenni, I was wondering, when you say holding weight for squats, do you mean like a plate/kettle bell in your arms, or a bar on your back? Thanks!!!

    1. So it won't be on your back because that would be a back squat. In this case, you can hug any kind of weight, a plate, a dumbbell, I hung a kettle bell from each elbow and crossed my arms across my chest.

  16. 13 rounds, but I completely forgot to use box for push ups
    On the positive, I did (almost) all pull ups unassisted!!
    #30 squats (heaviest I have)
    30 post work burpees to make up for not using box

  17. 10 rounds + 1 round pullups (assisted on chair)

    Rest as RXd

    These always seem easy when I read them!! When will I learn??

  18. Medina sisters:
    8 rounds
    20lb for squats
    14in for push ups
    assisted pull ups
    Just got a pull up bar! These pull ups are hard!

  19. 11 rounds. Green assist band for most pull ups. Black assist band for 3 rounds in the middle. First 5 rounds push ups as Rxd. Final 6 rounds of push-ups on the floor, combo of knees and toes push-ups. The RPM.

  20. 9 rounds with assisted pull-ups, 1/2 girl push ups, and 35# squats.

  21. You ladies are awesome! You make me feel like a wimp!

    I can't really do boy push ups let alone declines, so I just worked on boy push ups. I was dying!

    7 rounds + 5 pull ups & 3 push ups
    jumping pull ups
    boy push ups
    25# squats (biggest plate I have)

  22. 9 rounds plus lats and push-ups
    lat pull-downs (no pull-up bar)
    I couldn't breath very well (weird) doing push-ups with feet on the chair so I did girl push-ups
    28.6 lb squats. good form.

  23. Only could do 5 rounds before my son woke up from this nap sobbing his little heart out. His 1 year molars are just giving him one hell of a time. Poor guy!

    But I'm about to hoop dance for a half hour so that's be some extra cardio.

  24. 9 rounds minus the squats. way assisted pullups last 2 rounds, gpu last 4 rounds…

    1. First 2 rounds had to stop to help my 3 year old workout partner do pull-ups after mine.

  25. 11 round plus pull ups of next round.
    10 rounds with band, next 2 with chair assist. Most I have done with band. Went 7 rounds unbroken. Squats with 40, couldn't figure out how to hold 3 dumbbells!

  26. 13 rounds plus 5 pull ups.
    This was broken up between two 10 mn sessions due to an interruption

  27. 7 Rounds in 17:57
    Used Bands for Pull Up's
    Only used step for 1st set of push ups.
    30# for squats.

  28. WOW! Nothing like a WOD to make you feel TOTALLY out of shape!

    10 Rounds + Pull ups

    Jumping pull ups
    Decline pushups on 14" box
    Squats were alternating 45 lbs dumbell & 25 lb plate each round. (knowing I had an easier round coming up helped get through the deep squats holding 45 Lbs.)

  29. 12 rounds +5 pull ups+5 pusups. Pullups band asstd, pushups w/ toes on 18" box, 45# squats.

    Kendra,dd: 12 + 10 pushups. Tiny box & 5# squats

  30. 13 rounds
    standing vertical pull-ups
    used medicine ball for push-ups
    15# med. ball on squats

  31. 11 rounds (finished 11th round about 5 seconds after timer)
    feet on bench
    60lb squats

  32. totally forgot to post! 10 rounds with toddler interruptions 🙂

  33. 10 rounds plus 5 pull ups and 10 push ups. went ahead and did the remaining squats after the buzzer.
    45# plate for squats(that thing is huge!)
    Jump up pull-ups.

    20 minutes never last longer than with an AMRAP, am I right?!

  34. 10 rounds in about 14 minutes.. Stopped early due to foot cramps.

    Reversed pullups from table, feet on chair with body parallel to ground.
    Push-ups as rx'd
    40# Squats

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