Thursday 01.02.14

2 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 Push-ups
30 Front squats, 40-60 lbs
30 Knees to elbows
30 Power cleans, 20-30 lbs

Compare to 01.01.13

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day 
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
eliminate wheat 
finish strong!

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  1. Nearly forever: 29:20. My upper body was arguing with me the entire workout.

    Subbed 3 minutes of double under practice for running; 4 inches of snow on the road and no one has plowed yet.
    Squat 40#
    Real Pushups
    KTB on bar
    Cleans 35#

    Really enjoyed reading everyone's goals yesterday!

  2. 18:43
    Tmill, gpu, all weight 24lbs

    I just got back from a 5 wk business/holiday trip where keeping up with the workouts has been very difficult so I'm not where I should be but I'm glad to be back!

  3. 29:23
    Push-ups on knees
    30lbs front squat
    25 lbs power clean

  4. 26:06
    Treadmill but could not find right pace- ugh
    Hands in on push-ups
    60 lb front squats on 20 for each round then 40 lbs for remaining front squats
    Used 20 lbs for power cleans (I am still working on form for all cleans)
    And I reversed order of squat and kte for 2nd round (accidentally).

  5. 18:41
    1.00 mile on each round on bike
    40# squats
    15 boy/ 15 girl on each round
    20# power clean
    K2e on floor

    Still sore from all of this weeks WODS! I tried to take it easy

  6. 22:23
    50# front squat
    k2e on bar
    40# power cleans
    My time was a little over a min. slower than last time, but big improvements in weight. Last time only used a 15# bar for all weight.

    3 mile run
    30 burpees

  7. 29:20
    Subbed 4 mins of double unders for run. It's -30 where I am!
    35lbs squats &cleans
    K2e floor

  8. 13:54
    Half a mile on bike both rounds
    15# front squats for 1st round 10# for half of second round then 5# for the rest.
    10# powers cleans

  9. 27:41
    All boy push ups. Looks respectable until you add the fact that I skipped the cleans. I need to practice them outside of a workout. Can't seem to figure out quite the right form.

  10. 20:57
    First round subbed run with 40 burpees, second round ran in place 4 min. 60# squats, 30# cleans.

  11. 28:07
    Run on treadmill.
    All bpu
    2olbs for squats and cleans
    Kte on bar.
    Whew!! Tired!!

  12. Hit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae 1/2 k2erings 28:03
    Jen 21:30
    Jina 20
    Sharadee 24
    Courtney 1/2-then wrecked

  13. 21:25
    10 bpu, 20 gpu
    30# on squats and cleans
    Definitely need to practice form on cleans!
    Kte on bar…but can't get knees past waist high. No abs left after 4 c-sections! 🙁

  14. 24:55
    Subbed jump rope, running in place & jumping jacks for run (4 inches of snow last night)
    pu- arms in
    40# squats
    20# cleans (first time with bar instead of kb)

    hands are rubbed raw from this week- need to get some gloves!

  15. 14:32 [no running, as I'll be running 5mi this afternoon]
    Real push-ups
    35lb squats
    KTE on floor
    20lb cleans

  16. 24:34
    I really struggled today. Maybe it was the froot loops I ate for breakfast? Probably.

    65# on front squats which totally wasted my arms just in time for k2e. 35#cleans. I find those are easier to keep my form clean with a bar.

    2nd round I lowered to 55# for front squats and did half the k2e's on floor.

    Oh, and did 500 and 600 jump ropes respectively, instead of the running.

  17. 23:30

    50# squat and power clean (changed last 15 cleans for dead lifts)
    K2E on floor

  18. 23:50
    40# squats
    K2E floor
    20# cleans

    I had some weak-sauce push ups today! Didn't realize how sore I was from yesterday!

  19. 26:22
    20# cleans and squats
    K2E on floor

  20. Today was such an off day. I have been doing this for six or seven months and this is the first one I quit on. So disappointing. Did first round and the run on the second round. 19:09. Then walked 10 minutes and did 50 squats.
    I am ordering a heater for the garage. That is where my gym is and it is between 10 and 30 degrees lately. I think this has affected my performance some. I hope that helps me get revved up again!!!!

  21. Hard slow day 31 min. 45# front squat, 30# cleans 1/2 mi treadmill rest as rx'd

  22. 22:42 (GPU, Pre core KE, 20lb squats)

    Started with 3 mile run…….chest burning-first time back after bad sickness! Glad to be back though:)

  23. 28:47

    All BPU, 45# Squats and Cleans

    Realized my weight was too high once I got started but didn't have anything lighter readily available so I just pushed though. I thought my arms might fall off when I finished!

  24. 19:56. 50#'s for the squats. Sounds like we're all having a rough day today. I took too much time off over the holidays, hard to get back into it.

  25. Ran half a mile to warm up


    20 BPU the rest GPU
    50 lb FS 1 st round then 45 lbx the next
    KTE with hanging straps – I did ten the first round for real.
    20 Power Clean. I was going to do more weight and then I started and wanted to die by the time I got to PC so decided to go light.
    Ran 1.5 miles… I use the term run loosely more of a jog
    Definitely not my best and definitely still under the weather.

  26. 32:42 focused on getting form exactly right on every rep.

    mostly gpu's
    40# front squats
    k2e on bar (knees to boobs!)
    30# cleans (loved these!)

  27. 27:10
    30# all first round, 20# all second
    Second round super slow run – felt light headed today. The cold weather here really takes a toll on my bresthing. (-38 with wind chill)

  28. 24:29
    Used a propane tank for squats…no idea how much a full one weighs but I am in Texas and had to use what was available. Butt to floor.
    20 lb cleans

  29. @Rachelle- I work out in my garage too. It's tough when all your weights are cold, so I hear ya!

  30. 29:20
    50# front Squat
    50# Power cleans. Worked on form.
    Lots of distractions (sick kids)
    Rough workout.

  31. 28:03 10 bpu each round, 30# FS, 20# clean, KTE on Roman chair

  32. 25:37
    Bpu, 45#, Kte on bar, 25#
    Walked most of rd 2, need to add more weight to cleans next time

  33. Pat and Maria 25:31

    Pat #75
    Maria #45

    beat last year by 5 and 6 min and our weight was up 10 lbs each

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