Wednesday 01.01.14


15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Pull-up (assist as needed)
Clean, 20-30 lbs
Butterfly sit-up

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day 
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
eliminate wheat 
finish strong!

join the challenge

start 2014 off strong!


  1. 13:45

    All pullups with my assist band
    Cleaned 35#
    Real pushups
    BSU with hands on shoulders

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, MAMAS! Anyone set some Crossfit resolutions? I would like to make some real improvement in my mile time and my handstand pushups.

  2. 11:33
    Triceps dips
    30lbs bar
    Arms crossed bsu

    I need to improve everything! This will be my first 90 day challenge and really first time working out faithfully in 10 years. I lost 35 pounds last year by doing odd and end workouts but this is the first where I can feel the real change in my body. But I still need to lose about 35 more pounds. I have always put my family first and I didn't worry about me. Now I am doing both! And thank all you mamas, you are such a blessing to me. I am so glad my best friend found this blog and told me about it. Thanks Jenni for all your time as well!
    Happy New Year!

  3. 9:41
    35+ lb Pull down instead of pull ups
    30lb cleans
    boy pushups (i thought I would die!)

  4. 10:51
    40 lb. cleans
    Used skinny black band for pull-ups today (last 2 were jumping pull-ups on most rounds)
    Push-ups were chest to floor, hands in at sides and knees on floor.
    Arms crossed on bfsu

    Double unders and pull-ups are two things I'm trying to work on.

  5. 10:05
    Great wo!!
    Jump up pullups, arms crossed on bsu, all bpu.
    20lb weight for cleans.
    Happy New Year!! I have been following this blog for a year now and love it. Love the wo's (well…love/hate) and love the results. Looking forward to improving my fitness even more this year. My goal would also be to run faster. I did improve in speed a little over this year but would like to see more improvement still. Thanks for the wo's and hope I can meet my goal! Here's to 2014!

  6. 13:14
    Dips-no bar; #30 and rest as rxd!
    I started a new job this week and I'm trying to figure out when I can workout since I can't do it in the morning anymore. I know I'm going to have to start working out on the weekends, but I new place of employment has an room with a treadmill and a bike so depending on the WOD I may workout before leaving for my close to hour long commute home!

  7. 9:40
    Jumping pull ups
    25# kb cleans
    push ups (pulled arms in closer -that was tough!)
    bsu- arms crossed

    Overall just work on my full range of motion with each exercise and increase weight over time.

    I began last January and started following the exercised faithfully in February. I am amazed at how my body has transformed and what I'm able to accomplish.

    Looking forward to another year of great workouts with awesome Mamas!

  8. Two rounds at 7:25 and 7:36 for a total time of 15:01.

    Chair assisted PU, 20# Clean, BPU

    Almost finished with my first 90 days and have seen huge improvements. Went from modifying most exercises to only modifying a few! My goal is to modify less on my pull-ups, work toward handstand pushups, and improve my 5K time by 2 minutes.

  9. 7:54

    35# cleans
    jump up pullups

    My goal, which is really too easy, is to continue. I look forward to checking and doing these workouts everyday. I find the weekends are hard as there aren't any and I usually find another workout from the archives to complete. Running is a big goal I want to tackle this year. Being more consistent and doing more one or two mile runs.

    Jenni you rock!
    Happy New Year Mama's and Papa's!

  10. 9:03

    Pull ups assisted w/chair
    30# clean
    1st two rounds gpu, last 3 bpu

    Off to work on my running (okay, jogging).

    Happy New Year!

  11. 4 mile tempo run

    Kipping pull ups (unassisted)
    Boy PU

    1. It would make me feel a lot better about you kicking my butt every WOD even though you are 10 years older than me, if you tell me you don't have any kids so I can at least use that as an excuse! 😉

  12. 9:42
    25# clean

    Just found out I'm pregnant (#6) so any suggestions from you experienced mamas who worked our during pregnancy about doing these workouts (or if I even should do these workouts) would be helpful.

    1. Look under our FAQ link on the full site. I have listed modifications for pregnancy.

  13. 9:13 w/ jumping pull ups

    ErikaS – I just had baby #3 four months ago. You can email me if you'd like! -Erica ejandrews04@hotmail.com

    I want to be back to my pre-baby weight by her first birthday (Sept 4th). Even though I worked out and tried to eat right the whole time I still gained 45+ pounds. 20# left to go!

  14. 13:21 – don't have a bar, so I modified with dumbbells (and also no pullup bar, so also modified).

  15. 9:58
    Jumping pull ups
    25# squat cleans
    Incline push-ups. Chest touching.
    Walked jogged 1.5 miles

    1. Forgot to post my goal-
      Mamas workouts every day, clean eating and add in running for half marathon on Feb 2 (my 4th). Really looking forward to pushing myself- NO excuses!!!!

  16. 6:59
    Chair dips instead of pull-ups (About to invest in a pull-up bar)
    20# Cleans (should be ready to move up on weight)

  17. 7:20 jumping pullups (I think that makes the wod go a lot faster) 24# weight
    My goal is to do one pull up by the end of the year! And hopefully be i'm better shape than ever!

  18. 11:25 – Chair assisted pullups, 40 lb sandbag for cleans…rest as rx'd

    Goals for the year – do these workouts consistently and get my eating in order (I am terrible and undo everything by not eating right) – if I do that, I will see the pounds/size come off that I would like to lose (I am more concerned about how my stuff fits than the actual number on the scale)

  19. 9:55
    Band assist, 35#, bpu
    Looking forward to a fun, fit year. Happy New Year, Mamas!

  20. Well after being sick for over a week with a chest cold/sinus cold blah blah blah… I tried this workout.
    Ran a mile
    Jumping pull ups (these were horrible)
    25 Lb cleans
    Push ups half girl half boy (also horrible)

    I was going to run more but my head was KILLING and throbbing, so I decided to surrender and come back tomorrow.
    My goal for this year, is to KICK A**! 🙂 I am going to do Crossfit / run for a year and see where it takes me. And I am going to do the 90 day challenge. And I want to get back down to 7 min miles again by the summer. AND I want to be able to do kipping pull ups. If anyone is interested, I have been blogging about my journey from my 2nd pregnancy to fitness. Happy New Year Ladies!

  21. 13:40
    band assisted pull ups
    30# cleans
    mostly boy push ups
    as rx'd bfsu

    I am looking forward to continuing my cross fit training in 2014!

  22. 9:16
    5 unassisted pull ups, all others one foot jump assist.

  23. 11:26
    45lb clean, worked on form
    A 1/4 of pull-ups from side of treadmill, about3/4 w/chair. Making progress.
    First time writing down goals. Time to put on some lean muscle!

  24. 13:46
    Late posting but had to get my time down. My goal for the year…stop giving myself excuses to get out of exercising! Planning to do these wo's M-F. Looking forward to getting back in shape!

  25. 8:46
    30# cleans, 15&12 pull ups with band, remainder chair assist. Did this one day late.

  26. 10:27 including 20 sec round trip to and from pull up bar each round
    8 real pull ups 1st round, 4 each round after

    1. 30# cleans
      Goal is to get up early and do work outs/shower before my son wakes up 🙂

  27. I went for a 9.5 mile hike with the hubby in lieu of this WOD. =)

  28. My stopwatch got reset, but I think it was like 10:14ish. No bar, so pull downs and gpu.

  29. Also, for the record: My stopwatch got reset, but I think it was like 10:14ish. No bar, so pull downs and gpu.

    I did these work outs faithfully for the last 90 days. I only missed a handful! So my next goal is to REALLY do the 90 day challenge. I definitely feel stronger, but I haven't seen much of a change in my body. I've read more than once recently that fitness is 30% exercise and 70% nutrition, so that must be the missing link for me… Looking forward to a stronger, leaner 2014!

  30. 9:44
    My push ups are getting a lot better!

    Adria-It's so true that nutrition is a huge part of it! Once you start eating cleaner, you start to lose that little layer of fat that's hiding your great new fit body! I can definitely feel a big difference when I eat unhealthy for a few days.

  31. 10:37
    chair assisted pull-ups
    10 lb cleans (that's the only weight I have)
    girl PU
    SU on ball
    I am 15 weeks pregnant and just barely beginning to feel like I can work out. Major nauseousness prevented it up until this point. I am really feeling the lack of working out for the past 10 weeks. Yikes! I have a lot of work to do!

  32. My goal is to eat better too. I feel proud of my fitness success, thanks to this blog! But need to focus on my eating, especially sugar!

  33. 9.28 no jumping smooth and slow cleans due to knee injury
    Assisted pull ups everything else as rx'd

  34. 8:28
    vertical pulls in doorway – no pull up bar
    clean 15# med ball
    15/12 gpu, rest bpu

  35. Medina sisters:
    chair dips (still not pull up bar)

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