Friday 12.27.13

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Push-ups
10 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
15 Kettlebell swings, 20 lbs

Compare to 12.26.12

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day 
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
eliminate wheat 
finish strong!

Our next 90 Day Challenge will begin on January 6th! That is 10 days away!! Start the new year off strong and stick to those new year’s resolutions this time! If you would like to join our next challenge, order your shakes now so you will have them on your counter ready for the Challenge when it starts on January 6th!!

 Visit our facebook page for more info on the shakes and a great video explaining the benefits of adding the protein shakes to these WODs. If you have questions or need help choosing a kit, contact me on our FB page or email me at hiitmamas@gmail.com.


  1. 16 Rounds + one round through 8 KBSwings

    Used a 30# KB; did a full squat with wallball

    Anyone get any cool Crossfit gear for Christmas? 🙂

  2. 15 rounds
    Thrusters 10lbs
    15lbs kettle bell swing

    I got an abmat and a jump rope for Christmas! Hope y'all had a great Christmas, I did. Thanks for asking Stephanie!

  3. 18 rounds plus pu and 4 wall ball
    Finished the round after time
    As RX'd except used 8lb med ball

    Great workout! Thanks!

  4. Oh yeah – I got running pants to get my wimpy self out running in the coldish weather…

  5. 15 rounds with everything as rx'd
    Boy pushups- and I actually did 16 rounds of pushups

  6. My 1 yr old got tubes put in his ears yesterday morning so I missed the 5K. I ran it first morning then completed this workout. All completed outside and I loved it!!

    25:17 for 5K (went different route than last time)

    11 rounds (27 seconds to spare)
    I did chest to floor push-ups
    12 lb wallball
    25 KB (cool CF gear for Christmas)

    And Reebok Nano speed crossfit shoes.

  7. Stopped at 9:53 after 6 rds…rough week!
    Bpu, 10# wb, 25# kb

  8. 10 rounds in 15 mins.
    25# ball for wall ball
    25# db for kb swings

    3 mile run
    30 burpees
    I got a late start on the morning, so was only able to do 15 mins., so I could have enough time to get in a run before my husband left for work.

  9. 14 rounds (10 sec left)
    25# thrusters
    25# kb

    Santa brought my son a weight bench with all kinds of new weights and a jump rope- guess he'll have to share 🙂

  10. 15 rounds
    BPU, 12#WB, and 20#KB

    Then due to my workout high I decided to chop all the limbs off my Christmas tree so I could cut it up into slices for crafts. My arms feel like jelly but I can wield an axe because of all these workouts and feeling pretty proud!

  11. 15 rounds plus push-ups and wall balls of next round.
    15# wall ball, 20# KB

    I got a speed rope, time to start working on double unders.

  12. 15
    I'm back after a house remodel and the holidays. I took way to much time off! But I'm glad to be back at it 🙂

  13. Slipped and fell last night on my knee. Did my own comfortable workout. So mad!!!

    3 rnds in 38 minutes:

    Walk 1/2 mile on 3% incline, 45 overhead press, 45 bicpep and 45 tricep while walking (5#db in each hand).

    25 kettle bell swings with 10# ball

    25 butterfly situps

    If knee feels better this weekend, will do this workout. If not, hoping Monday I'll be back to normal.

  14. I did a bunch of very heavy squats and deadlifts yesterday and decided I needed to give my lower body a break, so I made my own wod.

    10 rounds of:
    10 push ups (getting lower)
    10 kte

    I got some new running shoes! My feet roll in when I run, so I got fitted for these shoes and it's made a huge difference! Don't forget to check out the big sales going on now for work out clothes and equipment for the start of the year! 🙂

  15. 12 rounds plus push-ups on 13
    Incline push-ups. Chest all the way down to touch each time
    12 lb wall ball. Squats to below parallel
    25 lb kb.

  16. 12 rounds plus 5 push ups ALL BOY PUSHUPS for the first time eva!

  17. 10 Rounds. 5 rounds of bpu (really good for me…)

  18. 13 rounds
    Butt to floor WB
    As Rxed.

    Feel so out of shape and I hate you Jen Roe. 😉

  19. 14 rds
    All bpu
    Did wall balls as Rx'd
    But switched KB for bsu…have a nasty cold right now so thought that would be easier on my lungs.
    Great wo though and so happy I made myself do it!

  20. 14 rds
    All bpu
    Did wall balls as Rx'd
    But switched KB for bsu…have a nasty cold right now so thought that would be easier on my lungs.
    Great wo though and so happy I made myself do it!

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