Thursday 12.26.13

Run 5K

Compare to 11.06.13

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day 
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
eliminate wheat 
finish strong!


  1. Good morning!
    Hubby had to work this morning so I got in a run-ish walk before he left (.68 mi 9:15), then came home and jumped rope for 5min.

  2. 30:55

    I though I was going so much faster than that :). Oh well, it felt so good to get out!

  3. 26:55- HOLY COW!! A new PR by over 4 minutes!! (My last time was 31:14)
    Soooo proud and excited! I wasn't up for this at first but had to break in my new running gloves and pants!
    Thanks Jenni! It's amazing how far I've come!

  4. 26:34 I think I get slower each time, but I am glad I did it!

    Congrats Julie! That is an amazing PR!

  5. 20:30

    Then I did Tuesdays workout that I missed.


    Double unders (I can only string about 5 together at a time)
    75 lb DL
    50 lb squats
    HSPU against wall (I put an abmat under my head as I can't go all the way down to ground)

    Great workout.

    PS..Jenni last year I gave up soda/caffeine during the challenge (I didnt drink a lot and my only caffeine was in the Coke). It has been over a year and I have not had one drop since. Thanks for the motivation!

  6. I appreciate you mamas that give up caffeine! Maybe someday…

    Now for today's news. I did NOT run as my husband is at work and I fear leaving my six kids to fend for themselves for a half hour. All my older kids are boys, and not the most attentive.

    I went back a year and did the 12-26-2012 workout.

    AMRAP 20 min:
    5 pushups
    10 wall balls
    15 kettlebell swings.

    I completed 13 total rounds. The first seven I used a 30# db for the swings. Round 8-14 I used a 25#. I got most of the way through round 14 and went ahead and finished it.

    That was a great workout. I may run later if hubby gets home before dark.

  7. 26:33

    33 seconds slower than last time. 🙁

    Yesterday was a long day though and I think I'm just really tired from all the holiday excitement. Hope you all had a great holiday.

  8. 38:25 (treadmill)

    Haven't run any distance like that in over a year. My last 5K (Oct 2012) was about 34 minutes. Wanted to quit today but I didn't!

    Off to do legs and abs.

  9. 33:27
    On the treadmill
    Boy, I did not want to do this run. I said I would at least run 1.5 miles, but then kept going ??

  10. Since I didn't bring my cold weather gear with me to work (and I really dislike running more than 800 meters on the treadmill), I did Tuesday's WOD.

    400 invisible JR
    DL @ 50 # – most weight I have
    HSPU – knees on 18" bench
    400 invisible JR

    Then, did 2 continuous circuits of Turbulence Training:
    Full body ext., 30 sec.
    Prisoner jump squat, 30 sec.
    Spider-man push-up, 30 sec.
    Burpees, 30 sec.

  11. 29:33 – not a great time, but I typically avoid running in the cold (and today was not particularly cold – 30ish)I couldn't bear the thought of 3 miles on the treadmill…However, I didn't mind it once I was out there!

  12. 33:14!!! My first time ever running a complete 5k without stopping to walk!!! AND I took 2:26 min off my previous time!!!!! So happy right now

  13. 33:14!!! My first time ever running a complete 5k without stopping to walk!!! AND I took 2:26 min off my previous time!!!!! So happy right now

  14. 31:46. Pretty good considering the amount of treats I've eaten!

  15. 25:17 as Rxd
    Finished down Hackmann road rather than our subdivision.

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