Wednesday 12.11.13

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Thrusters, 20 lbs
7 Hang Power clean, 20 lbs
10 Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 20 lbs

Post rounds completed to comments.

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day 
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
eliminate wheat


  1. 18 full rounds. I was on 19th round of hang power cleans when timer.
    Used dumbbells for cleans and thrusters but KB for SDHP

  2. As RX, except 30# hang power clean.
    10 Rounds + 5 thrusters.

    Am I supposed to do a full deadlift for each rep of hang power clean, or just do them from hang position? I found videos that showed both. I did a deadlift with each one.

    THANK YOU to the kind ladies who have been patiently answering my questions!

    1. With a hang clean, there is no deadlift. You start from the hang position.

  3. Stephanie-I'm not an expert on hang power cleans but I didn't do a deadlift on each one. I followed the form on Paradiso crossfit "dumbbell complex". He talks about deadlift and hang cleans.

    I do know after that workout I was dripping and out of breath-so I loved it.

  4. 21 rounds-
    Used KB for all exercises
    My arms are spent!

  5. 15 rds plus 5 thrusters
    20lb bar for all exercises.
    Started put doing a deadlift with my hang cleans but switched to just from hang position part way through.
    Whew!! Tired!!

  6. 12 rounds
    Sorry, another question: do hang power cleans have a full squat? I did squats with mine.

    1. Just watched a video. I did them wrong. I can feel it in my legs though!!

  7. 15 rounds, all dumbbells (need to get a bar!)

    1st rnd, 10lb dummbells for each exercise.

    2-9th rnd, 8lb dbs for thursters, 10lbs for HPC, 8lbs for SHP.

    10-15th rnd, 8lb dumbbells for each exercise.

    I'm still sore from Monday!

  8. Everything as rx'd
    14 rounds plus 5 thrusters

  9. 6 rounds
    Messed up
    First time using bar at gym. Didn't realize was 40#. Wiped after 2 rounds. Then did 24# 2 rounds then 16# 2 rounds with dumbells
    20 bsu btwn each round

  10. 24 rounds
    16# total
    Either 16# or 30# and I felt lazy today 🙂
    Today is my baby boys 1st birthday! I am happy to say I am in awesome shape! These workouts have contributed so much to my health! Thank you jenni!

  11. 13 full rounds
    plus all the thrusters and hang power cleans in round 14 before the timer went off
    weight as rx'd (which is a first for me!)

  12. 13 rounds
    First 3 rounds 30#, all else as rx'd

  13. Did 13 rounds in 17:00…stopped early due to lower back pain/exhaustion.
    15# sumo
    all else 20#
    can't seem to get the hang power clean right. I watched videos and did mine with dead lifts then the hang clean. felt slow and unconnected. don't know if it should be one smooth sweeping motion?

    1. I don't know if you used a bar or not, but it's easier for me with a bar. I watched a video one time that explained when you snatch the bar up, get under the bar as it falls It really helps fora solid smooth clean. Good luck!

  14. 18 rounds with 20# dumbbell. should be noted to watch out for your chin. never realized how far it stuck out there till i banged it with my dumbbell. again and again.

    that'll be another interesting, cross fit based bruise to explain…..

  15. 12 rounds in about 16 min. I was kinda bored and not motivated with this one. My least favs are sumo and cleans cuz I feel awkward and like I'm not doing them right.

  16. I completed yesterday's WOD first, then 14 total rounds.

    Rounds 1&2 used a 45 lb bar for all exercises. That was not gonna happen!
    Rounds 3-14
    30 lb. SDHP/Thrusters
    45 lb hang cleans

    Celebrating I'm on break from school and not one of my six kids has thrown up today!!

  17. 21 rounds plus thrusters
    butt to floor thrusters

  18. 13 rounds plus thrusters, hang power clean and 4 sdhp
    40# sandbag for thrusters and hang clean 20#kb for sdhp

    Sweaty, tired but glad I squeezed it in this afternoon after not getting it done this am:(

  19. 10 rounds
    my hands hurt! I had to stop to give them a rest a few times
    all as rx'd, but sumos are awkward

    1. ?Oops, didn't realize it was signed in to my husband's acct–it's really just me

  20. 13 rounds
    20# for thrusters and hang power cleans.
    25# sumo dlhp

    Felt really sluggish today…

  21. 11 rds. 45#Nat for thrusters&hang power clean 15#Sumo deadlift. Woohoo!

  22. 17 full rounds + thrusters

    30lbs for everything (except 5 rounds, where I did 25lbs for sdhp)

  23. 11 rounds
    45# bar for thrusters and hang power cleans
    35# KB for SDHP
    Just tried to tell myself to keep moving.

  24. Pat 8 rds #25db's(#50 total) thrusters & hpc then #75 sdlhp

    Maria – 8 rds #20db's (#40 total) thrusters & hpc then #35 sdlhp

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