Tuesday 11.26.13

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 18″ box
12 Push press, 20 lbs
9 Knees to elbows

Compare to 10.22.13

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day 
no fried food


  1. 10 and 5 box jumps, compared to 9 rds in October.

    24in box

  2. 8 rounds and 15 box jumps
    24 lbs pp
    KTE on inclined total gym bench

  3. 9 rounds as RX'd. Aggravated that I did worse than last 2 times we completed this. I have been reactive to gluten and very sluggish so getting a test done tomorrow.

    But on a positive note- I have followed this blog faithfully for 1 year now and I'm amazed by how effective and time-efficient the workouts are!!! I can't tell you thank you enough, Jenni!!!

    1. I love to hear that!! My husband is testing for gluten too.

  4. 11 rds plus 11 box jumps.
    Shorter box jumps but rest as Rx'd.
    Beat my rds from last time by 1 🙂

  5. 15 rounds. 6 rounds as RX'd and 9 with K2E on floor. Shoulder started to ache a little.

    Beat the previous workout by 4 rounds and the last one was all floor K2E!

  6. 9 rounds plus 11 box jumps on 10th. Went ahead and finished 10th round in 18:55.
    Alternated between 20 & 25# pp

  7. 12 rounds with 2 sec to spare
    Had to do step ups on bench at gym because box was taken.

  8. 11 complete rounds- plus 15 box jumps and 12 push presses.

    14 inch box jumps (jumping up and down)
    push presses as rx'd
    k2e on floor

  9. 8 complete plus through to 6 Knee to elbows (which are a work in progress!)

    16" box jump (onto stairs – didn't trust myself jumping onto the 18" chair I use for step ups)

    quick question – when it says 20 lbs for pp, I used 2 10 db…or does that mean use 20lb db? Sorry if that sounds stupid, just wanted to check!

    Exhausted – box jumps are much harder when I remember to stand up after jumping up!

  10. Carol, it's 20 lb total 🙂
    Finished 10th round just as timer went off, used stairs for box jumps (some rounds jumping, some stepping), 15lb dumbbell for press (once with 30#), subbed bsu for k2e

  11. 9 rounds plus box jumps and push press
    30# push press
    Everything else as rx'd.

    Then ran 7x400m at race pace.
    30 burpees

  12. 10 rounds exactly compared to 10 plus 15 box jumps and 2 push presses in August. My k2e are much higher now though.

  13. 11 total rounds plus 11 box jumps. I was four box jumps short of last time, but I upped my push press to 30 lbs. Plus I did 7 of the 11 rounds k2e on bar, more than last time I'm sure. So I'm happy with this! That was really rough after all the wall balls yesterday. My quads were on fire before, now it's excruciating!

  14. 9 Rounds
    12 inch box (knee)
    KTE on bar 😉
    One round less than last time…Janitor at school came into he weight room and needed me for a minute…

  15. @Carol. I had the same question the last time we did the workout as well! I nearly killed myself trying to do 20#'s in each hand. LOL. The workout was a lot more manageable with 10#'s in each hand this time around.

  16. 8 rounds plus all but 7 knees for round 9.
    Then just walked 1 1/2 miles. Shins are sore from a jog this weekend.

  17. 10 rounds plus box jumps and 8 30# PP.
    Last time did 11 rounds plus box jumps and 9 PP with same weight. That's aggravating!

  18. 11 rounds plus box jumps.
    Box jumps were step up, jump down due to groin pull. KTE on floor.

  19. 9 rounds + 10 jumps KTE on floor 17" jumps

  20. 6 rounds plus 15 box jumps and 12 push press. I used a 24 inch box jump and 40 pounds for the push press.

    For the first time EVER I did all of my knees to elbow from a bar. Some guy at the gym was using the machine I typically use to assist so I was forced to use the bar. I should have thanked him! My hands are torn up but I am really proud of myself!

    Thanks again!

  21. 9 rounds less the last ke (all on bar today) did step ups on 20 inch knees were bugging me a bit today so wanted to be cautious.
    4 mile run

  22. 5 rounds + 9 add'l box jumps
    40lb push/press
    knees to chest, not elbows

    Can only get better, right? 😉

  23. 12 Rounds. Same as last time but 5 rounds of stair jumps vs. 2 rounds last time. All other rounds stair run-ups.

  24. 9 rounds K2E on ground. Yowzah!!! 18 min never seemed so long!

  25. 11 rounds k2e on floor and 16 in box jump! Gotta love it when ur six year old says whoa mom ur strong! Then she proceeds to workout with you and can do 16 in box jumps…#LOVE IT!

  26. 12 rounds and 12 box jumps compared to 3 reps shy of 12 rounds last time

  27. 8 rounds, 15 box jumps, 2 push press

    2 more rounds than last time but used 20in box this time and 24in box last time

  28. Why do you like to make me cry? 🙂

    13 rounds, then was a quitter for the last 17 seconds. Now I am going to go puke.

    Thanks for a great workout!

  29. 15 rounds, one more than last time
    stair jumps
    k2E on floor
    . . . guess it's time to increase my box jumps and try more K2E on bar . . . next time!

  30. 9 rounds
    3:31 left on timer
    step ups
    24lb push presses

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