Monday 11.25.13

5 rounds for time of:
50 Wallball shots, 10 lb ball
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.

*Mamas- I have noticed some of you combining your runs into one long run instead of doing intervals. Don’t cheat yourself. You will get much different results running faster, shorter intervals, than longer, slower distances. Below is a picture to demonstrate, top row are sprinters, bottom row are marathon runners:

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day 
no fried food


  1. 19:22
    Sub 200 skip for run (-15 right now where I live)
    Stopped at 3 rounds, wanted to puke! Think I ate too fast!
    Alternated 50 pu and bsu

  2. 12 lb ball
    I tried to give it everything I had but that was TOUGH!

    29 degrees here.
    Dear Santa, Need warmer gloves with grips 😉

  3. 23:11
    Inside run on track
    Subbed thrusters- 20# 1st two rounds, 14# 3rd & 4th rounds, 10# last round
    Out of breath…

  4. Only 4 rds ….ran out of time but won't lie…was glad to be done early!
    10lb ball

  5. 24:20 12#WB

    Thought I had it bad at 23degrees but martha beat me! Brrrrr but not too bad once I got warmed up.

    The WB was more of a Ball Thruster as I don't have a wall. I do toss the ball up in the hair about a foot and catch it. The first time I tried this I looked like a circus act gone awry but now I'm pretty steady.

  6. 25:32-treadmill
    Thrusters with 5lbs hand weights.
    Still a tough workout! At least for me! Thanks!

  7. Subbed thrusters for wall ball and running stairs for run (up and down twice for every 100), two rounds in just under 8 min and I'm already so winded and tired. Best part was watching my three boys imitate me lifting and turning the running into a game–we were having so much fun together!

  8. Loved this but it was killer…

    Treadmill runs and also did ball thrusters (no good wall) with an 8lb med ball

    Time: 20:08

    1. Yeah Carol! So glad you're on here- your times are impressive already!!

  9. 19:56
    treadmill at .5% incline and 6# wall balls (cause that's what I have)

  10. 25:18
    Soccer ball-hoping for a kettle bell and med ball for Christmas!

  11. 21:57
    200 jump rope for the 400 m. each round, starting to work in more and more high knee jump ropes. I'm getting pretty good at those, maybe double-unders are next? That was rough. (Understatement!)

  12. Ran 3 miles then


    **glad I purchased a 10lb med ball for my daughters because it would have been a real killer with the 14lb ball I typically use.

    Thanks Jenni. I always love it when I get a good sweat!

  13. 33:30
    25# medicine ball
    First 2 rounds-30 wall ball and 20 thrusters #30
    Next 2 rounds-40 wall ball and 10 thrusters #30
    Last round all wall ball
    Last 2 rounds were tough. Wasn't to concerned with time just wanted to get at least one round with all wall ball.

    3 mile run
    30 burpees

  14. 19:37
    Inside workout because of 36 degree weather and rain. Ran around house based on 8:40 min mile, 15# wall ball. Great workout!

  15. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae 23:00
    Karissa 25:27
    Melissa 25:27 (1st wod post-partum!!)

  16. 23:50. Did 50 wb first round 25 the rest plus an extra round for 6 wb

  17. 31:42
    Still the slowest here!! Battling a lingering sinus infection but I don't think that slowed me down too much. 🙁

  18. 18:44
    No ball so subbed sort of thruster/ball toss up with 9# jug of windex. (it worked.. wow!)
    It also appears that i got the order backwards. I ran first then did wall ball shots… oh well. Don't know if that makes a difference.
    Also added .75 miles warm up/cool down.

    1. Funny-I just realize I did the wrong order too so I was reading the comments to see if I was the only one!

  19. 19:02 rx'd
    In my house I only have 8`walls, can't go outside to do wall ball now too cold. Is there a different way to do these so I can get more height? Right now I'm maybe tossing 2.5-3 feet.

    1. You can keep doing them with a 3 foot target or you can sub thrusters.

  20. 25:09
    treadmill, 5mph, 6mph,7mph, 7mph, 7 accelerating to 8mph on last round
    10# thrusters

  21. 14:40 3 rounds
    Subbed kettlebell swings (25#,10#) for wall throws.

  22. Oops I also ran first then ball.

    Right around 20 min. Used a basketball because that's alll I have 🙂

  23. So jealous of all you Mama's living in the warm weather! Santa needs to bring me some sun and heat!

  24. 27:34
    Felt slow and exhausted today.
    10 foot target

  25. 15:33 for 3 rounds, all I had time for before the evening kid shuttle begins!

  26. 52:29 At the gym, walking/jogging back and forth from from WBs to treadmill, but that didn't count for too much time. First time I've done WBs in a year.

  27. 16:26
    cut wall balls in half – 25 thrusters w/ 16# each round

    totally exhausted today – three kids is kicking my butt!

  28. 22:53 Ran laps in gym underneath track (way too hot up there today) so distance may have been a little short…

  29. Did this WOD yesterday but completely forgot to time myself. Great workout!

  30. 26:04
    Back after ANOTHER stomach virus . . . Or the same one I had last week that didn't go away!

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