Thursday 11.07.13

For time:
Run 200 meters
30 Burpees
40 Dumbbell snatch (two-arm dumbbell ground-to-overhead), 20 lbs
50 Knees to elbows
100 foot Walking lunge with 20 lbs
150 foot Sprint

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


  1. I'm so bummed! Did something weird to knee during the first 200 meter run and can't bend it without it hurting past 30 degrees while weight bearing. So..

    7:45 and did gpu for burpees and the dumbell snatch was more of deadlift snatch and did floor kte. Then did a 1 minute plank.

    I was really looking forward to today's workout. 🙁

    Good news, it's Thursday 🙂

  2. 11:50 as RX'd
    Used treadmill

    I really liked that one!! Except I'm ready for my real bar to hang from floor joist so I don't rest as often on KTE. I take too much time with over the door bar -too tall for it so feet touch= rest time 😉

  3. 13:30
    Broke up burpees and snatches into 2 sets
    25# snatch-like moves w bar…ugly!
    Kte: 15 bar, 25 floor, 10 bar

  4. 21:00
    Al as Rx'd
    K2e getting better 🙂
    Needed to rest a lot today 🙁 great wo though!!

  5. I didn't run the 5k yesterday bc of rain- so I did a tabata wod with snatches, overhead lunges & burpees! So I ran the 5k today in 31:14 (39 sec faster) and then did 50 KTE afterwards.

  6. 12:17
    Sub jump rope for run
    Kte on floor
    Rest as Rx'd
    Snowed last night and roads are icey. Not ready to stop running. I need to invest in a treadmill

  7. 12:17
    Sub jump rope for run
    Kte on floor
    Rest as Rx'd
    Snowed last night and roads are icey. Not ready to stop running. I need to invest in a treadmill

  8. 18:30

    K2E on floor. I did 100 walking lunges instead of 100 feet so I think I probably tripled what was necessary. I also ran longer runs. The app I use is better for distance and doesn't work well on shorter jaunts. Does anyone have an iPhone app that they suggest for distance tracking?

  9. 14:20
    K2e on ground
    50 of the walking lunges with arms overhead
    Running distances super approximate

  10. 12:46
    Did stairs for all the running subbed k2e on floor (two variations), my best burpees since my baby was born.

    Speaking of, I'm about to finish my 7th week doing these WODs again since my post partum healing time ended, and I'm feeling so good! Even though its so hard regaining strength and doing it with the time and sleep constraints of having a newborn, I can tell what I am able to do is making me stronger and faster and more alert, and I just keep improving. Many of my friends say they need coffee to function in the mornings, I just need hiit mamas! Thanks so much for all you balance to keep this site going, Jenni!

  11. Hiit mamas Northglenn
    Shawntae 14:02 1/2 k2e on floor
    Holly 13:50 11#snatch floor k2e
    Sharadee 15:45 k2erings 11#snatch x 80
    Karissa 15:20 22# k2e floor
    Lauren 18:24 11#snatch k2e floor

  12. 11:29. all k2e on floor. Too many heavy power cleans yesterday=really tight back. Hmmm? Maybe I should stretch? Novel idea.

  13. 11:31
    I broke the snatches and kte (ktc) up into 2 sets.
    40lbs for 10 of the snatches, 30lbs for the rest
    40lbs for the lunges

  14. 16:04 as Rex's
    6 weeks post baby so KTE were more like knees to waist

  15. 12:22, as prescribed.

    Using an I-beam for knees to elbows really sucks, for the record. Time to invest in some real gear.

  16. 11:15
    KTE on floor, plank style with 60 sec plank following
    25# dumbbell snatch (didn't know if the 20 was per arm, or total…)
    25# lunges

  17. 8:10
    K2e in floor
    Girl push-ups in burpees
    20# for everything using weights

  18. 34:00

    That was a good but tough one. Those K3e kill me!! Getting better though!

  19. 16:39

    Tough today. Really struggled to keep going.
    Did 50 lunges. Figure that should be at least 100 feet.

  20. 11:03

    10 lb snatch (I assume it's supposed to be 20 lb dumbbells)
    KTE on floor
    lunges with my 33 lb toddler.. who had a poopy diaper

  21. 13:00
    25# plate for ground 2 overhead
    Knees to waist
    30lb lunges

  22. 20 weeks pregnant and feeling like a slug, so with HEAVY modifications: 17:43. My goal is to stick with this til baby arrives!

  23. 11:55 as rx'd
    Had some KTE that were knees to armpits! Getting closer to actual elbows, although most were still to chest

  24. 12:56 all as RX'd, except i add 5# to dbs. I have never done that exercise before. I can add more weight in the future.

  25. 14:26
    K2E on floor
    40 walking lunges with 20#
    Everything felt slow, fighting a cold
    Ran a mile

  26. 15:57
    subbed jump rope for run (single mum for the night)
    KTE on floor

  27. 13:07

    Estimate distance.
    Walking lunges (driveway to fence, back to front door)
    Sprint (driveway to fence, fence to driveway, driveway to fence)

  28. Pat – 17:10 #20/25 DB snatch, 20lb 100 walking lunges

    Maria – 17:10 #15/20 DB snatch, 15lb 100 walking lunges…

    husband said I need to start reading the WOD better, we may have done a few more lunges then we should have 🙂

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