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Tuesday 11.05.13

3 rounds for time of:
15 Front squats, 40 lbs
15 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
15 Push press, 20 lbs
15 Knees to elbows
15 Hang squat clean, 20 lbs
15 Back extensions (supermans)

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


  1. 12:42
    Assisted pull-ups, 24# pp and squat hang clean

    I was feeling really slow this morning, I'm interested to see everyone else's times.

    1. You were really fast. I got 13:33 and I am dripping!! Good job!

  2. 16:20
    30 lb push press
    30 lb hang squat cleans.
    Used black band on first round of pull-ups, purple band for 2nd and 3rd
    (Woke up with a cold)

  3. 🙂
    And- Happy 3rd birthday to my daughter, Audrey!!!

  4. 11:57
    20# for all weight
    Jumping pull ups
    KTE on bar

  5. 15:24
    40# squats, chair asst pull ups, 30# PP, 30# hang cleans. Butt to ground on squats and hang cleans.

  6. 21:00
    Jump assisted pull ups
    Knees to boobs
    Otherwise as rx'd

  7. 13:12
    20# squats
    Bpu's instead of pu's
    K 2e on floor
    The rest as rxd

  8. 14:50
    45# squats
    Jump up lower down
    Rest as rx'd

    1. Thank you! She is in the best mood. I love kids' birthdays!!! Their joy is contagious.

  9. happy birthday Audrey! what a pretty name!
    14:14 30# for everything, k2e on floor and pu using countertop

  10. 4 rounds for time of 17:25 (3 rounds @ 13:17)

    45lb FS, 45lb lat pulls to replace PU, KTE on the floor. Felt like I needed to add a round since I had to modify the pull-ups and KTE.

  11. *13:25 with mods
    Bpu for pu
    KTE on floor
    Alternated arm, leg extensions on knees for supermans (30 rep ea round)

  12. 16:58 (only able to do 2 rounds before having to get ready for work)

    Can't seem to get the hang of the Hang Clean Squat. With no one here to watch me I can't get myself coordinated. I think I ended up doing a combination of a front squat and hang clean.

  13. 12:55
    30# for all
    K2e on ground
    6 real pull ups each round, the rest chair assisted

  14. 30 min. tempo run

    jumping pull ups
    30# Push press and hang cleans
    everything else as rx'd

    Trying to get over a cold and feeling very slow.

  15. 15:00
    30lb front squats
    Assisted pull ups
    KTE were a joke
    6 weeks after c-section so my stomach is weak!!

  16. Ran 4.5 miles then


    40lbs for everything
    Kipping pull ups
    KTE on bar

    Last round of.pull ups were tough, my grip strength is lacking.

  17. 17:28

    Found the site last night and was so excited about it. This is my first WOD from here. I loved it. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  18. 13:33
    As RXed.
    Butt to floor on all
    Jumping pull-ups

  19. 14:41
    As rx'ed
    First round used bands for pull ups. Next two jumped
    Knees to chest

  20. 17:40 with 45 pound bar for squats and hang cleans. 30 lbs for push press. Working on the knees to elbows and pull ups is hard work. Thanks!

  21. 14:55 assisted pull ups 30# cleans and roman chair k2e happy birthday sweet Audrey we love you!

  22. 14:33
    55lb front squats
    reverse pullups
    30 lb push press and squat cleans

    Again I thought "hmmm..doesn't look so tough" That's always what I think before getting my butt kicked, or in this case my upper body. Good one!

  23. 16:58 20# for all, Gravitron set to 120 for pu, KTE on Roman Chair. Spent a bit of time running around the weight room 🙂

  24. 17:29
    28.6 lb front squats
    lat pull downs
    28.6 lb push press
    kte on the floor
    28.6 lb hang squat clean, 20 lb second round, 28.6

  25. 60# FS
    PUs assist with one foot behind on chair
    60# PP
    K2Es on bar
    HSC 50#
    BEs as RX'd

  26. 13:35. Band asstd pullups although by the end of each round of reps i was doing 1 rep at a time, then rest- pretty much jump ups each time as ive taken about a 3 week leave.
    Push press was only 10 lbs, on the 2nd round realized the weights i grabbed were only 5 each, thought it was more so lasr round was 20.
    Hang cleans 45#. Glad to be back & looking forward to finishing off rest of week.

  27. 12.57 my kiddos do 2 rounds with me and then I finished it out

    Also did 5 mile run this morning about 8.40 min mile

  28. 13:04, reverse pull-ups, floor kte (makes for a faster time) all else add rx'd

  29. 19:55 with band assisted pull-ups

    800m row warmup and cool down

  30. 15:55 mods all around: k2e on floor like v sit up, bird dogs for super mans, and moving arm plank for pull ups.

  31. 14:05 35# front squats, subbed push-ups for pull-ups, sit-ups for K2E, full laundry jugs for weights on push press and hang cleans

  32. 13:07
    30# for all weights
    Pull ups with kitchen table
    Kte on floor

  33. 16:47 20# for all weights and push ups instead of pull ups.

  34. 10:17
    Subbed push ups for pull ups, k2e on floor

  35. Happy Birthday a day late Audry!

    I've been sick all week so I only did 2 rounds and subbed push ups for pull ups.


  36. Just finished this today with my little Addy swinging!

    38 lbs for all weighted exercises
    beginner pull-ups

    FYI – I still hate beached whales…I mean back extensions! lol

  37. 12:46 for two rounds. I feel pathetic
    20# fs
    Assisted pu
    Knees to waist
    45lb hang clean (no squat)


  38. 16:16
    front squats 40#
    pull up w band assist
    push press 30#
    k2e 3/4 on bar 1/4 on floor
    hang squat clean 20#

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