Thursday 10.31.13

Zombie Apocolypse

2 rounds for time of:
50 Push-ups
75 Butterfly sit-ups
50 Front squat, 40 lbs
75 Jump rope

Compare to 10.31.12

Happy Halloween!
no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


  1. 28:42 modified push ups off chair and regular squats. (note for me later sore tail bone.) At least I finished.

  2. 16:17
    20# squats( my legs were just getting over Mondays squats!)
    I was slow on bsu- after today's wod- that makes 495 bsu this week! Holy abs!

  3. Ran 4.5 miles

    All boy push ups
    40lb squats

    Great workout! Thanks Jenni for keeping up this website for all of us!

  4. Ran 4 miles

    All BPU
    30# squats

    I feel the burn 🙂

  5. 29.01
    Subbed PU for GPU and regular squats. Had to fend off my baby who thought mommy's body was an obstacle course. But I don't care because he had fun and so did I.

  6. 16:09 all girl push-ups. Leg extensions, back side too chaffed for butterfly sit ups! Then 10/30 wod.

  7. 16:41
    30 lbs since I did this one at home (didn't want to scrape my tailbone on the floor at the gym!)

  8. 15:12 gpu, 25 bfsu each round then the rest varied crunches, 30# squats. Holy arms Batman!

  9. 16:31 total
    Messed up and forgot round 2, took an accidental few minute break, then continued.

  10. Ouch! I knew I'd be left in the dust in this one. High rep push-ups are my nemesis!
    Total time: 20:56

  11. Mondays squats are still hurting me so subbed 75lb dl for the front squats
    All GPU
    75lb dl

  12. 18:30
    30# squats
    All bpu
    I not happy or impressed with my time uggggg!!

  13. 23:58 as rx'd
    Definitely feeling the 10 day vacation i just returned from 🙁

    1. Gourd job! I had to break mine into 25 and even that was hard!!

  14. 18:09 gpu's, no weight on squats, subbed jumping jacks for jump rope

  15. 18:44
    Combo of crunches and leg lifts for bsu…tailbone still really sore.
    Rest as rx'd

  16. 17:30
    no weights on squats
    100 jumpropes
    did this workout today because the one you posted, I don't have the equipment.

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