Wednesday 10.30.13

For Time:
25 Burpees
Run 400 meters
25 Knees to elbows
Run 400
25 Push-ups
Run 400 meters
25 Butterfly sit-ups
Run 400 meters
25 Burpees

Compare to 08.27.13 (burpees demo)

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


  1. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Had to do it before the post- did 100 sit-ups 100 push-ups 100 squats 100 back extensions
    Shawntae w/jaren prob back x on chair 21:40
    Lauren 23:42
    Sharadee 20:38 (8:38 pu)
    Robyn 16?

  2. Couldn't wait for the post
    Did tabata training
    8 – 20 sec rounds w 10 sec rest
    8 rounds of different exercises

  3. 13:39
    Did workout during nap time
    Sub 150 jump rope for run
    Kte on floor
    Rest as rx'd

  4. 13:39
    Did workout during nap time
    Sub 150 jump rope for run
    Kte on floor
    Rest as rx'd

  5. Sorry Mamas…. Halloween costumes are getting the best of me. Was up until 1:00am sewing and knew I was forgetting someting….but I did start the dishwasher, put the garbage cans out, and transfer the laundry!

  6. 16:05
    200 jump ropes for 400 m run each time. I'm starting to be able to do high knees w/ the jump rope! Not all by any means, but they are taxing for sure! Jenni, we are all there, no worries. Thanks for this outlet!

  7. Did last Wednesdays WOD today. Will save this 1 for another day.
    Thank you, Jenni! You are awesome!

  8. 20:29 That was a good one. First time I was able to jog consistently since the knee surgery's. 🙂

  9. 21:31

    All as rx'ed except knees to chest. Still can't get to elbows.
    Gpu's. was going to do guys but my arms felt smoked today.

  10. thanks Jenni! you just reminded me I left laundry in the washer! You're awesome! Thanks for the WODs. I've missed it and I'm paying for that 4 month lapse.

  11. Did last Wednesday's wod- want to get this one in this week to see if I can improve my time. Thanks Jenni!!

  12. 17:01
    Inside workout since it's pouring rain. Subbed running around the house for 2:10 for runs.
    Ran 2.65 mi before this was posted.

  13. 15.19 had to do 200 jump rope for 400 m and kte on floor great work out 3 mile run tonight

  14. 26:52
    KTE lying on the width of a bed, legs hanging over edge.
    assisted push-ups
    Burpees are difficult.

  15. I did tabata training this morning. Back extensions, push-ups, bfsu and squats.

    I will try to get this workout done this week.

    Jenni- you are amazing! No worries about the workout. I enjoyed picking out my workout 😉

  16. 17:30 with knees to waist. I'm proud of that because I haven't been able to hang from a bar for awhile. Had a little surgical enhancement done post breastfeeding 🙂

  17. 20:47 KTE on the floor, all bpu!

    So glad you posted as I'm just not as ambitious as the other gals and I totally depend on you. I had no incentive to get out of bed early and workout. I would have stayed in bed all day except well the kiddos demanded food.

    Thanks for these WOD's they keep me going and I look forward to them every day.

    I can't wait for halloween to be over as well. My fingers are sore from crafting.

  18. 18:43, gpu and used a exercise ball w/ weights for sit ups… By the end of these 90 days I'm bound and determined to like burpees (or at least tolerate them)

  19. 24:19
    Working on real KTE's rather than my speedy floor version. End up doing something more simular to a KTW (knees to waist), but, making progress! 🙂

  20. 17:54
    2:10 faster than last time!
    K2E on floor
    runs were faster

    then ran to finish off 2 miles

  21. 24:16 compared to 23:52
    Not super happy with the time, but I did have bar issues part way through. Kte floor
    Bsu hands under tailbone. It's pretty sore right now!

  22. Completed on 10/31 after 10/31 wod. 14:09 all girl push ups. Burpee to plank with reach ups.

  23. This one was BRUTAL! Had to wait on this b/c of tummy flu.

    19:24 treadmill & butterfly crunches.

    8 weeks since baby #3

  24. 19:56
    3 minutes slower but did this workout immediately following wod from 11.15.13. Did gpu bc the previous wo was heavy on the arms!

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