Tuesday 10.29.13

3 rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
Thrusters, 20 lbs

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


  1. 15:55 with 30 lb. thrusters

    Pull-ups with band (started with black band but finished with purple band)

    2nd round reps got mixed up-did them all just screwed up order a bit.

  2. 11:07
    No pull up bar sub'd push ups
    1st rnd bpu's the rest gpu's

  3. 15:39
    Alternated between jumping & chair assisted pull ups

  4. 15-12-9 each round or 15 is one round 12 is second round and9 is third round?

  5. Adria: 12:08 pu w/ TRX strap
    Kestle: 10:50 1st round up all in-assisted. 2nd & 3rd round box assist. Spent time getting the right box…

  6. 4:12
    Our house has literally no place to do pull ups (not even the back of stairs or the beams in the basement–made of wood), so subbed tricep dips and push ups every round

    picture made me laugh today!

  7. Read it wrong did one round at first. So I went back and did it right with a total time of 11:37. 30lbs bar and gpu (I don't have a hanging bar, so I guess push ups will work for today)

  8. 12:33
    Read instructions wrong so I had a big break after the first round ­čÖé

    Rd 1&2 jump up pull ups
    Rd 3 chair assist

  9. Ran 4.5 miles then


    40lb thrusters
    Kipping pull ups

  10. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae (2 rounds band 1round jump) 13:31
    Sharadee 12:51 jump
    Robyn 9:30 jump
    Karissa 12:41 jump

  11. 11:32 no pull-up bar so subbed wide rows. 25lb thrusters

  12. 13:03. Weight assisted pull-ups. Mostly at 100# assist on machine. Then 10/23 wod then body pump class

  13. 12:45

    Jump-assisted pull-ups.

    I also misread and just did one round at first, and I was thinking it was killer! Then I came to post my score and saw that I had only done 1/3 of the workout!! Had to go do two more rounds. Whew!! Good one.

  14. yes i need clarification on the rounds…is it 15, 12, 9 each round? or is 15 one round, 12 one round, and 9 one round? And whats the best sub for pull-ups if a pull up bar isnt an option?

    1. I think it is three rounds of all of them. So 15/12/9,15/12/9 and then 15/12/9. ?

  15. 13:45
    Push ups
    I did each round includes 15,12, 9.

  16. 14:10

    First round used bands ( green then green and black). Second and third rounds did jump assist pull ups. This one hurt today

  17. 12:02, 20# thruster, no pull up bar at temporary digs so subbed renegade rows (the 15-12-9 on each side each round, so 30-24-18 each round in essence)

  18. By reading everyone else's comments I'm realizing I did this incorrectly. I only did one round….3:39.

    I don't have a pull-up bar so I curled biceps instead….20lbs total.

  19. 11:42. First 2 rounds 30 lb thrusters, last round 20 lbs. 2 rounds reverse pull-ups, 1 round jumping pull-ups. Pull-up bands are on my Christmas wish list, along with a replacement pair of lifting gloves. That was way tougher than expected. Oh, I too, did three rounds of 15-12-9 each.

  20. 11:49 – 1st round did pull-ups using the treadmill handgrips. Rounds 2 & 3 did push-ups.

  21. Not sure if I did this right?! 5:25, did 1st round 15 thrusters, 15 pull-ups, 2nd round 12 thrusters, 12 pull-ups, 3rd round 9 thrusters, 9 pull-ups. 45# barbell. Ran 2 miles.

  22. Ok I need to read more carefully … Did 21-15-9 instead of stated. Only had time for 2 rounds 12:30.

  23. 15:15
    ran 10 minute mile then 3 rounds
    band pull-ups

  24. I read this wrong too :(.
    One round – 3:03
    Ran 1/2 mile and then biked 5 min

  25. 11:03
    30# thrusters, 1st round band for 10 pull-ups, 2nd round band for 3 pull-ups. Remaining were chair assisted.

    First time using the band, OUCH! My shoulders are on fire!

  26. 10:47 replaced pull-ups with lat pulls

    First round with 45# bar for all.
    Second round with 20# for all.
    Third round 20# for all except 45# on last 9.

  27. 7:10
    15# thrusters
    band assisted pull ups

    wasn't able to do yesterdays wod so I threw in 5 rounds of
    20 deadlifts 40#
    12 front squats 40/30#

  28. 11:18
    this was so tough! shoulders burning!
    #20 thrusters, horizontal pull ups

  29. 21:08
    1st round – 35lbs
    2nd and 3rd round – 20 lbs

    800m row warmup
    800m row cool down

    Man, I had a tough time with the pull-ups!

  30. 8:53 no weight and push ups instead of pull ups. Sick and fragile low back

  31. 15:05 that was rough!!
    25# thrusters
    Combo of chair asst and jump up lower downs for pull-ups.

  32. Forgot to post yesterday
    Ran 3 miles
    About 10 min to do workout. Didn't time, husband did it with me. First time he had workout in months so I took it slow with him to support him

  33. 16.08
    First round did 21,15,9 (misread)
    Did push-ups and chair dips (double reps) instead of pull ups.

  34. 12:55 as rxd. Whew at first I was gonna stop at round 1 cause I thought this was craziness!! Glad I pushed through although my shoulders don't thank me!

    1. Oh I forgot I subbed push-ups no bar. For those that used the bar God bless ya!!

  35. Pat – 17:14 #65 – elbow issues
    Maria – 18:00 #25 – back issues
    getting older sucks

  36. One 15-12-9 round. 6:00.

    Pull up bands only allowed me to do 2 (2!) pull ups and I had to revert to doing them off the arm of the treadmill. Very sad showing, at that. Sore in weird places, like the inside of my elbows….

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