Tuesday 10.22.13

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 18″ box
12 Push press, 20 lbs
9 Knees to elbows

Compare to 08.21.13

no caffeine
no soda 
fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 9 complete rounds (almost 10 rounds- I needed 6 more KTE)

  2. 10 rounds, kte floor. 1 minute left but I had to stop! Great workout !

  3. 10 rounds ( I was on KTE 8 when it went off so I did one more to make it an even 10)
    alternated between 20# & 25# on push press

    2 more rounds than last time!

  4. 9 complete with 12 seconds to spare, 15" box, 35#, Kte on bar

  5. 11 rounds.

    10# push press. (I tried to use a 45# bar but nearly didn't finish the first round)

    KTE on floor.

  6. Just so I'm clear. When the WOD says 20# for the PP it means 20# in each hand right?

    1. Weights listed are always total unless specified.

  7. 8 rounds
    + 15 box jump
    + 12 press push
    N2E on the floor

  8. 11.5 rounds, completed 12 just over time. K2E on ground

  9. Completed 12 rounds with 6"jumps on steps and KTE on floor. Started 13th round and did 12" jumps. Only fell twice and that's a new record! Also, two more rounds than last time.

  10. I think 10. Lost count.

    Modified box jump. I need a box.
    Knees to chest.

  11. 10 rounds

    box jumps – step ups on coffee table (plyo box coming as a bday gift!)

    push press – 10 lb (2 rounds w/ 15 lb)

    KTE – on ground, no bar

  12. Hiit mamas northglenn
    22" box

    Shawntae 10 1/2 k2e rings (bathroom break)
    Sharadee 8 rings (kid bathroom break)
    Robyn 8 k2e floor

  13. 14 rounds
    K2e on floor
    Alternate between 8" jump and 18" step up

  14. I stopped after 6 rounds (11 minutes) since I was not feeling well today.
    30 lbs

  15. 45 min. tempo run

    9 rounds plus 15 box jumps
    30# push press
    everything else as rx'd

  16. 10 rounds plus 15 box jumps

    8" box jumps

    It's good to be back! I am 7 weeks postpartum with baby #3. I've done a few of the workouts already but just getting brave enough to post my time. : )

  17. 10 rounds (Did 11 last time BUT….
    did 12 inch box jumps (highest I've done since knee surgery :~)
    Plus did ALL KTE on bar versus (alternating between bar and incline bench!)
    YAY Progress

  18. 8 rounds
    16" box and all jumps
    25# bar
    Knees to elbow on bar. Got as high as I could. Still not able to get to knees

  19. 11 rounds plus 15 box jumps as rx'd. That lasted FOR-EVER!

  20. Finally back after a week! Company came and that's always tricky. Still did as much exercising as possible!

    12 rounds plus box jumps for the 13th, but k2e on floor (had to do this workout at home today, no bar).

    Funny story! I did this workout outside cause my daughter (7 mos.) loves watching. As soon as I finished and sat down to play with her, a neighbor walked by and told me that a mama bear and her two cubs were roaming just a few houses away! Thankful for the timing of that warning!

  21. 8 rounds
    hotel gym – so no box jumps. did 15 squats and 15 lunges on each leg
    KTE on floor

  22. 7 rounds
    First time ever doing box jumps. Did them on our 12" toolbox/step stool. Had to change to step ups for last 2 rounds as box was slipping.
    Push press w/15# for first 2 sets then 10# for remainder.
    Plank K2E.

  23. 11 rounds plus 15 box jumps and 9 PP, went ahead and did last 3 after timer.
    30# PP, KTBs

  24. 11 rounds
    Modified box jumps (no box ?) – squat tuck jumps
    KTE on floor

  25. 14
    One more full round than last time
    Stairs jumps, k2e on floor, 20# pp

  26. 5 min warmup row

    6 rounds 7 box jumps
    24 in box jumps, rest as rx'd

  27. 10 rds plus box jumps and push press for 11th rd.
    Shorter box jumps but rest as Rx'd.
    Thanks for the wo!!

  28. 12 rounds and about 15 min. A stone for bo, 24 lbs, 12 kg push press.

  29. 7 rounds plus one more box jump (on stairs)
    just realized this was yesterday's…but don't see today's so it's all good.
    feeling great, thanks!

  30. 9 rounds
    Plus box jump and push press. Timer ended on Kte so finished.
    Kte on floor.

  31. 12 rounds + 3 stair run ups. Stair jumps first two rounds, run-ups for all the rest. 20# PP, KTE on floor.

  32. 3 reps shy of 12 rounds. I'm quite happy with this as last time I completed 11 rounds 15 box jumps. It may be a small improvement but it's still IMPROVMENT!

  33. 11rounds – same as last time but ran 1 mile instead of 1/2 mile after and improved mile time.

  34. 9 rounds plus box jumps. Finished the rest of the last round-feeling good!

  35. Pat – elbow still hurt, he did Box jumps and BF sit ups

    Maria – 9 full rds and 10 bj's #35pp and 18 in bj, ktob

  36. 11, my goal was 9. I was surprised when there was time left…a lot of time…so I had to get back in it mentally to do two more rounds! Lol kte on floor

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