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Tuesday 10.15.13


3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 08.28.13

 Hiit Mama Ronna
Mesa, Arizona

“I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids (7, 5, 3, 1). I
have been following your blog for a whole year now.  I love that there
is a new workout everyday and that I can do them at home. Before I
had kids I played a lot of sports and was very active. I even played
softball for 2 years at a local commnuity college.  Once I started
having kids, working out and staying in shape hit the back burner. I
had 4 kids in the span of about 5 and half years, everytime I would try
to start to get back in shape it seems I would get pregnant.  For awhile
I just gave up and thought one day I will get back in shape. After giving
birth to #4 we were done, so after a few months I knew it was time
to get back in shape.  It took me a few more months to really commit to
it. I started off by signing up for a fun 5k run. My goal was to run
the whole distance without stopping. So I started off by running a few
times a week and after a few weeks I knew I needed to add some
strengthen training. I found your blog on Pintrest and thought I would
give it a try. The first few weeks were rough, I was so sore and wanted
to give up a few times, but I’m so happy I stuck with it. Over the past year I
have completed many 5k’s and even placed in a few of them. I have also
ran some 4 mile runs and I am currently training for my first half
marathon. I know without this blog I would not have the running success
that I have had and I would probably have a lot more injuries. Your
blog has helped make me stronger and faster than I have ever been. I know I have dropped at
least 20 lbs and have dropped 2 dress sizes. The best thing out of all this
is the example that I am setting for my kids.  They all want to be
active and strong just like me.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for doing this blog it has really changed my life.
photos I posted are from my most recent 5k run.  It was a
9/11 heroes run. One picture is of me and my kids before the race and
the other is from after the race.  I ran my fastest 5k(23:27). I was the
3rd female to finish and I was 2nd in my age group.”

no caffeine
no soda


  1. 23:47

    A little wet out this morning so I subbed 3 minutes of jump rope for the 800m.

  2. Woke up late only had time for 100 back extensions and sit ups.
    I will have to run and finish last round later.

  3. I'm pregnant – could someone suggest a back extension replacement that works similar muscle groups?

    1. How about on your hands and knees raise opposite arm and leg at the same time as one rep?

  4. 23:22- compared to 24:15
    Outside workout- perfect weather! Got it in before the rain hit again

  5. 23.57 as RX'd

    Outdoor workout with a light drizzle. It was better than I expected!

  6. 28:33 compared to 29:37
    Little improvement but I was pushing a loaded down stroller last time. Hoped for better time 🙁

  7. 22:55 as rx'd
    Ran outside and went inside to do the back extensions and sit ups.

  8. Congrats Ronna! You look amazing and that is such an awesome time for your run.

  9. That's my sister in law!! She is so amazing! Way to go Ronna, we are all so proud of you! She introduced me to this blog and it truly has been amazing!!

  10. Ran 9×400 meters at race pace then

    23:43 compared to 24:55 as rx'd

    Thanks Jenni for sharing my story and my own wod. Also thanks to all the mommas on here, you help keep me motivated.

  11. 20:32
    Estimated running distance (ran to corner and back)

  12. 20:14 subbed 400 jump ropes for 800 m run. Otherwise as rx'd. Awesome!

  13. 20:43
    Sadly because of a time issue I was only able to do two rounds but I ran a little farther than I was supposed to. Just proud that I got out there and did it (supportive husband is a real help)

  14. I'm a total newbie, very first day and this kicked my booty…in a good way 🙂

    I subbed 50 jumping jacks and 30 seconds of running in place for each 100 meters.
    I finished 1 full round
    2nd round I had to only do 32 butterfly sit ups because of abdominal cramping
    3rd round I stopped after 2 sets of jumping jacks and running in place.

    I've had adrenal problems in the past so I'm going to stop at 30 minutes no matter where I am for now until I see how I recover. Glad I found this!

  15. 24:19
    It's pouring down rain so did inside workout. Ran around the house and did jumping jacks for my 800 meter time. Arms crossed on BFSU. Last time was 21:59 but arms not crossed and subbed some crunches.

  16. 26:53

    2:30 faster than last time!
    I kpet thinking I did this in under 20 and was worried how slow I was this time but I must have remembered wrong cause I kicked my old times butt!
    Then ran rest to complete 2.5 miles.

  17. 25:38 Woohoo! Back extensions on a balance ball. Killer but I loved it!!!

  18. 27.25
    Had to swap the butterfly sit-ups for abdominal crunches with 4 lb weight cause of a pulled muscle 🙁

  19. 22:43, didn't do full out sprints due to a 4 mile run with 2-1 mile sprints earlier in the day.

  20. 33:10
    I think I ran a bit more than 800 m three times.

  21. 23:14 used an exercise ball for sit ups (w/ 10#) and back extensions

    29/F/1 baby/OK

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