Thursday 10.10.13


5 rounds for time of:
7 Dumbbell squat clean thrusters, 20 lbs
20 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 08.23.13 (but with half the sit-ups)

Hiit Mama Donna

“I am a 36 year old mom of two girls (15&6) and two boys (4&1)
and have a husband who coaches varsity basketball and teaches high
school students, so life at our house is crazy! We live in Eureka, MO
and I work from home and needed a quick fix to this body after 4
kids! My sister Denise introduced me to this website and I am so
thankful that she did!  I have never gotten into shape this fast and
have felt so good before! I played college basketball and I feel
stronger now then I did back then!  I have lost 8 pounds since the
challenge started…wish I would have checked my inches but I plan on
doing it this challenge! Thank you JENNI for all your encouragement and
all the workouts you post everyday! Looking forward to the next 90

no caffeine


  1. Donna is my sister! She just celebrated her 36th bday yesterday. We are 1 year and 4 days a part. She has had 4 kids (oldest is 15 and youngest is 15 months old). I am so proud of her that she has been able to stick to these workouts! She has always been athletic but couldn't find time to get in a traditional workout (1 hr of running or at the gym). These workouts are like magic I tell her.

    If you are new to this blog, stay with us!!!!! Your body will CHANGE and you will be shocked by it. You have found your magic pill.

    Thanks again Jenni! We appreciate your dedication to this blog so much.

    1. Thanks Denise! And thanks for reminding me to add her bio!! ?

    2. Thank you for your sweet comments Denise! I love you! And you inspire me? so keep pushing me!!!

  2. 6:19 as RX'd

    Completed last Fridays workout before this one (6 rounds of 400's and 10 burpees for time of 19:31)

    Donna-you're a Hot mama and a Hiit mama 😉

    1. Haha oh gosh thanks Julie! Denise had td me sweet things about you keep up the great work!!

  3. 5:16
    arms crossed on bsu

    Donna you look amazing! You have an amazing sister too! She turned me onto this site and I've been following since January….amazing results is all I can say. I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a workout and being inspired by so many wonderful ladies! You are all such a blessing! Thanks Jenni for your time and dedication!!!

  4. 9:06, 30#.
    Thanks Jenni! I can't tell you how much your site means to me.
    Way to go, Donna! Your story inspires me! (And Denise: best sister award!)

  5. 6:27 with 30# weights
    Ran Ike's before

    Donna you look Amazing! I hope to have great results like you'

  6. 10:17

    45lb bar: I focused on getting my form correct as my back always seems to bug me a little after doing them.

  7. 6:27 with 30# weights
    Ran Ike's before

    Donna you look Amazing! I hope to have great results like you'

  8. 5:59 as Rx'. You look great Donna. I love this site. Been doing it off and on. And decided this time I will post my time and do the full 90 days.

  9. 7:37

    Thanks, Jenni for this amazing site. Funny enough, I look forward to each day to see what the WOD is!

    Way to go, Donna! Hard work pays off!

  10. Just out of curiosity…are all the before and after shots people who do the vi shakes or just people who do the workouts?

  11. 4:43

    I have been following for a long time but never have posted times before. I appreciate all the workouts. They have changed me more than I could have ever thought.

    29 y/3 kids/UT

  12. 4:20 crunches & leg lifts for bfsu's. Does anyone know of a better sub for those? They KILL my back!

  13. When it says 20lb dumbbell work is that 20 lb per dumbbell or 20lb total?

  14. 7:27
    30# thrusters, arms crossed on BFSU (first time I've tried this, harder than I thought it would be)
    Way to go Donna!! You have gotten some great results!

  15. Thank you everyone!!! And I know you all will get great results too I can't wait to hear;)

  16. 8:30 – the extra sit ups added 3:30 min to my time – still not the fastest with these, but sooo much better than when I started!

    Then did a WOD from WAY back- "ran" 30 min on eliptical (2.88 miles) the finished 5 km in 31:30.

    I actually like doing more cardio now as I feel stronger and hoping this will help me get great results with this challenge 🙂 All you mamas inspire me!

  17. 6:20

    Only had 15# for the DL and did modified hollow body hold for the sit ups.

    Looking good Donna!! Keep up the good work!!

  18. 6:56 with 16# total as that's all I have for now. But I added 3 reps to the thrusters and the rest as prescribed. Feeling good!

  19. 5:50 10# rounds 1-3, 20# 4&5
    Sit-ups end up being more like crunches.

    Did Wednesday WOD right before this.

  20. I did this yesterday…just getting around to posting.
    6:59! Under my goal of less than 7 min! As RX'd

  21. Way to go Donna! Your sister us amazing and inspires me too!
    Finally got to this today

  22. 5:31 + (forgot to start the stopwatch for first squat clean thrusters)

  23. 7:32….everyone looked at me crazy for working out on a cruise!!

  24. First one back in a while! ran 3 miles, then


    (last 2 sets replaced 20 bfsu, with 40 crunches)

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