Tuesday 10.08.13


5 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts, 40-60 lbs
9 Hang power clean, 20 lbs
6 Push press, 20 lbs

Post time to comments.

Compare to 08.16.13

by a 7  year old
 He is using a bar but we will be using dumbbells. If you would like to see demos of these exercises using dumbbells, go to the full site (not mobile) and scroll down the right side bar. There are links for every exercise we do here at Hiit Mamas.
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  1. 3:56
    Only 44 and 18 lbs, 20 and 8 kg, I need to get some more weights home!

  2. 7:05
    60/30/20, struggled with my grip strength today, had to stretch my hands a few times

  3. 5:47
    Didn't beat my last time of 4:18, but my deadlifts were 3x heavier this time!

    F/31/4kiddos/FL (still hot down here!)

  4. 4:46
    used 30# for all but tried to do it without putting down the weight or stopping between (which I did except for during the first round when baby woke up)

  5. 10:02

    Confused about weights so ended up doing 9 rounds instead of 5 to compensate for the light weight.

    25#, 10#, 20#

  6. 6:51

    20 lbs all with no stopping

    Jenni I am posting for YOU! Thank you for this site, for all your hardwork, and for motivating me to be healthier.

  7. Ran 5 miles


    75lb DL
    35lb on cleans and PP

    I do not try to go fast on DL since I tweaked my back one time. I really focus on form and keeping a strong core.

    Thanks Jenni for continuing to keep all of us mamas fit and focused.

  8. 8:41
    Need to get heavier weights!

  9. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae 4:05
    Karissa 4:32
    Sharadee 5:40
    Robyn 5:40
    Holly 5:40
    Courtney 6:21

  10. 40 min. tempo run


    Hang Clean-30#
    Push Press- 30#(3 rounds), 40#(2 rounds)

  11. 12:12

    I did a lot better than I thought I would but there is definitely room for improvement. I have a bad back so I had to start small for the dead lifts. I want to concentrate on my form so I don't aggravate it. I was going to go for a run after but my legs are jelly….maybe I wasn't doing it right?


  12. Didn't time… but somewhere around 6-7 min, went slow on deadlift to focus on form. 40/20/20.

    33/F/4 kids/Texas

  13. Well, somewhere I thought it said to do "Catfight" so that's the work out I did plus a 2.5mi run. This is my first day so I guess I need to double check to see that I am on the right day before I start! 🙂 Still FEELIN' GREAT!!!

  14. 8:32
    80 lb dl
    40 lb hpc and pp
    I upped my weight today for upper body and I felt it! I had to keep catching my breath but I kept saying "just one more round…!"

  15. 9:25
    I had to stop more than a few times to help the kids or rather to stop them from hurting themselves lol. Much room for improvement. However Im super glad they are so interested in the equipment and want to participate 🙂

    F/27/2 kids/Plainfield CT

  16. 4:13

    30 sec slower than last time but did 50# instead of 30# for DL and 20# for clean and press.

  17. 4:37
    Followed by the WOD from 09.29.13 because I missed it and today was so easy! 225 squats were not!!

  18. 4:43
    Used 30# for all and did all 5 rounds with no break and no putting weights down.

  19. 60/50/50 6:13. I am a dad, so i ahe to increase. 60#s is the most i have right now. Thanks for the workout.

  20. 6.18 – used 30 lbs for all the first three times around. Then used 30 and 10 lbs for the rest. Also added another 25 minutes of other things.

  21. 6:29

    40# all

    Seems my little break from doing the WODs set me back a little….I'm excited to be back where I was!!!

  22. 6:02 40/20/20. Starting back at this after a long and inconsistent break. New job…trying to make it all fit. Miss my hiit mamas Northglenn.

  23. Pat – 10:17 #105DL, 2rds of #105 HPC and then 3rds #25db's for HPC & pp

    Maria – 10:15 #70 DL, 20db's for rest

  24. Katie 4:47 40# for deadlifts, 24# for rest
    Lori 5:41 30# deadlift and hang power cleans, 20# push press

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