Monday 10.07.13


6 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
25 Push-ups / Butterfly sit-ups (alternating each round)

Post time to comments. 

Hiit Mama Kari
Litchfield, IL
“I am so thankful for
a friend that introduced me to your site just a few days before this last 90
days started….as a mother of a 5 year old boy, a 2 year boy, wife of a
full time military man and a junior high math teacher of 142 students finding
time for me to fit my workouts in before coming across your site was borderline
impossible….I feel so at home with your workouts….not only are they beyond
do-able time wise but I could even do most them with my kids out in the
backyard while they played….and from them watching me daily I now have a 2
year old who can do better push-ups than me and a 5 year old who loves to box
jump!!!!  I am 33 years old and stronger and faster than I have been my
entire life (which is saying a lot from a former college soccer
player)….since starting I have improved my 5k time from an avg 9 min mile pace
to an avg 8:13 min mile pace!  I completed every single WOD that I was
blessed enough to have put in front of me on this journey!  THANK YOU JENNI FOR POSTING DAILY FOR US!!!!  Because of you I am 6 pounds lighter
and 4 inches smaller!!!!”

no caffeine

(In case any of you missed Saturday’s post)
Caffeine is a drug stimulant found in
coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, dietary supplements
and certain foods. Though caffeine may pose some benefits, such as mental
sharpness and increased energy, it can also pose dangerous risks. People
respond differently to caffeine, so risk for such dangers varies. Excessive
caffeine consumption heightens a person’s risk for harmful effects.
Reduced Bone Strength
Excessive caffeine intake may cause the
body to rid itself of calcium–a nutrient vital in supporting bone strength.
People at risk for osteoporosis, a condition characterized by brittle bones,
may exhibit higher risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures
if they consume caffeine regularly. According to research published in the
Journal of Bones and Mineral Research in Dec. 2009, elderly women are at
highest risk for caffeine-related bone problems. Elderly women who lack calcium
in their diet and consume caffeine frequently exhibit greater instances of
osteoporosis and bone fractures than women deficient in calcium who do not
consume caffeine.
Increased Blood Pressure
Increased blood pressure often occurs
when people have blockage in their arteries, adhere to diets high in saturated
fats, exercise too little or are genetically predisposed to high blood
pressure. Caffeine intake can also trigger blood pressure spikes. According to
Mayo Clinic hypertension specialist, Sheldon G. Sheps, M.D., the amount of
caffeine found in two to three cups of coffee can raise a person’s systolic
pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading) 3 to 14 millimeters of
mercury (mm Hg) and diastolic pressure (the bottom number) 4 to 13 mm Hg. Such
increases prove particularly dangerous for people with high blood pressure or
heart-related diseases. In general, people who consume caffeine regularly or in
excessive amounts may exhibit higher blood pressure than people who do not.
Caffeine found in energy drinks
and dietary supplements is often accompanied by additional stimulants, such as
the herbs guarana and ginseng. These herbs exacerbate blood pressure risks.
Caffeine may lead to physical
dependence. In an interview with U.S. News and World Report, professor Roland
Griffiths, of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine explained that though people are
hesitant to consider caffeine addiction a drug addiction, the basic mechanisms
by which people become dependent upon caffeine are similar to classic drug
addiction. As with any addiction, withdrawal symptoms arise when those addicted
to caffeine reduce or eliminate caffeine from their lifestyle. People who
routinely drink coffee in the morning may experience withdrawal symptoms if
their coffee is delayed or missed. Symptoms of caffeine withdrawal include
headache, lethargy, foggy thinking, depressed or irritable mood and even nausea
or vomiting. Excessive or frequent caffeine intake pose greatest risk for
Emotional Effects
Excessive caffeine intake can disturb a
person’s moods and emotional health. According to research published in the
journal Drug Alcohol Dependency in September 2008, nervousness, restlessness
and anxiety are common consequences of caffeine toxicity. People may have
difficulty sitting still and may develop heightened paranoia, jealousy and
other worrisome emotions. Once the stimulant effects of caffeine wear off, the
post-caffeine “crash,” or drop in mood and energy, may pose added
emotional side effects. People with depression, anxiety and other psychological
disorders may hold higher risk for adverse emotional effects.
Excessive caffeine
consumption may cause insomnia, which is a common sleep disorder characterized
by difficulty falling to sleep, remaining asleep or having nonrefreshing sleep
for at least four consecutive weeks. According to the National Sleep
Foundation, seven out of 10 people who exhibit the highest caffeine intake have
insomnia. The more caffeine a person consumes, the more likely he is to develop
insomnia. Insomnia causes daytime sleepiness and often leads to further
caffeine consumption, as a person struggles with daytime wakefulness. Caffeine-induced
insomnia may also cause mental fogginess and reduced cognitive abilities. If
left untreated, insomnia may increase a person’s risk for weight gain, obesity,
mood swings, dependency on sleeping pills, reduced immune system function and
automobile accidents.
Caffeine toxicity
also affects a person’s physical well-being. According to the Mayo Clinic,
excessive caffeine drinkers may develop nausea and additional digestive
symptoms. Caffeine in any amount is known to increase a person’s heart rate and
blood pressure; over-consumption of caffeine may have dramatic negative
effects. People with heart-related health conditions, such as hypertension, or
high blood pressure, may have increased risk for heart attack. Heart
palpitations and arrhythmias, which are irregular heartbeats, have also been
reported. Muscle tremors, extreme shakiness and headaches may also occur. When
shakiness is severe or coupled with intense irritability, risk for accidents
and injuries increase.

If those
aren’t enough reasons, I don’t know what is!? Challenge yourself. I know
this will be hard for some of you but you have nothing to lose by
trying it for 90 days….only insight and health to gain. Start on
Monday, if you have to have coffee, go buy some decaf. Get ready, here
we go!! 🙂


  1. 17:10

    I've been following this blog off and on for a while but I decided its finally time to hold myself accountable, and let's be honest I just want results like Kari's!

    1. Ok Denise I'm finally back 🙂 I've had little motivation lately but I'm ready to go again!

  2. 18:16 as rx'd
    I was pushing hard for 18:00!
    Great job Kari!! You look awesome!

  3. 21:10
    Mostly gpus
    Doing the 90 day challenge
    Have a long ways to go but honeymoon at the end will b a good motivator
    Thank you!!!

  4. Forgot to stop the timer, but I think it was around 23:00. Total miles was closer to 1.75. Gpu

  5. Forgot to stop the timer, but I think it was around 23:00. Total miles was closer to 1.75. Gpu

  6. 21:05
    All bpu
    Arms crossed on bsu
    Whew!! Fighting a chest cold…hard to breath but feels good to get this wo done 🙂

  7. Good job Kari! Only got in 2 rounds before having to start school (I home school and have a 2 month old, so getting up earlier or pushing school back later isn't an option right now). For the 400s I ran 200, walked 100, ran 100…couldn't do it without the walking. I keep telling myself I am just getting started again and it WILL get better!

  8. Walked a mile and ran a whole mile! 25:00
    Then did 75 girl push ups and 75 sit-ups= 5:15

  9. 13:37

    Ran outside on HS track–very windy
    All boy push ups

    Great workout.

  10. 16:53. Using a treadmill increasing my speed by .2 each round. First 10 of each round boy push-ups. Then RPM.

  11. My sister-in-law introduced me to this blog. I was not able to finish today's WOD, I am that out of shape. I did two runs, 20 gpus, and 15 butterfly sit-ups. I have a loooooong way to go.

    1. Don't get discouraged. You started and that's the hardest part! You will be amazed how quickly you progress!

  12. 17:44
    Ran outside on the hs track. It us so cold already. 29 degrees at 6:30Am but it felt great!

  13. 22:07 outdoors with HIIT Mamas of ACAII
    I think my laps were longer than 400s
    Starting my FOURTH challenge today!

  14. Awesome job Kari! I am hoping my end results look like yours this time! I am 32 with 5 children. I have always been pear shape but have lost nearly 20 lbs and went from 34/34/41.5 to 34/28/36 wanting my hip measurement to be 34!

    1. You are inspiring! your first measurements are basically my measurements right now! I hope to follow in your footsteps!

  15. 20:45. Just getting back into things…finally. Last 2 rounds did half of everything.

  16. 18:24y distances may have been a little short. Treadmill broke down and little kids at home. So I just ran up and down my long driveway a few times

  17. 20:23. Half gpu, half bpu
    Had a 3-yr old who wanted to run a couple laps with me which slowed me down.

  18. 17:08 Outside workout 🙂

    This is my first challenge and absolutly excited to be joining in the fun.

  19. 33:16 – I did a modified version of today's workout. I only planned on doing 4 rounds instead of 6, but I did them as follows:
    -run 200 meters, 13 push-ups
    -run 200 meters, 13 sit-ups
    -run 200 meters, 12 push-ups
    -run 200 meters, 12 sit-ups
    -run 200 meters, 13 push-ups
    -run 200 meters, 13 sit-ups
    -run 200 meters, 12 push-ups
    -run 200 meters, 12 sit-ups
    -1/2 mile on recumbent bike

    Great workout, but it was brutal for me to finish, but I did!!

    Great start, Kelley B. You ran laps around those who chose to sit on their couches today!! 🙂

  20. I am ON The band wagon this go around. I am going to try REALLY hard to do this! I haven't been feeling too motivated lately but I am getting my WOD on today! Thank you for being SUCH an amazing inspiration!!!!!

  21. Your Facebook post made me realize I haven't been holding myself accountable by working out in the shadows. Hopefully this will motivate me to lose the last few lbs of baby weight.
    mostly gpus and ran stairs
    F/30/1 kid/VA

  22. 28 minutes. So excited to post for the first time and time myself for the first time.

  23. I'm finally back after 4 months. You are all so inspiring! Kari you look amazing!

    20:24 on treadmill.

  24. 20:36
    scaled push ups

    then ran the little extra bit to complete 2 miles.

    I'm excited for this challenge! If my before photos aren't motivation enough, I don't know what is! lol

  25. 23:15
    All gpus. Wanted to puke. Doing this after dinner wasn't the greatest idea but I got it done! Thanks so much for posting these workouts! Always kicks my butt.

  26. 24:10

    Completed Thursday's WOD
    21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3
    Walking Lunges
    Thrusters 20#
    Push Ups

  27. 23:36
    All boy push ups
    Hoping for better time.
    Did I do it right?

  28. I had already done a run yesterday before looking up the WOD. I still wanted to get some cardio in each round so I hula hooped for 3 minutes instead of running.

  29. 35 minutes …fighting a cold but still feel slow.

  30. 26:54 had to run it on the treadmill due to torrential rain and wind 🙁

  31. I'm getting ready for a 5k in 1 1/2 weeks, so I ran to train for the 5k, then did the push ups and cfsu.

  32. 21:09 – Did this yesterday but my post did not post:-)
    I am back here again after realizing that following this blog and doing the workouts daily got me in better shape than anything else I have tried recently.

  33. Better late than never 19:30 ended last round with girl pushups.

  34. I started late in the week but will catch up this weekend.
    Ran 3 mins on the eliptical between girl push-ups and BF sit-ups. Forgot my watch but will guess around 20 mins.

  35. 17:34 Monday. Excited to be back after marathon training and recovery!

  36. 17:34 Monday. Excited to be back after marathon training and recovery!

  37. 17:34 Monday. Excited to be back after marathon training and recovery!

  38. 17:07

    Push ups on knees and modified hollow body hold for sit ups.

    I'm pretty excited to be getting back into the WODs. This will be my third challenge. I did great my first one. Then, with the second one, my husband's schedule changed so we struggled to figure out a new workout routine. We finally got it in order just in time to start this challenge! Since April I've lost 14 pounds and inches from everywhere! Now I weigh less than I did before I had DD! Thanks Jenni for these workouts! They have changed my body and life for the better!!!

    And, good job Kari!!!

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