Wednesday 09.11.13


For time:
66 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
66 Box jump, 18 inch box
66 Kettlebell swings, 20 lbs
66 Knees to elbows
66 Butterfly sit-ups
66 Push-ups
66 Thrusters, 20 lbs
66 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball
66 Burpees
66 Double-unders (264 singles)

Post time to comments.

Mamas, I know this WOD is brutal. I know it will most likely take an hour to complete. I have only scaled the weights and changed the pull-ups to push-ups from the original WOD. If you are new and KNOW that you can’t complete this WOD as RXed, do 33 of every exercise instead of 66. For those of you who have been a Mama for a while and would like to challenge yourself and honor those who fell this day 12 years ago, join with me. 
no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


  1. 41:02
    Subbed floor KTE for the sake of time. But used 12 lb ball for wallball. (Outside workout)

    I'm glad my body woke me up at 3:30 in time for this one.

  2. 39:48
    Did 1 round of 33
    Then broke it into 3 rounds of 11
    I wanted to keep my form too.
    KTE on bar
    All bpu
    burpees with pu
    used my daughters soccer ball for wb

    My body woke me up at 4:45…glad I could get it in. Usually at some point I want to quit…today I wanted to keep going. Thanks!

  3. Woke up too late to do this today :(. Re-did Monday's because I had done it wrong 🙂
    Looking forward to doing this one on Sayurday!!

  4. Preg version: skip deadlifts, K2E, KB's. 33 of all others. box jumps with step down, sit ups arms crossed, half bpu. Lots of heart rate breathers.


    1. Don't forget no sit-ups after the first trimester.

  5. 34:06
    20lb deadlifts
    Subbed k2e on floor
    Only 33 burped and 132 jump rope.
    Rest as Rx'd
    Proud that I did 66 of almost all!!
    Thanks for the challenge 🙂

  6. Did 2 rds of 22, no time (or breath) for 3rd round
    65# DL
    15" box
    25# KB
    Boy pu
    45# thrusters rd 1, 35# rd 2
    10# WB
    Single JR

  7. If I think too hard on what happened on that terrible day I still cry a little. I'm up for this challenge!!

  8. 46:39 15# kettle bell, floor kte, single jump ropes, boy pushups.
    That was an awesome workout! I had a mini celebration at the completion of each set of 66. My whole body is shaking!

  9. 28:17
    20# total for everything that included dumbbells.
    14 inch box jumps
    10 # kettle bell swings
    K2E on floor.
    For Pushups I did 33 push presses, 16 tricep dips & 17 girl push ups.
    Wall balls as rx'd
    I did walk out burpees (no push ups) and I barely made it. ha ha
    then I did 264 single jump ropes! Whew! I modified a lot. But SO.WORN.OUT.

  10. 3 mile run

    Then I did last friday's wod, since I took that day off to rest for a race.
    I will get to this wod tonight or tomorrow when I will have more time and engery to focus.

  11. 35:00 2 rounds of 33. 50 lb deadlift, KTE on floor, otherwise as RX'd.

    Always remember!

  12. 37:27. Two rounds of 33. Put equipment away on rests on the second set. All girl push-ups, sore from yesterday. Then RPM class.

  13. 55.43 I did it all! Yeah! Had to sub a few girl pushups and kte on floor! Great workout in memory of a sad day. Thank you

  14. 42:49

    Broke up sit-ups into 33/33
    Push-ups 40/26
    Thrusters just with handle
    Wall balls 15/25/26
    Burpees 40/26
    264 single jumps

  15. 68:19 – Wow, WOw, WOW! That was a tough one! I SO wanted to quit (especially during those last burpees), but I kept thinking of those who sacrifice every day to protect me and my family and figured this was nothing compared to what our heroes do on a daily basis.

    Some mods:
    60# dead-lifts
    12" box jumps
    25# kettle-bell swing
    24# thrusters
    4# wall ball
    Subbed 2x jump rope for double-unders (total 132 jump rope)

  16. 34:41 as rx'd!
    Broke the burpees into sets of 8 because I was getting lightheaded. All KTE on bar, gpu, single jr

  17. 52:39
    As RXed.
    Double unders.
    Butt to floor thrusters
    Knees to boobs
    Dizzy after every 5 burpees
    Peed if I did too many double unders in a row.
    Lots of rests.

    So proud of the Mamas who accomplished this WOD. So humbled by the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

  18. 37:07 with lots of modifications. 30# for deadlifts and thrusters, small jumps with no box, 10# KB, K2E on floor, gpus, and single jumps. Broke the thrusters, wall balls, and burpees into 3 sets of 22.

  19. 47:12 with a few mods, only did 33 box jumps and burpees, knees to elbows on the floor. Rest as rx'd. Tough one on a tough day. God bless America!

  20. 32:44
    deadlift 15#
    kettle bell swing 3 quart bleach bottle
    kte on ground
    thrusters 15#
    wall ball 2kg
    single jump rope

  21. Ran 5 miles today if prep for a 10k next week. Will have to complete this workout another day. Looks TOUGH!

  22. 41:30 With Lots of modifications.
    40# DL
    Only pushed through 40 burpees
    No JR's
    KTE's were all on incline bench.
    6" Box Jumps

  23. 41:30 50# deadlift, 15# kettleball, box jump = 2 stairs, knees to chest, 264 single jumps. Love it!

  24. Didn't have time to complete this wod due to my kids football practice, went straight there from work. Dinner was at 9pm tonight! Since it's now 10, I'll do this on Sat when it's not so crazy.

    Looking forward to it!

  25. 35:22- Those burpees at the end were death! But I just kept thinking of all the heros on 9-11 who didn't give up and probably weren't able to take heart rate breathers and water breaks! Great WOD, thanks for the memorial. 🙂 So I'm only about 6 weeks pregnant, are there certain exercises that I shouldn't be doing already? Or is there somewhere that I can find out modifications?

  26. 52:55
    I had a two year old throwing up yesterday so I had to do this wod today in honor of all the military men and women who lost their lives on 9/11, the many who lost their lives in the war after, and the many more who continually fight for our freedoms today. Thank you! Thank you!!

    65lb deadlifts
    15" box jumps
    Half kte on bar, half on floor
    Arms crossed bsu
    Wall ball-soccer ball
    264 single jump rope
    And a five min break to change a diaper.

  27. 15:15
    Exhausted and not feelin well. Only did 33 of each
    Sub step ups
    K2e on floor
    Crunches for push ups
    Almost all boy push-ups
    50 single ropes
    Add 50 jacks

  28. 46:10

    DL- 65#(46) 50#(20)
    Box jumps- 18" 46 jumps, 20 step-ups
    Kettlebell as rx'd
    K2E half on floor and half on bar
    Sit-ups as rx'd
    GPU- 36 Jumping pull-ups 30
    Thrusters- 25#
    Wall Ball- Mostly with 25# ball, but had to do a few regular squats to rest arms.
    Burpees- split up throughout the workout.
    264 jr

  29. 34:00. WOW!!!!

    Used 26lb kettle bell. Knees to elbows on floor. 8lb wall ball shots. 30 boy push ups, 36 girl. 264 jump ropes. That was INTENSE!

  30. 13 & 8=22 min. Had to break up for carpool. Did 33 reps. Of each & 150 jumps.

  31. In honor of fallen hero, Pvt. Jonathan Hostetter:

    52:47 as RX'd. Some gpu's and sub push press for wall balls.

  32. This was awesome! I did it today- I've had a sick baby since last Tuesday 🙁 & my allergies are pretty awful, but here are my mod's:


    For time:
    *66 Deadlifts, 45 lbs
    *66 Box jump, basement stairs
    66 Dumbbell swings, 20 lbs
    66 Knees to elbows
    66 Butterfly sit-ups
    *66 Push-ups (knees)
    66 Thrusters, 20 lbs
    *66 Bench press, 20#
    *66 Mountain climbers
    *100 singles

    31:10 (a few breaks with the baby)

  33. I really wanted to do this one, it was brutal!
    39:10, the burpees took by far the most time!
    knee to elbow on the floor
    girl pushups.

  34. 33 of all in 19:27
    Ran out of time to try to do another 33 on all.
    Looking forward to doing this one another time!

  35. Pat – 39:25 #45 dl, thrusters, 25kb, #12 wall ball, single jump rope

    Maria – 41:24 #25 dl & thursters, 20 kb, 10 wb, singlw jump rope

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