Wednesday 08.28.13

3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back extensions (supermans)
50 Sit-ups

Compare to 03.16.12

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food


  1. 23:21 (did bfsu situps)
    Outside workout (not too bad out there today St. Louis friends)

  2. 21:45
    (Sub'd dbl amount of diast. rect. rehab sit-ups)

  3. 24:15 as rx'd
    Outside workout- better than yesterday Denise! Plus I remembered a towel for the bsu 🙂

  4. 22:15 to end of third run. 1st round bfsu, 2nd side crunches

  5. Hit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae 22:21
    Jenelle 22:48
    Karissa 28:28 1st time ever to run a mile and a half! Ever!
    Megan 26:56
    Robyn 2 1/2 before just exercises
    Courtney 20 1/2 mi walk 25 pu 25 squats
    Audra 200m run

  6. 21:59
    Inside workout. Subbed crunches for last round of BFSU, got another strawberry on my tailbone this week and it was killing me by 3rd round.

  7. 16:30
    No runs..I'm going to purchase a treadmill for my Christmas gift to myself. Any suggestions on the best one?

  8. 23:59
    Outside Runs: 3:23, 3:04, & 3:04
    Super proud of those speeds.
    Did 2 rounds of 25 Back Extensions & 25 BFSU's between after each run.
    Great workout!

  9. 26:49 1st round – 25 cfsu
    2nd and 3rd round – crunches

  10. Stopped at 32:32-didn't finish the last set of bsu. Soooo slow its unreal, just couldn't adjust enough to get through. I KNOW the next time this workout comes around I'll finish AND with a better time!

  11. 11:40 was only able to do 2 rounds before I had to jet.

  12. 24:20
    Estimated running distance….may have been too far

  13. 24:20
    Estimated running distance…may have been too far

  14. 29:27

    took longer than I wanted.
    pushed myself as hard as I could though, to the point of dizzy/nausea . . . not sure how I'll ever go faster, but I'm determined! I decided tonight that I will be doing the next 90 day challenge though!

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