Wednesday 08.21.13

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 18″ box
12 Push press, 20 lbs
9 Knees to elbows

Compare to 03.15.13

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day


  1. 9 complete rounds plus 9 box jumps on 10th round as RX'd

  2. 8 complete rounds (with 3 seconds left)
    * box was in garage, pu bar and weights were down in basement- had to run up/down stairs between exercises 🙂
    I did ALL jumps today!!

  3. 8 complete plus box and pp (did rd 9 of KTE after timer)
    15" box, 25#, KTE on bar

  4. 11 or 12 – lost count!
    Ran 800
    Single leg extensions…trying to build up strength around a bad knee.

  5. 10 rounds plus 15 step ups and 2 push presses
    All knees to elbows on bar (knees to chest but getting better!!)

  6. 8 rounds even. Jump up/step down (sore back) and jumping K2E on bar. Felt like I was moving slow today!

  7. 11 rounds with some box jumps on 12kte on ground, 15# push press

  8. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae 91/2
    Robin 9 1/2
    Holly 9
    Karissa 11 18"
    Leslie 9
    Megan 10 18"
    Courtney 12 1/2 step ups, 10#, squats
    Sharadee 9
    Jennifer 6 in 14min

  9. 10 rounds with our steps as box jumps. Those have become harder than burpees thanks to my awful balance.

  10. Substituted plank oblique dips for knees to elbows. Did 9 complete rounds plus box jumps and thrusters of 10th round. Used #30 and 12" box.

  11. 12 rounds
    Full extension box jumps
    Knees to boobs

    10 rounds plus box jump

  12. 10 rounds with 27 seconds left
    Step ups on fireplace hearth
    Push press as RX'D
    KTE on ground

  13. 8 rounds
    13" step – fire safe actually 🙂
    Bar push press
    Ab wheel instead of elbows to knees

  14. 6 rounds, done with my 7 year old which slowed me down a little, but worth it!

  15. Didn't do this wod, have upper resp infection and feel icky. Will save for another day

  16. 11 plus 15 12" box jumps I fell over after this one…ouch

  17. 11 rounds plus box jumps and push presses for round 12!

  18. I did this one today with a few substitutions ?
    Box jumps on my stairs
    Push press- 2 rounds with 45# bar, 1 round with 2-15#, the rest with 2-10#
    K2E- sub'd 1 minute plank for each one
    8 rounds complete with last plank for 1:30
    -I really need to get a pull-up bar and box for the house!!

  19. Ran 3 miles with double stroller, then 10 rounds in 18:18, knees to chin on floor.

  20. 13 even
    Box jumps on stairs
    K2E on floor (figured out how to use my chin up bar for this- so much better than hanging on to a chair!)

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