Thursday 08.01.13

the second and final time (hopefully), our name and site address will
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 Run 5K

Post time to comments.

Compare to 12.13.12

*For those of you who absolutely cannot run, pick any WOD from the history and do that instead.

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


  1. 25:22-
    almost 1 minute faster but in 69 degree weather as opposed to the 29 degrees in December.

  2. After running 1/2 marathon in February, I HATE to run "long" distances. Made up wod I missed on vacay.
    45# front squats

  3. 36:10-

    I am not a long distance fan at all!
    I got major cramps half way and I am disappointed with my time but as I was finishing here are the positives:

    1. My first mile was 9:48- I used to be at 12:00 miles

    2. I am only 2:20 minutes over my personal record- so maybe not as horrible as I thought

    3. I FINISHED!

  4. 5450 m at 36:15. I must admit I strongly considered an alternate workout. But I went thinking i could shorten it or bail all together at 2km if i started to hurt. surprisingly, Mr plantar facilitis stayed right where he was suppose to…under my thumb, baby. Thanks, Mamas. I totally would have bailed had it not been for you, my virtual running buddies. AND it looks like I am back on the running wagon!

  5. 26:17 compared to 26:53 in Dec.

    Happy with the improvement especially since it was a hot and dry 90 degree outside at 5 this morning.

    Also did yesterday wod after this one.

  6. 31:04 I was really wanting 30 but didn't feel very strong today. I'll try again another day 🙂

  7. Sub'd WOD from 12-12-12…needed an a## kicker today & boy did I get one! I usually do a 4 mile run at least once/wk outside of cf mamas :-). Anywho…

    1/2 jump squats on rounds I did step ups instead of box jumps
    24" box for 1/2, 18" chair for 1/2 (step ups when did jump squats-about half)
    40# pp for thrusters
    20# db for kb swing
    20# thruster for wb

  8. 24:00
    My new personal best. Ran 24:44 in December.

  9. 31:30- running is so hard but I love the way you feel when you are done : )

  10. 26:54 on treadmill. Disappointed in my time. I hate running on treadmill but it was pouring outside. Today was also supposed to be a day off from running in my 10K training program. Oh well

  11. 5.48 miles in 49:37 (pushing Eli in stroller).

  12. Got my new trail running shoes in the mail today and was excited to see this workout! Only got one mile in and storms hit…will repeat tomorrow

  13. 37…hard to run today with the humidity. I had to walk a couple of times. Went out with both kids, husband and dog so it was a nice family outing 🙂

  14. 30:32 Way slower than in December, but was on a tread mill. I'm afraid I've gotten out of running shape since moving down under. :/

  15. Right at 40:00. First time running a 5k in about 6 mons. So glad I was able to finish!

  16. 33:28
    Not my best time but I'm getting back on the wagon after traveling for almost a month!!

  17. Treadmill says 24:10 but stopped twice to tie shoes and take a drink, actual time 26:08. Struggling with heart burn – too much pepperoni pizza tonight 😉

  18. 27:15 on my Nike run app, but thought that didn't seem quite right since I have been running about 8:30 mile pace. Checked the milage with the car, and I ran about .25K more than a 5k, so that would put my time at about 26 min. That is what I was shooting for! Improvement from my 28:55 in December.

  19. 30:44 compared to 32:15 in December. Distance may have been a little shorter, hard to tell. But this was in 95 degree weather compared to 70s in December 🙂

  20. ran the 5k this morning. Didn't get up early so I did it while pushing two boys in the stroller. That was my punishment for sleeping in, an extra 70 pounds to push. I am happy with my time of 28:10!

    1. Did the 5k again without the jogging stroller. 24:19 a new personal best!

  21. 32:18
    Had to take about a 5 minute break somewhere in the middle because I nauseous and tunnel vision. Laid down, let it pass, got back up and finished the run.


  22. Did this on correct day, forgot to post
    Hot and humid outdoor workout. Had to walk half of the last hill, but I finished. Really need to start running my long runs again.

  23. 33:32. Not my best run, ran faster last month w/ the 6k 60 burpees wod, but happy got it done. Also ran about 200 m for warmup & 200 cooldown extra.

  24. 34:30
    Slow. Several stops. Ran with both kids in stroller…. BUT I DID IT!!!
    When I started following this blog about a year ago, I'd never even run a full mile without stopping…. And now, I ran three (only walking for a few seconds at a time!!)
    Thank you!!!

  25. 29:30 at gym on treadmill with a two slow-downs to correct my kids who were in the kid corral.

  26. I was able to do this because I was a day behind and we were able to plan a trip to the gym (not easy with all four) where the kids are corralled in and the parents exercise around them 🙂 Whew, it paid off being a day behind!

  27. did a different wod on this day, and saved this for a day when the wod was short.


    I am not a running fan at all.. I did this on my eliptical. This is almost twice as far as I have ever gone on it! first 3k in 18 flat at a good pace (for me at least), the last two were a mix of walk/jog/sprint. Only 2 min over my goal and there is a puddle of sweat under my machine lol

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