Thursday 07.25.13

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

Compare to 02.27.12

(I have avoided reposting this long enough…. 😉

no caffeine
no soda

 fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 50. Ugh! First time doing this one, I hate burpees!!

  2. 82
    Chest to ground
    Same score as on 12-3-12
    Good workout

  3. 60. When I first started I aimed for 70, then realized these are still hard as heck so I shot for 50. So I was in between what I set my goal as 🙂

  4. 78
    If I have time I'm doing this again later…fastest & slowest 7 minutes ever! Love it!

  5. 84
    C'mon girls, you got this one today!
    If you do even one burpee today you win!!

  6. 67. To the floor. Had no idea what to expect. Happy it's over.

  7. 72 with push ups

    When we did the 6k + 60 burpees a few weeks ago- I did 60 burpees in 6 min.
    My goal was 70-so I'm happy! Good one!

  8. 90. Set out to do 70 and got super motivated once I passed that.

    Jenni, thanks for the great workout. I am loving my arms!

    Ladies, thanks for the encouragement. I really enjoy working out with y'all!

    1. You run in the rain?!?! Wow. Now I'm inspired. Thanks!

  9. I haven't done it yet, I just busted out laughing at today's WOD. Yay! Let's DO THIS!

  10. 72. Thought my arms were going to fall off from yesterdays workout.

  11. CF Mamas Northglenn
    Shawntae 80
    Karissa 60
    Holly 81
    Jenelle 70
    Robyn 84
    Sharadee 71
    Jen 70
    Jane 75
    Riley 67
    Megan 55

  12. 115. Started with jump ups and full push ups. After a minute I dropped to jump ups abs girl push ups. Then jump ups to plank. Then just arm raises.

  13. 65, but no push ups (I'm happy I even attempted this one! )
    did right after yesterdays – phew!

  14. 82 !! @ first my goal was 60, I made that so I upped my goal to 70 made that so I upped it to 80 and I MADE THAT! 🙂 ….with BURPEES no less.

  15. 98 chest to ground, jump.
    Goal was 100… finished my last two after time to make 100

  16. 79, goal was 80 darnit!

    I blew out 20 in the first minute. I think that burned me out.

  17. 1st time ever with this challenge. WOW!!! Seeing others comments was intimidating. You all are beasts.
    76 total
    1-40 chest to ground
    41-76 to plank

  18. 86. Full chest to ground,w/ explosive jump up @ end as shown for full burpee. I went in w/ a plan for goal of 70 & super goal of 80. Just needed to to 10 in 1 min. So i paced myself & w/ the rests i was able to get in more & able to push myself @ end to last second!

  19. 82
    chest to floor and jumping (my goal was 70, so I was happy with that!)

    for my 8 year old son Dylan, he is a machine!!! (he looked like a bunny rabbit hopping up and down)

  20. 60. that sucked. and I'm behind on my workouts, but it doesn't matter when you do them, just that you do them, right!

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