Wednesday 07.24.13

For time:
25 Push-ups
50 Knees to elbows
Run 800 meters
75 Push press, 20lbs
150 Jump rope

Compare to 03.05.12

no caffeine
no soda

 fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 11:10
    Kennels to waist on bar
    Thrusters (10#)
    Jump jacks

  2. 16:51 – Holy push press!!
    The majority of my time was spent on 20x KTE on bar. Remaining 30x KTE on floor.
    30lbs for push press.
    Subbed rower for run.

  3. 12:20
    Boy push-ups (with ease-finally)
    KTE on bar
    150 JR (I need to practice double unders)

  4. 14:10
    All bpu
    30 KTE on bar, 20 on floor (no grip strength left)
    Outside run

  5. 14:40
    Kte on bar
    20lb push press…ouch, my shoulders!
    Whew!! Good wo! Thanks!!

  6. 14 minutes. gpu's, kte on floor, push press I used 20 pounds on the first 30, the last 45 I used 18 pounds.

  7. 16:16. Bpu! K2e: half jumping to e, half straight arm hanging to waist. Rest as rx'd

  8. 11:20
    Kte on bar (struggled on these today-more like chest/shoulders rather than elbows)
    rest as rx'd

    15:00 of bi/tri/shoulder strength

  9. 14:10. Push press as rxd till last 20, then had to sub 15#. KTE on floor (1st time but was doing awful ones on bar anyway so thought id do pretend ones on floor. It worked). Pretend jump rope but all boy push ups and a real run! So pleased b/c still fighting plantar facititis. Short runs are awesome! Thanks, mamas.

  10. 13:57
    15 bpu, 10 gpu
    40 K2E's on floor, 10 bicycle crunches

    Would LOVE to be rocking a body like the woman in the Picture this AM. Doing WORK! =)

  11. Ran 3.66
    Then did crossfit
    Girl push-ups
    KTE on floor
    10 lb dumbbell in each hand of push press

  12. 14:18
    Knees to waist
    The rest as rx'd

  13. 4 mile run

    Mostly bpu
    Knees to waist on bar
    Push press- 30# for 35 and 25# for 40

  14. 14:46
    KTE- all on bar- struggled at end
    outside run- (estimated distance)
    69 degrees this a.m.- whoo hoo!!

  15. 4 mile run

    Mostly bpu
    Knees to waist on bar
    Push press- 30# for 35 and 25# for 40

  16. Cf Mamas Northglenn all bpu
    Shawntae 11:05 25#
    Jen 11:44
    Holly 13:30
    Robyn 11:21
    Karissa 14:28
    Megan 14:05

  17. 13:40
    Day of firsts
    First time to do all bpu
    First time to do k2e on a bar!! Those are hard!!!! Didn't exactly reach my elbows but went as far up as I could

  18. 12:09. 800m on stationary bike. That was a lot of push press!

  19. 15:58 with gpus, knees to boobs, 30# and jumping jacks instead of ropes. Did after Mondays WOD… wiped!!!!

  20. 12:09
    K to E to elbows for 20, the rest K to boobs

  21. 12.55
    all boy but split K2E and run – hands are torn up from 100 pull ups the other day.

    rest as rx'd

  22. 15:55 GPU, KTE on floor, ran 1100 (miscalculated distance outside) push press and jump rope as rxd- and had timer issue – probably closer to 15:10.

  23. 12:47
    Outside workout knees to chest on bar, 20# push press, single pretend jr

  24. 14:12
    kte on floor.
    did not have it for the run. on treadmill and felt weak. legs would not go.
    no jump rope, so just jumped up and down.

  25. 12:39
    Cannot figure it how to do k2e on bar without arms killing!! This is the only cf exercise i have a very hard time with….suggestions??
    Attempted 15 on bar then rest on floor
    Estimated run (first nursery drive)
    Rest as rxd

  26. 15:53

    k2e on floor – I can only do about 3 on bar before my hands give out
    broke up push press into 2 sets and did jump rope in between
    arms are like jelly!

  27. 17:41 full body pushup, K to E on bar, 45# push presses. Good one! Thanks!!

  28. 14:47
    30 K2E on floor….extra ab workout after to make up for it
    All else as rx'ed

  29. 14:14 TPU Ran outside in too hot of weather. Will continue to bike inside until it's at least in the 90s.

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