Monday 07.22.13


1000 meter run
50 Thrusters, 20 lbs total
30 pull-ups (assist as necessary)

Post time to comments.

Happy Birthday to my SIL Jackie!
 She is one of the sweetest people that I know and is hands down the best photographer ever. Check out her stuff: www.ilovejep.com 
(Her boys and my adorable nephews, Rex and Max, pictured.)
no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 12:09
    Had to sub rower for run-I hurt two toes over the weekend playing tug-of-war. Used green band for pull ups for much needed assist.

  2. 11:21
    Deep thrusters (think I'm getting sick-breathless)
    Band-assisted pullups
    Indoor workout but super sweaty!

    Love the picture-My son's name is Rex too!

  3. 15:03, I did 24lb thrusters and assisted pull-ups. Had to take a break during the pull-ups but got through them!

  4. 11:07. Wondering if run was a little short. Pull ups- half from standing, rest reverse

  5. 13 minutes as rx'd, jump assistrd pull-ups…I need to fund those bands. And a 30 minute yoga warm-up. The goal is to get up early enoigh to do a.30 min yoga warm-up, WOD and then a 30 min yoga cool down.

  6. Oh, and I'm trying to get back on track starting today….I missed ALL last week 🙁

  7. 12:47
    First three pull ups were good, last 27 were jump up lower down.

  8. Cf mamas Northglenn

    Run first- Shawntae 11:16 band
    Holly 11:16
    Megan 14:28 1/2 band pu
    Karissa 13:59
    Run 2nd Robyn 8:29 band, 30#
    Jen 8:08
    Jina 8:08
    Riley 8:33
    Jane 9:07

  9. 10:58

    Not 100% sure on the distance had to estimate it online.

    Used 27lb. daughter for thrusters.

    Pull ups – did horizontal pulls

  10. 10:38
    Run may have been a little longer than 1k
    Pull ups with feet on a knee height bar…OUCH! I will be feeling this in my arms tomorrow!

  11. Ugh! First WOD in a long, long time 🙁 15:27, lots of walking, 10 lbs, but all bpu for pu.

  12. 10:55 as rxd. Band asstd pu. Was so excited to run, yes odd i know, but i missed 3 of 5 days last week & was antsy to run, & i got a side cramp today! Sucked, but @ least i didnt walk.

  13. 8:12 but timer stopped in the middle….probably closer to 10:12. All as rxd.

  14. 11:00
    Starting out doing pull-ups on treadmill. Switched to chair dips.

  15. 7:45
    chair assist pull-ups (up with one toe on seat of chair & slow down)

  16. I forgot to comment yesterday: 20ish minutes – Thrusted with 10 pounds and 24 band-assisted pull-ups.

  17. 8:24 I am doing so well with my runs. Never thought I'd say that!!

  18. Did this while on vacation camping.
    Subbed hiking Enchanted Rock for run 1/2 up and down carrying an extra 30 lbs (my son). Total was .6 = 965.6 meters.
    2:58 subbed squats (butt to ground) for thrusters and pushups for pull ups

  19. 13:41 Did 10 min spin on bike instead of outdoor run. pu assisted.

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