Wednesday 07.17.13


Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
11 Push-ups
12 Deadlifts, 30 lbs
13 Sit-ups

Compare to 02.29.12

 Califit Mama Erika

"Here is my before and after pic for the past 90-day challenge. I lost 2 pounds and 1 inch  but I see a bigger difference in my appearance, my stamina, my endurance, my cardiovascular health, and my confidence. I love seeing muscles in my upper body now! Thanks!"  Erika
no caffeine
no soda


  1. 17 rounds (round 17 – gpu-deadlift and 5 sit ups)


  2. 13rounds with GPU and 20 lb dumbbells
    The sit-ups seem to take forever. It's hard to move fast because it feels like it's rubbing my tailbone raw :(. Think I'll add more push-ups and dead lifts next time this one comes up.

  3. 13 rounds with 10 seconds to spare
    All bpu
    35# (need more weight next time)

  4. Exactly 17 rounds as RX'd
    Arms crossed on BSU
    Gpu for every round after the 2nd (I repeated July 4 WOD yesterday afternoon with 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups etc and arms are toast)

  5. 14 rounds + pu & dealifts of 15th round (moved between exercises gingerly b/c of sore hip)
    All reg pu

  6. 12 rounds exactly–1 second to spare. ALL MIL PUSH UPS!!! Only 20# DL (at the in-laws).

  7. 21 rounds exactly
    all bpu
    25# kb for dl (need more weight)
    arms crossed on the 1st 6 bsu of every round

  8. CFMamas Northglenn
    As pxd but added 10 box jumps in front of every round
    Shawntae 15 bpu
    Rachel 10 gpu
    Robyn 11 1/2 bpu
    Holly 13 1/2 bpu
    Megan 11 bpu
    Riley 14 1/2 bpu
    Jane 15 bpu
    Courtney 8 26 weeks preggo! Modified
    Sharadee 9 bpu
    Jina 15 1/2 1/2 bpu
    Karissa 81/2 gpu

  9. 15 complete rounds plus pu on 16.
    60# DL, really focused on my form

  10. Finished the 14th round a few seconds after time was up.
    60 lbs
    all regular pu

  11. 16 rounds. I was beginning to think I didn't hear the timer.

  12. 16 rounds plus p/u and deadlifts for round 17
    2 rounds bpu
    40lb deadlift
    Arms crossed for bsu

  13. 16 round and push ups and half of the dead lifts of round 17. Then insanity group fitness class.

  14. 12 rounds, girl push ups. 26# dead lift (had to combine my 8# and 5# dumbbells, need to go buy some). Did extra sit ups.

  15. Completed Marlene, ellinor and dana today with an added box jump to ellinor. It was tough, but I have been skipping workouts and had a doughnut today, I had to punish myself in a productive way.

  16. 15 rounds plus push-ups of next round.
    I am so sore this week I did girl push-ups!

  17. 13 rounds plus 5 push-ups
    3 rounds of gpu, the rest bpu
    25# bar for deadlift

    I usually workout in the morning, but due to a rough night I couldn't get up. I wasn't going to workout at all today, but happy I did.

  18. 10 rounds with 2 min left, stopped because of weird knee pain during deadlifts (felt better after some stretching)

  19. 17 rounds. All gpu and only 20 lbs deadlifts, all I have.

  20. 16 rounds in 19:40 (only had time for the 20min today)
    40# DL
    Ran 3 mile yesterday, just didn't get the workout in until today.

  21. Erika-sooo awesome!!!

    15 rounds
    60# DL

    (Right after yesterday's WOD)

  22. Did 6 rounds in 13:40. I also added 14 kbs at the end of each round. I started getting harassed by the kids and didn't finish.

  23. Pat and Maria full 15 rds, made it thru 16 rds of pu's and dl's

    Pat – #95
    Maria – #35

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