Monday 07.15.13


For time:
15 Squat cleans, 20 lbs
30 Knees to elbows
30 Box jump, 18 inch box
15 Bench dips
30 Push press, 20 lbs
30 Double-unders (sub: 120 jump rope)
15 Thrusters, 20 lbs
30 Push-ups
30 Burpees
300 feet Walking lunge holding 20 lbs

Post time to comments.

This week you will be seeing all of the awesome before an after pictures from our last 90 Day Challenge II. It isn’t too late to send in your pictures!
Hiit Mama Gillian
“IΒ lost 8 pounds, an inch off my waist and half an inch off my hips! I
feel awesome and not as tired. 10 more pounds and another inch off my
waist and I’ll be back to pre-baby me! This is first time that I feel
like my goal is within my grasp.”Β  -Gillian

no caffeine
no soda


  1. Good morning, Ladies! I have a couple of questions. 1) is there a push up at the bottom of the burpee? I was under the impression there was. 2) When you say 20lbs for thrusters, squat cleans, etc are we talking 2x 20 lb dumbells? Thanks!!

    18:34; 20x KTE on bar, 10x KTE on floor otherwise as RX'd

  2. 17:29
    all weights 15# med ball
    kte on ground
    jump rope singles 120

  3. And, looking great Gillian! Very inspiring!

  4. 15:50 as RX'd. Ised bar for kte. Tried double unders but does not work with my basement ceiling (had to find JR). Half boy push-ups and walking lunges were with 10 lb med ball

    Amazing results Gillian!

  5. Lynn- burpee video will give a great demo (on this site) but bring chest and belly touch floor to come back up. It is not exactly a push-up.

    The weights she mentions are always the total. 10 lbs in each hand, for example.

    1. Thanks! I will definitely check out the video on this site, as the ones I googled left me confused.

  6. 18:12
    10 k2e on bar, rest on floor
    Single jump ropes
    Totally guessed on distance for lunges did 150 total

  7. 20:07. Jumping kte, gpu, 100 walking lunges.
    So tired!! Great workout.

  8. 19:20
    KTE on ground. Never tried them on a bar? I will next time
    Very inspiring Gillian!! Great job!!

  9. 18:22
    8 kte on the bar
    10 bp
    No weights on lunges

    Great job Gillian you look great!

  10. 16:50
    KTE on bar
    12" box jump
    All bpu
    Lunges with 20#kb-Those were a killer!

    Great job Gillian & great workout!

  11. 5 mile run

    25# bar for all weights
    10 kte on bar rest on floor
    regular jump rope
    10 gpu the rest bpu

  12. 17:18 as rx'd
    Girl p/u, K to E about half to elbows the rest to shoulders

  13. Ran 2.72 miles

    K2e on floor
    All girl push-ups
    20# dumbbell for it all
    120 jump ropes instead
    14 inch box jumps
    Only did 50 lunges (with weights) bc/ my thighs were SO tight!

  14. CfMamas Northglenn
    Shawntae 17:38
    Jen 15:30
    Jina 16:30
    Megan 25:45
    Holly 21:30
    Ann 30

  15. 16:34 as rx'd with exception of half lunges without the weight

  16. 16:04
    Weight as Rx'd
    KTE on ground
    Step ups on hearth ( no box)
    120 single jump rope
    10 chest to ground burpees, rest were to plank
    30 walking lunges (in living room)

  17. 15:53. Pushups were terrible today. Definitely need to warm up more! K2e on floor and all knee pushups. Those lunges were the nail in the coffin.

  18. Oh! I got to officially use the box my hubby made for me. It was awesome!

  19. 17:09
    Distance may have been a little short. I had to ditch the weight after 100 lunges. My knees were hurting

  20. 14:42
    30 lbs for all weights
    knees to waist, 1/2 reverse grip
    14" jumps
    100 lunges (no weights, I didn't see that!)
    ran 1 mile after

  21. 14:24
    Weight was 20+# for all
    K2E on Bar (knees to chest)
    Step ups on 17" chair
    120 single JR
    50 walking lunges (legs were toast!)

    Did friday's workout this morning and ran 3 miles

  22. 18:43 with knees to waist pull ups, sad burpees and subbed jumping jacks for box. But lbs as rxd.

  23. My 13 year old daughter worked out with me today, we cut the workout in 1/2 for her.


    15 squat cleans w/ 10lbs dumb bells
    15 knees to elbows
    15 box jumps
    15 bench dips
    15 push press w/ 10lbs dumb bells
    60 jump rope
    5 thrusters w/ 10lbs dumb bell
    10 push-ups
    10 burpees
    20 lunges w/ 10lbs dumb bells

  24. 20:03
    As RXed. Strict.
    Girl push-ups
    1-2 double-unders at a time
    Butt to floor on squats
    Knee to floor on all lunges

    Chris: 19:40
    60 lbs all

  25. 20:53-
    With the following modifications (on vacation πŸ™‚
    *10 lb. for weights (all I have)
    *step-ups for box jumps
    *jumping jacks for jump rope
    *100 walking lunges

  26. Hard work out to come back to after a 2 week break to recover from labyrithitis! As rx'd except used 30# for the squat cleans, I was too lazy to change it. Great work out! Thanks Jenni and you look great Gillian!

  27. 14:48

    did right after Friday's wod
    modified . . .but done!
    did 30 squat cleans instead of 15 (opps)
    K2E on floor
    modified push ups
    elbow starting to make weird popping sound followed by tingling sensation through arm . . . a bit worried so did 300 m sprint instead of burpees and then did 30 lunges with weights

  28. 19:44 with 20# on squat cleans & lunges and 30# on the rest. Jumping jacks instead of ropes, and gpus. 12" box. Did 100 lunges.

  29. 18:45 many mods:
    14# for weights
    kte on floor
    small box (stool)
    5 bpu then rest girl
    15 plank burpees then mountain climbers to keep moving (was dying)
    50 walking lunges no weight- stopped when my shins started feeling bad
    Good all over workout! I can really jump rope now πŸ™‚

  30. 18:51 – at the gym so had to run a little ways between some of the exercises.
    100 walking lunges -no weight
    Ran 3 miles later in the day

  31. 16:43. 45# for cleans, really did hang cleans instead if squat cleans because form is better with that one, 120 jump ropes, rest as rxd.

  32. 17:15
    No jump rope so just jumped 120 times.
    Terrible burpees. I hate those.
    A great workout. Hoping to do as much as I can for rest of challenge.

  33. 20:06
    24# weight
    Floor kte
    That was definitely a whole body workout!

  34. Way to go Gillian-you must b so proud!

    Kte on bar (to elbows but drifted to shoulders towards end)
    24" box
    40# pp
    Single jump rope
    40# thrusters
    300' of lunges was 84 for me, knee to floor

    10:00 core work

  35. 20(ish) minutes. I had meat in the oven I didn't want to burn πŸ™‚
    I used half the weight since I am not up to the Rx'd strength.
    Half BPU/Half GPU

    Great job, Gillian! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  36. 20:13. I posted this on my phone yesterday and not sure why it didn't work. I'm so sore today.

  37. 15:22
    KTE on floor
    8" box jumps
    120 jump rope
    15 burpees, 30 mountain climber
    lunges w/o weight

  38. 16:41 kte done on total gym at highest incline. Walking lunges were a killer, had to rest after the first 40… could only do 20 at a time before a little rest. Jogged a mile after this in 12:39.

  39. 19:49 doing single jump rope, knee push-ups, and estimated 120 lunges for 300 ft. Was not feeling it at all during this work out. Time doesn't really reflect how blah I was feeling so that's good I guess.

  40. 20:13

    All as rx'd except mimed the jump rope and did bottom two stairs for box jump. Great workout!!!

  41. 12:20. Burpees with jump up but no push ups. Used barbell. Then group power class.

  42. 21:35
    25# squat & thrusters
    20# push press & lunges
    20 bpu, 10 gpu
    Tough Saturday wod after a tough week (was working Monday)

  43. Pat – 21:41 #50SC (db), #55pp and thrusters #25plate for lunges

    Maria -24:40 #30SC (db), #35pp & thrusters, #20 (db) lunges

    we did 375 ft on the lunges oops! πŸ™‚

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