Thursday 07.11.13

10 rounds for time of:
sprint 100 meters
10 squats
sprint 100 meters
10 Burpees
Rest 30 seconds

Compare to 02.24.12

no caffeine


  1. 29:49
    But… I forgot the 30 sec rest (that I needed!) so add 3 min to my total time (bc I did take a 2 min break after 5 reps).

  2. 30:32
    "Sprinted" few rounds, jogged few, then power walk/jog rest

  3. 29:35 but my distance was the length of 8 tennis courts at FHN b/c track is closed this summer. Full burpees.
    I completed 1.78 miles total (according to Garmin watch) which is a little longer than RX'd.

    1. Actually that's not as far as rx'd… it's 2000 m total… 2 km. Only a couple hundred m's difference.

  4. 24:22
    And add 3 minutes for me too because I didn't see the 30 sec break….that I needed. Bad! Great workout!

  5. 20:52. I guess I didn't see the 30 sec rests either. I killed my old time 🙂 love that

  6. 24:39 Wow that about killed me.
    Did Burpee to Plank
    Pushed a jogging stroller the whole time.

  7. 24:23. OMG I made it thru! I actually stopped after round 8 and thought I was done. Got a drink of water and finished. Glad I did.

  8. 29:11 wow! Nothing like feeling a little nauseous after a workout!

  9. 28:27
    Subbed jump rope for sprint (indoors & no treadmill)
    Rnd 1-6 chest to ground burpees
    Rnd 7-10 switched to GPU couldn't keep good form on burpees any longer

  10. 22:55. Makes me think I skipped some but I kept track. Hmmm. Lots of distractions from baby for first half. Push ups instead of burpee…I cheated.

  11. 30:05
    took 40-60 sec breaks with a 2 min break after round 5
    tried very hard not to throw up!

  12. 24:57. Hurray wanted to make it under 25 min so skipped last break. Pitiful burpees….

  13. 27:13…wow!
    First workout this week. On vacation and no equipment. I thought NH was going to be more comfortable workout weather than Atlanta but not so much. So humid here but in glad I did it!!

  14. 34:26
    Jump rope instead of sprints
    Burpees to ground first 5 rounds, to plank for rest

  15. 24:30 including all rests as rx'd
    T-mill maxed out (prob would've been a bit faster outdoors)

  16. 38:15 with my 15 year old daughter – we did 2 sets of stairs for one sprint and 50 jacks for the other. Wow that was a tough one!!

  17. 30+ min with all the interruptions and stops. At least I did it. I'm going to be feeling it in my butt tomorrow!

  18. 27:53. I will back Becky that its too hot in Nh right now for this! 🙂

  19. 30:36 – burpees for first 5 rounds. Push-ups for last sets. This workout left me on the ground! Great work out!!!

  20. 21:00
    Subbed pu for burpees (1st two rounds -all bpu. Rest of rounds 2 reps bpu, rest gpu).

  21. brutal. Doing the 90 day challenge with 2 friends and we all survived. But just barely. Around 40 minutes. One of us old, one terribly out of shape (me) and one of us young and in terrible shape.

  22. 38:50 had to take longer rests than anticipated. Don't think it was a good idea on a completely empty stomach.

  23. 22:14 whew the burgers had me sucking air!! Damon I feel awesome having completed this WOD

  24. 23:50
    No weight on squats.
    Did one round of burpees and then switched to push-ups. (There was no way. I could barely do the first round)
    Ran most of the workout. Only walked one that I can remember.

  25. 32:57 did after 7-12-13 workout
    indoor workout, estimated the distance. Step back burpees on last two rounds. That was a killer!!

  26. did 6 rounds in 20 minutes…then the baby woke up. 🙂 alternated burpees, plank and GPUs. phew!

  27. 24:51 (with modifications and still dripping 🙂
    Here was my routine-
    50 Jump Rope
    10 Squats
    2 Up and Down Stairs
    10 Burpees to Plank

  28. 28:09 including last break

    Had to do stairs instead of run because I was lazy and didn't make it to the track before the rain started. 😛 D.R.I.P.P.I.N.G. !!!!!!

  29. 23:43 not including last break as rxd WOW! (At track today)

  30. Only made it through one round before it started to downpour.. took 1:46 without a rest. Maybe I will try again..

  31. 32:56 as rx'd

    A little behind because of vacation last week, but I really wanted to do this wod. I did it after 7-19-13 wod.

  32. 30:38

    put off doing this one for a while . . . because of the burpees . . . but I felt I did pretty well with them – only to plank though and "run" was on eliptical.

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