Wenesday 07.10.13

7 rounds for time of:
5 Knees to elbows
10 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
15 Kettlebell swings, 20 lbs
 20 Jump rope

Compare to 02.23.12

no caffeine


  1. 13:19.

    Thanks for another great, tough workout!

  2. 12:42
    Knees to waist
    20# db thrusters
    20# db swings (10# round 5-7)
    Jumping jacks

  3. 16:40
    KTE on ground
    wall ball 15#
    KB 2 gallon juice jug filled with water

  4. 15:42
    KTE (on bar)
    12 lb ball
    Everything else as RX'd

  5. 13:39 with standing KTE (no bar) and pretend jump ropes. I'm living in make believe land today thanks to my lack of equipment!

  6. 9:24 Tough workout!
    10 lb kb is all I have
    12 lb ball
    400m sprint after
    I haven't been sore, but have been out of breath for sure. Hope I'm doing this stuff right!

  7. 15:28. I love/hate that these are always harder than they sound.

  8. 10:31
    KTE on bar
    20# thrusters for wall ball
    Holy Cow! I'm dripping and breathless!

  9. 12:15
    K2E more like Knee to chest
    20# thrusters – No medicine ball yet

  10. 14:47
    kTE as Rx'd round 1-2 ( rnd 3-7 on ground)
    10# thrusters
    20# DB swings

  11. 14:02 … 8 lb wall ball, 10 lb dumbbell for kettle ball swings

  12. 10:47. KTE on the floor. Thrusters instead of wall ball (no ball, no wall).

  13. 13:22
    25# disc weight for kettle bell
    Regular ball for wall ball

  14. 12:47
    kte on floor (no bar)
    8 lb wall ball (heaviest I had)
    20 pound hand weights for kettle
    had to play pretend with the jump rope

  15. 14:28
    Knees to elbows on floor.
    Basketball sub (no 10 lb ball)

  16. 10:00
    Kte (yesss elbows!) on bar
    30# thrusters for wb
    20# dumbbell for kb swing

    Fun WOD!

    Finished with 15:00 core/plank work 🙂

  17. 10:00

    Knees to about chest on bar
    5# ball is all I have
    20# kettlebell
    Pretend jump rope. (Kept hitting ceiling with regular rope)

    1. Ugh on the rope-I have the same problemo-it takes just the right grip on the jump rope :-). Just wanted to say, "I feel ya!"

  18. 14:50 with 25lbs kettle bell, otherwise as rx'd

  19. 12:43
    K2E on ground
    #20 dumbbell for kettleball
    Sweating like crazy…it must be 100%humudity here in Ohio today, whew!

  20. Ran 2 miles
    KTE did on the floor but did 10 instead.
    Time: 10:15
    Later went to gym to use bar though.

  21. 11:59
    subbed 20# thrusters for WB
    all else as rx'ed

  22. 11:21

    25# db for wall balls
    25# db for kettlebell swing

    *completed immediately following WOD 7/9

  23. 12:16

    half K2E on floor, tried some each time on bar – only got knees to waist, I'm not strong enough to hold on with my hands for more than a couple – maybe I need some gloves . . . and to loose weight lol

    20# swings
    10# ball

  24. Need to get some equipment!
    KTE on ground
    No kettlebell, DB
    No medicine ball, Swiss ball

  25. Missing these work outs! I've been very dizzy from labyrinthitis, and haven't been able to work out. Its getting better, hopefully I'll be back by Monday.

  26. 16:28 finally able to get my knees above my stomach!! Everything else was as Rx'd. Tough but I loved it.

  27. 14:47 KTE done on Total Gym at highest pin. After this I did 15 minutes of walk one minute/run one minute. Nice and sweaty in AZ!

  28. 16:00 even!

    Knees-to-elbows are now knees-to-upper boobs…progress!!

    Wall ball shots w/4 lb ball.

    Kettle bell swings w/25 lb dumbbell.

    Great workout!!

  29. 11:28
    K2E on bar, but to shoulders/chest (do any ladies get these to elbows? Tough!)
    20# thrusters
    20# KB (dumbbell)

    Ran 3 miles

  30. 13:29
    did all 70 wall balls first in garage

    12lb wall ball
    20 lb kb
    air jump rope

    my forearms were so fatiqued from this workout!! Normal??

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