Monday 07.08.13


3 rounds of:
Power snatch, 20 lbs
Box jump, 18″ box
Thrusters, 20 lbs
Pull-ups (assist as needed)

“Faith” has the same format as Cat Fight. In this workout you
move from each of 5 stations after a minute. This is a five-minute
round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The
clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the
athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One
point is given for each rep.

Add your points and post them to comments.

no caffeine
want to remind all my Challenge Mamas to do your before picture,
measurements and weight today. Very important. Then put your scale far,
far, far, far away where it will never be used until Day 90! Did you
know that constantly checking your weight and worrying about your weight
contributes to belly fat!?!???! The stress hormone cortisol is directly
linked to abdominal fat
storage. Besides, when you are strength training, sometimes you can
gain weight even though you are burning fat because you are adding
muscle which weighs more. The number is not important. What is important
is being strong, fit, and healthy and looking fierce naked, right?!? 
I also wanted to tell all of you about Project 10. Every week in 2013, Visalus is giving $10,000 to 10 people who have lost 10 pounds. Here is the link to enter: https://challenge.com/enter/project_ten
of you who have just completed our last 90 Day Challenge, please send
me your pictures, results, and testimonials so that you can inspire all
of our new comers on their first 90 Day Challenge!
And…if I have missed any of you on our Challenge Roll Call, just let me know when you post your time and I will add you! 🙂


  1. 235 as RX'd
    Pullups were assisted with a band
    (done upstairs-everything else was in basement).

  2. 356. Tuck jumps for box jumps. 30# for weight. Pull ups with foot on bench. Thanks!

  3. Power Snatch/Trhuster – 15# med. ball; pull-ups – standing from wall; subbed tuck jumps for box jumps


  4. 201. Burpees to plank, 1st round almost full pull ups, next 2 rounds reverses

  5. 295. Box steps, one round pull ups other 2 push ups.

  6. 260
    12" box jumps
    Pull ups were standing on box and pulling up from there

    Sweaty and fun!

  7. 246
    Really focused on form
    Burpees to deck with jump
    Sub trx lat pull for pull ups

  8. 313 as rxd
    Chair assisted pull ups after the few I did on own

  9. 269
    Pull-ups were jump up lower down.
    Accidentally did power clean for power snatch. Not sure what the difference is.

    1. Power cleans brings weights from the floor to your shoulder. Power snatch brings the weights from the floor to overhead.

  10. 264
    Burpees to plank
    Step-ups on hearth… Not enough room to jump w/o hitting mantel
    Chair assisted pullups

  11. 235
    30 lbs for ps and thrusters
    14" jumps

    I'm loving my results from my first 90 day challenge and ready to start a new one! Congratulations mamas! 🙂

  12. 253 *mostly* as rxd (2nd & 3rd rounds assisted pull-ups)
    I've been following for a couple of months, but just now posting results! Excited for this challenge 🙂

  13. Ran 5 miles of hills

    Power snatch 10#(most weight I have)
    Step-ups on park bench(couldn't jump legs were dead from run)
    Thrusters 10#(most weight I have)
    Push ups for pull ups

    On vacation all week, so I will have to use what I have.

  14. Joining the 90 day challenge today. Finished the workout it was not pretty, but should get better. Ran/walked afterward. Need to lose about 15 lbs.

  15. 241 – WHY did I think this was going to be any easy workout? lol

    Round 1 – 84
    Round 2 – 94
    Round 3 – 63

    I subbed push-ups for pull-ups.
    22 lb power snatch w/dumbbell – alternating arms.
    44 lb thrusters

    Great workout, Jenni!

  16. 218
    Jump up and slow down for pull ups

    Feeling very sluggish after last week…..my sisters wedding and did only a couple workouts

  17. 218
    Jump up and slow down for pull ups

    Feeling very sluggish after last week…..my sisters wedding and did only a couple workouts

  18. big hike coming up so i modified workout:

    -Bench Dips
    -Push Ups
    -Pull Ups (all w/band)


  19. Two years ago I was in the best shape of my life. Now, after some serious medical and other issues, I'm at my worst. Today, I start going back to the best me I can be.

    With modifications and I didn't do the power snatch.
    Today, I am stronger than yesterday.

  20. 215
    Totally dying.
    Giving up caffeine did not go well. Had a HUGE headache all day. Gave in and drank a little pop but didn't help. Finally got meds and started feeling better. Didn't realize I was so addicted.

  21. Did my kids speed workout with ladder drills, sprint cones, & quick feet workouts before this.

    315. 20# db alternating hand snatch, 20# thrusters, 12" box jumps. Ok, 1st time not using my hated 18" box but i really didn't want to workout today so i convinced myself that to do it by going smaller with the box, as my nemisis burpees & box jumps were in this wod. Glad i did it tho, but did get in quite a bit more jumps than usual in!

  22. Also band asstd pullups too. 1st round i forgot thrusters so i tacked an extra set to round 3

  23. Didn't have access to my pull-up bar so did last thurs "100" workout. 20:10 as rxd.

  24. 157 only had time for 2 rounds. This one was a mind/body struggle

  25. 150 just did 10 of each, 3 rounds since phone died and lost my timer. #25 snatch and thruster

  26. 279-
    Pull-ups with jump
    12" box jumps
    That was a tough one : ) !!!

  27. 279
    24" box
    Jump/one leg chair assist pull ups
    Rest as rx'd (dbl arm snatches)

  28. 307 pull ups were done on a total gym on the highest level and don't have an 18" box so did high/tuck jumps instead. So happy to be on the next 90 days 🙂 Thanks for the W/O.

  29. 244
    Not sure if I am doing power snatch correctly, have seen variations on u tube. Tough workout! Dripping!!

  30. Forgot to post yesterday.
    Accidentally did cleans instead of snatches
    20# clean and thruster
    16" jumps
    Chair assisted pull ups

  31. Completed 7/9 after 7/9 wod.
    Burpees with jump up and boy push ups: 13, 14, 13
    Sumo high pull substitution 20# barbell: 21, 24, 24
    Box jump: 19, 21, 22
    Thrusters 20# barbell: 23, 24, 25
    Pull ups on assistance machine 70#, 80#, 90# assistance: 10, 12, 14
    Then group power class.

  32. Lost count but tried to hit at least 10 so I will count 150.

  33. Lost count but tried to hit at least 10 so I will count 150.

    1. Count each round and then during the 1 minute rest between rounds, write down your total from that round. Add all rounds at the end.

  34. 242
    Jump pull-ups

    40 lbs all

    Ryli (9 year old daughter)
    10 lbs all

  35. 217
    40# for weight
    Assisted pull ups with chair

    Did better about not taking long pauses between exercises. I am drenched!!!

  36. 217
    40# for weight
    Assisted pull ups with chair

    Did better about not taking long pauses between exercises. I am drenched!!!

  37. I messed up and read push ups instead of pull ups

    Pat – 263 – #65
    Maria – 239 – #25

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